The registers of the parish of Thorington, ed. by T.S. Hill

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62 psl. - ... prefixed to the office of matrimony in the book of common prayer, upon three Sundays preceding the solemnization of marriage, during the time of morning service, or of evening service (if there be no morning service in such church or chapel upon any of those Sundays) immediately after the second lesson...
68 psl. - ... scandals of English life. Before this Act, the canon law was in force in England, and according to its provisions the mere consent of the parties, followed by cohabitation, constituted, for many purposes, a valid marriage ; and a marriage valid for all purposes could be celebrated by a priest in orders at any time or place, without registration and without the consent of parents or guardians. Stamped licences were indeed required by law, but not for the validity of the contract, and their omission...
68 psl. - Parliament, that he had married on an average 6,000 couples every year. He himself stated that he had married many thousands, the great majority of whom had not known each other more than a week, and many only a day or half a day. Young and inexperienced heirs fresh from college, or even from school, were thus continually entrapped.
27 psl. - Book), to have the keeping of the said book, who shall therein fairly enter in writing all such publications, marriages, births of children and burials of all sorts of persons, and the names of every of them, and the days of the month and years of publications, marriages, births, and burials, and the parents, guardians, or overseers...
68 psl. - A multitude of clergymen, usually prisoners for debt and almost always men of notoriously infamous lives, made it their business to celebrate clandestine marriages in or near the Fleet. They performed the ceremony without licence or question, sometimes without even knowing the names of the persons they united, in public-houses, brothels, or garrets.
14 psl. - ... and the heavy horse upon me. And yet, by the providence of Almighty God, though I was in the greatest danger, yet I had not the least hurt, — nay, no hurt at all.
34 psl. - Lord two thousand inclusive, and also all other Years of our Lord, which by the present Supputation are esteemed to be Bissextile or Leap Years, shall for the future, and in all Times to come, be esteemed and taken to be Bissextile or Leap Years, consisting of three hundred and sixty-six Days, in the same Sort and Manner as is now used with respect to every fourth Year of our Lord.
62 psl. - First the Banns of all that are to be married together must be published in the Church three several Sundays, during the time of Morning Service, or of Evening Service, (if there be no Morning Service,) immediately after the second Lesson ; the Curate saying after the accustomed manner, I PUBLISH the Banns of Marriage between M.
59 psl. - And in the 39th year of his age. He married Bridgett the Eldest Daughter And at length, Sole Heiress of Lambert Nelson, late of this Parish Gent. By whom he had no Issue and to whom < Having, by his Father's Instigation made no will) He left no Legacy but a Chancery Suit with his Eldest Brother for her own Paternal Estates in this Town and Blyford Burials: Sep.
27 psl. - Certificate of the said publication, and shall make sufficient proof of the consent of their Parents or Guardians, if either of the said parties shall be under the age of One and twenty years : And the said Justice shall examine by witnesses upon Oath, or...

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