What's in a Name

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AuthorHouse, 2005 - 406 psl.
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Popular Paul Harvey exclaims; "Now you know the rest of the story!" In 1934 an astute editor of the READERS DIGEST wanted the story's beginning. He asked Don Donaldson to write a personal essay about his recovery of eyesight after 14 years of blindness. Don obliged. His article, entitled "A Messenger in Two Worlds," drew thousands of dollars in donations for the magazine's Braille subscription fund.

Twenty-three year-old Donaldson, no longer blind, was studying at Harvard on scholarship and was able to follow a career which brought him in touch with the near and the famous, including Helen Keller. Eventually he met and married a lady who taught the deaf. At retirement, their combined dedicated careers exceed 75 years of teaching, mostly with deaf, blind and deaf-blind children.

Now at 92, Donaldson is still going strong. He lives in Vancouver, Washington, and lap swims daily. Occasionally he attends class reunions and enjoys speaking before Lions Clubs and AARP groups.

His lively autobiography covers an unusual life rich in personal experience, a struggle to achieve despite adversity, many historic references reaching back in time, and seen through an eye that was once blind, fascinating world travel on cargo ships. A thread of romance unravels from the first paragraph to a happy ending.

The University of Washington Press examined the manuscript. Its Board praised the work for its inspirational aura and rated it worthy of a large readership. Throughout the book, pathos and rollicking humor prevail and stir the emotions, bringing tears to the eyes and laughter to the heart.

The title WHATS IN A NAME is from Shakespeare. Donaldson first pondered the thought when he was only six years old. He sincerely believes that name can shape one's destiny. Do you agree?

Now you can know the rest Here's an inspirational autobiography you will want to read!

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