Southwold and Its Vicinity, Ancient and Modern

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F. Skill, 1839 - 420 psl.
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223 psl. - Nor wears a rosy blush, nor sheds perfume; The few dull flowers that o'er the place are spread Partake the nature of their fenny bed; Here on its wiry stem, in rigid bloom, Grows the salt lavender that lacks perfume ; Here the dwarf sallows creep, the septfoil harsh, And the soft slimy mallow of the marsh; Low on the ear the distant billows sound, And just in view appears their stony bound; No hedge nor tree conceals the glowing sun, Birds, save a wat'ry tribe, the district shun, Nor chirp among...
371 psl. - When they pursue, they infallibly overtake: when they are pursued, their escape is certain. They despise danger: they are inured to shipwreck: they are eager to purchase booty with the peril of their lives. Tempests, which to others are so dreadful, to them are subjects of joy. The storm is their protection when they are pressed by the enemy, and a cover for their operations when they meditate an attack.
281 psl. - Western extremity of the church, is the following inscription : -'This church was enlarged in the year 1830, by which means 487 additional sittings were obtained; and, in consequence of a grant from the 'Incorporated Society for promoting the Enlargement, Building, and Repairing of Churches and Chapels...
270 psl. - The accommodation in this church was enlarged in the year 1826, by which means 322 additional sittings were obtained, and in consequence of a grant from the society for promoting the enlargement and building of churches and chapels...
189 psl. - Men Gang aft agley, An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain For promis'd joy ! Still thou art blest, compared wi' me ! The present only toucheth thee : But, Och ! I backward cast my e'e On prospects drear ! An' forward, tho' I canna see, I guess an
119 psl. - Wales, and to collect information respecting the defects in their constitution — to make inquiry into their jurisdiction and powers, and the administration of justice, and in all other respects ; and also into the mode of electing and appointing the members and officers of such corporations, and into the privileges of the freemen and other members thereof, and into the nature and management of the income, revenues, and funds of the said corporations.
303 psl. - ... to do. There was many inscriptions of JESUS in capital letters, on the roof of the church, and cherubims with crosses on their breasts; and a cross in the chancel; all which with divers pictures in the windows, which we could not reach, neither would they help us to raise the ladders; all which we left a warrant with the constable to do in fourteen days.
6 psl. - At last they landed, where from far your eyes May view the turrets of new Carthage rise ; There bought a space of ground, which (Byrsa call'd, From the bull's hide) they first inclos'd, and wall'd. But whence are you? what country claims your birth? What seek you, strangers, on our Libyan earth?
203 psl. - Though some may wink and some may talk Right stoutly did his vessel stalk To buffet with De Ruyter.
293 psl. - Francis" chapel, which was laid between the said hills, was discovered. Where, besides the ruins of the walls, were five round stones near of a bigness. The dimensions of one I took, were four feet the diameter, and near two the thickness.

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