De Quincey's Writings, 21 tomas

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Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1859
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89 psl. - Then did the little maid reply, "Seven boys and girls are we; Two of us in the churchyard lie Beneath the churchyard tree.
89 psl. - And often after sunset, sir, When it is light and fair, I take my little porringer And eat my supper there.
88 psl. - And when the ground was white with snow, And I could run and slide, My brother John was forced to go, And he lies by her side.
215 psl. - It appears, on examination, that the Arrow had no right to hoist the British flag; the license to do so expired on the 27th of September " [thirteen days before the Chinese outrage]. And Sir John then goes on to say: "But the Chinese had no knowledge of the expiry of the license^ "" Immediately, with rash haste, Lord Derby presumes the logic of the case to stand thus: "Between ourselves...
190 psl. - Tragedy trace the expansion of its own dark impassioned music ? vffg<« (hybris) — the spirit of outrage and arrogant self-assertion — in that temper lurks the original impulse towards wrong ; and to that temper the Greek drama adapts its monitory legends. The doctrine of the Hebrew Scriptures as to vicarious retribution is at times discovered secretly moving through the scenic poetry of Athens. His own crime is seen hunting a man through five generations, and finding him finally in the persons...
193 psl. - Though almost with eagle pinion O'er the rocks the Chamois roam, Yet he has some small dominion Which no doubt he calls his home.
8 psl. - ... sleeping alone, utterly divided from all call or hearing of friends, doors open that should be shut, or unlocked that should be triply secured, the very walls gone, barriers swallowed up by unknown abysses, nothing around one but frail curtains, and a world of illimitable night, whisperings at a distance, correspondence going on between darkness and darkness, like one deep calling to another,- and the dreamer's own heart the centre from which the whole network of this unimaginable chaos radiates,...
26 psl. - ... conducted him, and all the tumultuous gatherings of people in the street, arguing for the mysteriousness of the bloody transaction upon that very circumstance of so much gold, silver, and jewels, being left behind untouched. In six weeks or less from the date of this terrific event, the negro was set at liberty by a majority of voices amongst the magistrates. In that short interval other events had occurred no less terrific and mysterious. In this first murder, though the motive was dark and...
8 psl. - ... from which the whole network of this unimaginable chaos radiates, by means of which the blank privations of silence and darkness become powers the most positive and awful. Agencies of fear, as of any other passion, and, above all, of passion felt in communion with thousands, and in which the heart beats in conscious sympathy with an entire city, through all its regions of high and low, young and old, strong and weak; such agencies avail to raise and transfigure the natures of men ; mean minds...
94 psl. - ... features of Ann, which I spoke of as pursued in the crowds of London, was in a more proper sense pursued through many a year in dreams. The general idea of a search and a chase reproduced itself in many shapes. The person, the rank, the age, the scenical position, all varied themselves for ever ; but the same leading traits more or less faintly remained of a lost Pariah woman, and of some shadowy malice which withdrew her, or attempted to withdraw her, from restoration and from hope.

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