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New England could have kept her out-but N. E. thought her

Con: N. H. & Maine. And New York.

Mr. Dix & Mr. Niles.-voted for Texas, & then
turned Free Soilers-

If they were here now, could they apply Wilmot?
It would be a violation of law & faith-

They helped to bring in every foot of Slave Territory
this side the Rio Grande-&

Then turned Free Soilers

Then set up the symbol-the empty symbol of the
Wilmot Proviso.

-as a Gentleman careless of his stables. &c

This matter is now absolutely settled by Law

So much for Texas

My Previous VotesVid next sheet-page 23

(Here there is a four page sheet in another hand, as fol

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Three Million Bill Mar. 1st 1847.

Springfield-Sept. 27-1847.

In Senate-Mar. 23. 1848.

Oregon Bill Aug. 12. 1848.

Now as for California & New Mexico

This is all Free Country by the Ordinance of Nature. There is no slave there, in our sense of that word, & never can be

It is an Asiatic formation, & Slavery

Immense Mountains, & deep vallies-
Especially New Mexico

-Mountains with white tops-parched vallies-no culturc but by Irrigation

Wilmot, here, would be perfectly without effect.

8 The notes from the lines "How Slavery was considered in 1789 & reason of changes," down to this point, are on one sheet, endorsed by Mr. Webster: "No. 3. How Slavery was considered in 89-& Acquisition of Texas."

Inquire of the California Senators-& members—

-Inquire of any Body

It is a point of honor with the South

I do not wish to show force, merely would this point of honor

I follow the example of Mr. Polk, in Oregon

My proposition then is proved

1. As to Texas

2. As to California & New Mexico

Then what is the value of Wilmot

I wish to be distinct

I shall not vote for Wilmot, in New Mexico-
Nor in Texas.

As to Texas, I will not violate faith, & repeal the Law of Congress

As to New Mexico & California

I will not reaffirm an Ordinance of Nature or attempt to reenact the Will of God."

4 The notes from the line "Now as for California and New Mexico," to this point are on one sheet, endorsed on the back, in Mr. Webster's handwriting, "No. 5. California & New Mexico."

All of the above notes, including footnotes, are copied from Webster's Writings and Speeches: Boston, 1903; vol. x, Appendix.

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1 Tables based on Baines and Hobson, as cited.

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For present condition of Manufacture in England, see "The World's Cotton Spindles," p. 424; and Chapter 70, p. 349, note.

2 See Toynbee, as cited, p. 67.

3 Gaskell, as cited, p. 198.

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