The Doctor's window

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Charles Wells Moulton, 1897 - 288 psl.

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272 psl. - Can little now avail to them ; But if the page of truth they sought, Or comfort to the mourner brought, These hands a richer meed shall claim Than all that wait on wealth or fame.
118 psl. - Not far from that most celebrated place,* Where angry Justice shows her awful face ; Where little villains must submit to fate, That great ones may enjoy the world in state; There stands a dome, majestic to the sight, And sumptuous arches bear its oval height ; A golden globe, placed high with artful skill, Seems, to the distant sight, a gilded pill.
178 psl. - The tower that long had stood the crush of thunder and the warring winds, shook by the slow but sure destroyer time, now hangs in doubtful ruins o'er its base ; and flinty pyramids and walls of brass descend: — the Babylonian spires are sunk; Achaia, Rome and Egypt moulder down. Time shakes the stable tyranny of thrones, and tottering empires crush by their own weight. This huge rotundity we tread grows old and all those worlds that roll around the sun; the sun himself shall die ; and ancient night...
178 psl. - What does not fade ? The tower that long had stood The crush of thunder and the warring winds, Shook by the slow but sure destroyer Time, Now hangs in doubtful ruins o'er its base.
258 psl. - In and out among the cotton, Mud, and chains, and stores, and anchors, Tramped a squad of battered scarecrows — Poor old Dixie's bottom dollar ! ' Some had shoes, but all had rifles, Them that wasn't bald was beardless, And the drum was rolling Dixie...
20 psl. - re not Agassiz, and he 's not a fish. And last, not least, in each perplexing case, Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face ; Not always smiling, but at least serene, When grief and anguish cloud the anxious scene. Each look, each movement, every word and...
74 psl. - He had a patient lying at death's door, some three miles from the town — it might be four ; to whom one evening Bolus sent an article, in pharmacy that's called cathartical ; and on the label of the stuff, he wrote this verse (which one would think was clear enough, and terse) "When taken; to be well shaken.
75 psl. - Bolus said. John shook his head. " Indeed? — hum! — ha! — that's very odd, He took the draught?" — John gave a nod! " Well — how? — What then? — Speak out, you dunce! " Why then," says John, " we shook him once." " Shook him! — how?" Bolus stammer'd out. " We jolted him about." " Zounds! shake a patient, man — a shake wont do." " No, sir — and so we gave him two.
193 psl. - With what anguish of mind I remember my childhood, Recalled in the light of a knowledge since gained ; The malarious farm, the wet, fungus-grown wild-wood ; The chills then contracted that since have remained ; The scum-covered...
250 psl. - SOME three, or five, or seven, and thirty years; A Roman nose ; a dimpling double-chin; Dark eyes and shy that, ignorant of sin, Are yet acquainted, it would seem, with tears ; A comely shape ; a slim, high-coloured hand, Graced, rather oddly, with a signet ring ; A bashful air, becoming everything ; A well-bred silence always at command. Her plain print gown, prim cap, and bright steel chain Look out of place on her, and I remain Absorbed in her, as in a pleasant mystery. Quick, skilful, quiet,...

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