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1. No advertisement, notice, or proposal for any executive department of the Government, or for any bureau thereof, or for any office therewith connected, shall be published in any newspaper whatever, except in pursuance of a written authority for such publication from the head of such department; and no bill for any advertising or publication shall be paid unless there be presented with such bill a copy of such written authority.--Sec. 3828, R. S.

2. Hereafter all advertisements, notices, proposals for contracts and all forms of advertising required by law for the several departments of the Government may be paid for at a price not to exceed the commercial rates charged to private individuals, with the usual discounts; such rates to be ascertained from sworn statements to be furnished by the proprietors or publishers of the newspapers proposing so to advertise: Provided, That all advertising in newspapers since the tenth day of April, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, shall be audited and paid at like rates; but the heads of the several departments may secure lower terms at special rates whenever the public interest requires it.-Act of June 20, 1878 (20 Stat., 216).

3. That all advertising required by existing laws to be done in the District of Columbia by any of the departments of the Government, shall be given to one daily and one weekly newspaper of each of the two principal political parties and to one daily and one weekly neutral newspaper: Provided, That the rates of compensation for such service shall in no case exceed the regular commercial rate of the newspaper selected; nor shall any advertisement be paid for unless published in accordance with section thirty-eight hundred and twenty-eight of the Revised Statutes.-Act of Jan. 21, 1881 (21 Stat., 317).

APPROPRIATIONS. 4. No specific or indefinite appropriation made hereafter in any regular annual appropriation act shall be construed to be permanent or available continuously without reference to a fiscal year unless it belongs to one of the following five classes: “Rivers and Harbors," "Lighthouses," "Fortifications," "Public Buildings,” and “Pay of the Navy and Marine Corps," last specifically named in and excepted from the operations of the provisions of the so-called “covering-in act,” approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, or unless it is made in terms expressly providing that it shall continue available beyond the fiscal year for which the appropriation act in which it is contained makes provision.-Act of Aug. 24, 1912 (37 Stat., 487).

5. The appropriations herein made for the officers, clerks, and persons employed in the public service shall not be available for the compensation of any persons incapacitated otherwise than temporarily for performing such service.-Annual appropriation acts.



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