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The Hartmann Wardrobe Trunk provides clothing capacity and facility for every social and sport exigency enroute. That's why it is the choice of "correct" people.


Be sure the Hartmann Red is on the trunk you buy




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Cover Design...
Brooklyn Bridge

From a painting. Printed in color

On the Mystification of Children.

The Amazing Dubliners..

The Old Stock Companies.

The Tillotson Banquet. A story..

Illustrations by J. C. Coll

The Dying Philosopher to His Fiddler. Verse.. John Drinkwater


Gerald Cumberland

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No. 3

Lost Ships and Lonely Seas.

V. Captain Paddock on the Coast of Barbary

How He Got Her. A story.

Illustrations by Arthur Garratt The Tide of Affairs.

Investment and Banking

Henry Hutt

William Jean Beauley Frontispiece Laura Spencer Portor 289 Aldous Huxley 297

311 Brander Matthews 317 Old Christmas Carol 324 Elisabeth Holding 326 Harry A. Franck 337 .L. M. Hussey 346 ....William Jean Beauley Facing page 352 L. Frank Tooker 353 Thyra Samter Winslow

363 Herbert Adams Gibbons 375

James P. Warburg 383 Ralph D. Paine

384 .F. Morton Howard 391 Glenn Frank 401 John K. Barnes Advertising pages

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