Cobbett's Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors from the Earliest Period to the Present Time ...: From the Ninth Year of the Reign of King Henry, the Second, A. D. 1163, to ...

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R. Bagshaw, 1809

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75 psl. - Furthermore, we must receive God's promises in such wise, as they be generally set forth to us in Holy Scripture: and, in our doings, that Will of God is to be followed, which we have expressly declared unto us in the Word of God.
607 psl. - May, in the sixteenth year of our Reign, of England, France and Ireland; and of Scotland the one and fiftieth.
85 psl. - I may thank you that these men plead thus for my supremacy. They think they cannot make their party good against you but by appealing unto it; but if once you were out, and they in, I know what would become of my supremacy, for No bishop, no king.
1 psl. - THAT he did conspire, and go about to deprive the king of his government, to raise up sedition within the realm, to alter religion, to bring in the Roman superstition, and to procure foreign enemies to invade the kingdom.
173 psl. - Good Lord, deliver us. From lightning and tempest ; from plague, pestilence, and famine ; from battle and murder, and from sudden death, Good Lord, deliver us. From all sedition, privy conspiracy, and rebellion ; from all false doctrine, heresy, and schism; from hardness of heart, and contempt of Thy Word and Commandment, Good Lord, deliver us...
629 psl. - The Law of nature is that which God at the time of creation of the nature of man infused into his heart, for his preservation and direction; and this is lex aeterna, the moral law, called also the law of nature.
75 psl. - That the doctrine of the Church might be preserved in purity, according to God's Word. 2. That good pastors might be planted in all churches to preach the same. 3. That the Church government might be sincerely ministered, according to God's Word.
873 psl. - Whereunto he said (which I noted well) that his brethren were wise men, and that they might make a shew as if they would give an opinion as was required ; but the end would be, that it would come to this; they would say they doubted of it, and so pray advice with the rest. But to this I answered, that I was sorry to hear him say so much; lest if it came so to pass, some that loved him not might make a construction, that that which he had foretold, he had wrought.
367 psl. - ... and I do believe and in my conscience am resolved that neither the Pope nor any person whatsoever hath power to absolve me of this oath or any part thereof, which I acknowledge by good and full authority to be lawfully ministered unto me, and do renounce all pardons and dispensations to the contrary...
207 psl. - Lambeth and layd it in Mr. Percy's house because we were willing to have all our danger in one place. We wrought also another fortnight in the mine against the stone wall, which was very hard to beat through, at which time we called in Kit Wright, and near to Easter 2 as we wrought the third time, opportunity was given to hire the cellar, in which we resolved to lay the powder and leave the mine.

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