A Tour in a Phaeton Through the Eastern Counties

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Richard Bentley & Son, 1889 - 403 psl.

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4 psl. - And see all sights from pole to pole, And glance, and nod, and bustle by; And never once possess our soul Before we die.
232 psl. - Like as a plank of drift-wood Tossed on the watery main, Another plank encountered, Meets — touches — parts again ; So tossed, and drifting ever, On life's unresting sea, Men meet, and greet, and sever, Parting eternally.
114 psl. - Resigned unto the heavenly will, His son keeps on the business still.
111 psl. - MY sledge and hammer lie declin'd, My bellows, too, have lost their wind; My fire's extinct, my forge decay'd ; My vice is in the dust all laid ; My coal is spent, my iron gone, My nails are drove, my work is done.
332 psl. - Sir: — I am scornfully amused at your appeal to me, of all people in the world the precisely least likely to give you a farthing! My first word to all men and boys who care to hear me is " Don't get into debt. Starve and go to heaven, — but don't borrow. Try first begging, — I don't mind, if it's really needful, stealing! But don't buy things you can't pay for!
157 psl. - If she had not been catcht and Supported by her Intended Husband. Of which Invisible Bruise After a struggle for above sixty Hours With that grand enemy to Life (But the certain and...
172 psl. - Were I in my castle of Bungay, Upon the river of Waveney, I would no care for the King of Cockney.
16 psl. - Such a prodigious valley, everywhere painted with the finest verdure, and intersected with numberless hedges and woods, appears beneath you that it is past description; the Thames winding through it, full of ships, and bounded by the hills of Kent. Nothing can exceed this amazing prospect, unless it be that which Hannibal exhibited to his disconsolate troops when he bade them behold the glories of the .Italian plains...
266 psl. - I pity the man who can travel from Dan. to Beersheba, and cry, 'Tis all barren and so it is; and so is all the world to him, who will not cultivate the fruits it offers.
86 psl. - Tis a finely toned, picturesque, sunshiny place, Recalling a dozen old stories ; With a rare British, good-natured, ruddy-hued face, Suggesting old wines and old Tories : Ah, many's the magnum of rare crusted port, Of vintage no one could cry fie on, Has been drunk by good men of the old-fashioned sort At the

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