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And it's there where I'm bothered en- Were come nearer than near, and gone furtirely to think how he got the idee

ther than far, along wid that curTo go soldierin' off to the ends of the

lew's call. earth wid no comrade but me. Howanever, he went off suddint, afore we Ah, but Norah, you're perished an' knew right what was on ;

thrimblin' wid could sittin' here in And I thought to meself the ould place the win';

’ud be quare wid Jack Connolly Did you bring ne'er a wrap to rowl round

you, machree, now the night 's closin'
So I up and I down to the barracks below, in ?
an' the shillin' I tuk-

For there's mists curlin' white on the pools, That's the way it fell out, and belike and the air gets an edge whin they 't was himself had the best of the

lift. luck.

Ay, the moon 's up, just on'y a breath 'gin

the blue, where the cloud comes And continted and aisy he went, wanst he adrift,

saw he'd made shift to conthrive Sthreelin' by like a haystack on fire, wid That the message he had in his mind ’ud the flame blowin' off be the way

go safe. For sez I: “Man alive, In bright bundles and wisps, as if some I'll be tellin' your people at home the first wan 'ud harvest the light of the day.

chance I can git, good or bad, 'Tis n't that fashion dark falls, out there How thimselves, and the ould place you

in the aist. Wanst the sun goes on
quit, was the last thought that ever lave,
you had ;

Ne'er a thrace of a glame bides to show And I'll bid thim be thinkin' of you, where he passed, like the foam of whin they hear the bird cry on our

a wave ; bog

He 'll be blazin' wan minit, and thin 't is the
Your poor mother, an father, an' the same as if somebody shut

childher, an' their little ould rogue A black door on the blink of a hearth, or
of a dog,

kicked over a lamp wid his fut. Ne'er a wan you ’re forgettin',” sez I; and So the rest of us rode thro' a night blindin' bedad any fool might ha' known,

dark, till we'd half the plain For the manin' he meant wid his call was

crossed, as clear as a bugle blown.

And the moon riz ice-clear, wid a shine And our rifles wint crack be the gateway,

lyin' thick on the grass as hoarand now and again wid a plop

frost Come a bullet dhruv deep in the sand You could gather up. And, troth, if our 't was the divil dhrill-sowin' his

tongues had froze stiff, 't is as much crop

we'd ha' said, And a priest legged it up to the top of the Wid Jack Connolly's baste saddle-empty, tower, and stood risin’a yell

and jerkin' the reins as I led. For the rest to be sayin' their prayers, like


Jack had a dale of good-nature ;
as if ’t was our angely bell.

he 'd fooled the ould mare all he But it's little Jack heeded; for sure his

own folk, and th' ould counthry, and And the crathur went slow-fut and heavy ;

you might think that she understood.


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Delwyn Image

Of what strange substance are ye

made, DEAR Eyes, set deep within the shade

That such enchantments on me now, Of Love's pale alabaster brow;

Resistless, by your grace are laid ?

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Two stars once on their lonely way

Met in the heavenly height, And they dreamed a dream they might

shine alway With undivided light; Melt into one with a breathless throe,

And beam as one in the night.

Is springtide Passion with his fire and

flowers, I know this love of ours Lives not, nor yet may live, By the dear food that lips and hands can

give. Not, love, that we in some high dream

despise The common lover's common Paradise ; Ah, God, if Thou and I But one short hour their blessedness might

try, How could we poor ones teach Those happy ones who half forget them

rich : For if we thus endure, 'T is only, love, because we are so poor.

And each forgot in the dream so strange

How desolately far Swept on each path, for who shall change

The orbit of a star ? Yea, all was a dream, and they still must go

As lonely as they are.



YEA, love, I know, and I would have it

thus ;

ONE asked of Regret,

And I made reply :

I know that not for us

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