Puslapio vaizdai

Lest I lose you in a flash,

As I may;

Did I tell you tender things,

You would shake your sudden wings;You would start from him who sings,

And away.


"J'ai vu les mœurs de mon tems, et j'ai publié cette lettre." LA NOUVELLE HÉLOISE.

IF this should fail, why then I scarcely know

What could succeed. Here's brilliancy (and


Byron ad lib., a chapter of Rousseau ;—

If this should fail, then tempora mutantur; Style's out of date, and love, as a profession, Acquires no aid from beauty of expression.

"The men who think as I, I fear, are few,” (Cynics would say 'twere well if they were fewer); "I am not what I seem,”—(indeed, 'tis true; Though, as a sentiment, it might be newer); "Mine is a soul whose deeper feelings lie More deep than words "—(as these exemplify).

"I will not say when first your beauty's sun

Illumed my life,”—(it needs imagination); "For me to see you and to love were one,”

(This will account for some precipitation); "Let it suffice that worship more devoted Ne'er throbbed," et cætera. The rest is quoted.

"If Love can look with all-prophetic eye,"

(Ah, if he could, how many would be single!) "If truly spirit unto spirit cry,"

(The ears of some most terribly must tingle !) "Then I have dreamed you will not turn your face." This next, I think, is more than commonplace.

"Why should we speak, if Love, interpreting,
Forestall the speech with favour found before?
Why should we plead?—it were an idle thing,
If Love himself be Love's ambassador !"
Blot, as I live! Shall we erase it? No ;-
'Twill show we write currente calamo.

"My fate, my fortune, I commit to you,”—

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(In point of fact, the latter's not extensive);

"Without you I am poor indeed,”—(strike through, 'Tis true but crude-'twould make her apprehensive); "My life is yours-I lay it at your feet,"

(Having no choice but Hymen or the Fleet).

"Give me the right to stand within the shrine, Where never yet my faltering feet intruded; "Give me the right to call you wholly mine,"

(That is, Consols and Three-per-Cents included); "To guard your rest from every care that cankers,— To keep your life,”—(and balance at your banker's).

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'Compel me not to long for your reply;

Suspense makes havoc with the mind”—(and muscles); "Winged Hope takes flight,”—(which means that I must fly,

Default of funds, to Paris or to Brussels);

"I cannot wait! My own, my queen-Priscilla ! Write by return." And now for a Manilla !

"Miss Blank," at "Blank." Jemima, let it go; And I, meanwhile, will idle with "Sir Walter;" Stay, let me keep the first rough copy, though—

"Twill serve again. There's but the name to alter, And Love, that starves,—must knock at every portal, In forma pauperis, We are but mortal!


"Il était un jeune homme d'un bien beau passé."


HEN first he sought our haunts, he wore
His locks in Hamlet-style;

His brow with thought was "sicklied o'er,”—
We rarely saw him smile;

And, e'en when none were looking on,

His air was always woe-begone.

He kept, I think, his bosom bare

To imitate Jean Paul;

His solitary topics were

Esthetics, Fate, and Soul ;Although at times, but not for long, He bowed his Intellect to song.

He served, he said, a Muse of Tears:

I know his verses breathed

A fine funereal air of biers,

And objects cypress-wreathed ;-
Indeed, his tried acquaintance fled
An ode he named "The Sheeted Dead."

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