The Eastern question, by the late visct. Stratford de Redcliffe, a selection from his writings with a preface by A.P. Stanley

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205 psl. - The Moral Philosophy of Aristotle. Consisting of a Translation of the Nicomachean Ethics, and of the Paraphrase attributed to Andronicus of Rhodes ; with Introductory Analysis of each Book. By the late WALTER M. HATCH, MA 8vo, 18s. History of British Commerce, and of the Economic Progress of the Nation, 1763-1878.
186 psl. - THE HOLY BIBLE, according to the Authorised Version, AD 1611, with an EXPLANATORY and CRITICAL COMMENTARY, and a REVISION of the TRANSLATION. By BISHOPS and CLERGY of the ANGLICAN CHURCH. Edited by FC COOK, MA , Canon of Exeter, Preacher at Lincoln's Inn, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen.
xix psl. - Ardahan, Kars, or any of them shall be retained by Russia, and if any attempt shall be made at any future time by Russia to take possession of any further territories of His Imperial Majesty the Sultan in Asia, as fixed by the Definitive Treaty of Peace, England engages to join His Imperial Majesty the Sultan in defending them by force of arms.
33 psl. - Sardinia, declare the Sublime Porte admitted to participate in the advantages of the public law and system (concert^ of Europe. Their Majesties engage, each on his part, to respect the independence and the territorial integrity of the •Ottoman Empire '} guarantee in common the strict observance of that engagement, and will, in consequence, consider any act tending to its violation as a question of general interest.
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192 psl. - FORBES, of the British Burma Commission. Author of " British Burma and its People : Sketches of Native Manners, Customs, and Religion.
33 psl. - Sultan to open the said Straits in time of peace to the vessels of war of friendly and allied Powers, in case the Sublime Porte should judge it necessary in order to secure the execution of the stipulations of the Treaty of Paris of March 30, 1856.
187 psl. - STUDENT'S HISTORY OF ROME. From the EARLIEST TIMES to the ESTABLISHMENT OF THE EMPIRE, With Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. By Dean LIDDELL.

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