The Present State of Turkey: Or, A Description of the Political, Civil, and Religious Constitution, Government, and Laws, of the Ottoman Empire; the Finances, Military and Naval Establishments; the State of Learning, and of the Liberal and Mechanical Arts; the Manners and Domestic Economy of the Turks and Other Subjects of the Grand Signor, &c., &c. Together with the Geographical, Political, and Civil, State of the Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. From Observations Made, During a Residence of Fifteen Years in Constantinople and the Turkish Provinces, 2 tomas

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Joseph Mawman, 1809
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108 psl. - It is not allowed unto the prophet, nor those who are true believers, that they pray for idolaters, although they be of kin, after it is become known unto them, that they are inhabitants of hell.
262 psl. - Guido or Titian, — and most of their skins shiningly white, only adorned by their beautiful hair divided into many tresses, hanging on their shoulders, braided either with pearl or ribbon, perfectly representing the figures of the Graces.
232 psl. - ... and entire to the widow. They are queens of their slaves, whom the husband has no permission so much as to look upon, except it be an old woman or two that his lady chooses.
153 psl. - The authority and station of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Christ, and Mahomet, rise in just gradation above each other; but whosoever hates or rejects any one of the prophets is numbered with the infidels.
150 psl. - is full of mechanics and slaves, who are all of them profound theologians ; and preach in the shops, and in the streets. If you desire a man to change a piece of silver, he informs you wherein the Son differs from the Father; if you ask the price of a loaf, you are told, by way of reply, that the Son is inferior to the Father ; and if you inquire whether the bath is ready, the answer is, that the Son was made out of nothing.
256 psl. - ... language. When I took my leave, two maids brought in a fine silver basket of embroidered handkerchiefs ; she begged I would wear the richest for her sake, and gave the others to my woman and interpretess.
68 psl. - They held in their lifeless hands the riches of their fathers, without inheriting the spirit which had created and improved that sacred patrimony: they read, they praised, they compiled, but their languid souls seemed alike incapable of thought and action.
117 psl. - God is great. I bear witness that there is no God but God. I bear witness that there is no God but God.

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