The life of James Deacon Hume

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Smith, Elder, 1859 - 352 psl.
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247 psl. - The time shall come, when free as seas or wind Unbounded Thames shall flow for all mankind, Whole nations enter with each swelling tide, And seas but join the regions they divide; 400 Earth's distant ends our glory shall behold, And the new world launch forth to seek the old.
306 psl. - The rules are clearly and fully laid down ; and the earlier exercises always conducive to the end by simple and nnembarrassing means. The whole volume is full of liveliness."— Spectator. " We close this book with a feeling that, though nothing supersedes a master, yet that no student of art should launch forth without this work as a compass.
307 psl. - Mr. Ruskin's work will send the painter more than ever to the study of nature ; will train men who have always been delighted spectators of nature, to be also attentive observers. Our critics will learn to admire, and mere admirers will learn how to criticise : thus a public will be educated.
307 psl. - Architecture," we understand Mr. Ruskin to mean the seven fundamental and cardinal laws, the observance of and obedience to which are indispensable to the architect who would deserve the name. The politician, the moralist, the divine, will find in it ample store of instructive matter, as well as the artist.
i psl. - ... some way related to the business that was to be done within it. If he was ambitious, I will say this for him, his ambition was of a noble and generous strain. It was to raise...
240 psl. - Our notions upon this subject may perhaps appear extravagant; but if an individual is really of consequence enough to have his life and character recorded .for public remembrance, we have always been of opinion that the public ought to be made acquainted with all the inward springs and relations of his character.
305 psl. - One of the most interesting of the recent biographies of our great Indian statesmen." — National Review. "This book deserves to participate in the popularity which it was the good fortune of Sir John Malcolm to enjoy.
314 psl. - We have rarely met with a volume of poems displaying so large an amount of power, blended with so much delicacy of feeling and grace of expression.
307 psl. - Map, price 14s. cloth. The Court of Henry VIII.: being a Selection of the Despatches of SEBASTIAN GIUSTINIAN, Venetian Ambassador, 1515-1519. Translated by RAWDON BROWN. Two Vols., crown Svo,price 21s. cloth. Sight-seeing in Germany and the Tyrol, in the Autumn of 1855. By SIR JOHN FORBES, Author of "A Physician's Holiday,
307 psl. - Visit to Salt Lake. Being a Journey across the Plains to the Mormon Settlements at Utah. By William Chandless. Post 8vo, with a Map. 2s.

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