Puslapio vaizdai
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The open range

A typical picture of the typical West. The cow-boys returning to their ranch after the last round-up


Roping a wolf

A Westerner declares that no sport equals that of "lassing a lobo," and the painter here has shown that the skill of the hunter is equaled only by the intelligence of the broncho in avoiding the treacherous sage-brush


The emigrants

In these days of rapid transit it is hard to realize that only a comparatively short time ago courageous souls crossed the prairies and deserts with ox-drawn prairie-schooners to create the West as we know it to-day

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United States cavalrymen of the days when the redman was still a menace. The scouting party has just drawn the enemy's fire, and is returning to the main body of troops


The return of the grizzly-hunters

After a hard day in the snow-clad mountains, the hunters are returning with the spoils of the chase

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