Puslapio vaizdai

and issued, and is now in prosecution, was at and before the date and issuing forth of the said Fiat, and still is justly and truly indebted to this deponent (oder auch and to his partner in trade J. H.) in the sum of One hundred and twenty Pounds for goods sold and delivered by this deponent (and his said partner) in the month of August and September 1849, for which said sum or any part thereof, he this deponent has not (nor has his said partner) nor any other person or persons by this deponent's order, or for his (their) use to this deponent's knowledge or belief, had or received any security or satisfaction whatsoever.

John Douglas,
Sworn at London,

in the County of Middlesex
6th Jan. 1850. before me, Thomas Smith, a Master

Extraordinary in Chancery.

b) Schottische Form. At Edinburgh, the

day of

185–, in presence of J. A., Esq., one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the city of E. appeared N. N. who being solemnly sworn and interrogated, Depones, That N. N. is justly indebted and resting owing to the Deponent the sum of

being the Amount of (the annexed account). Depones that no part of the said sum has been paid or compensated; nor does the Deponent hold any other Person than the said N. N. bound for the Debt, or any security for the All which is truth, as the Deponent shall answer to God.

I. A., J. P.


16. Formular einer Bollmacht (Power of Attorney). I the underwritten Charles Schack, Citizen of the town of Berlin in Prussia declare to constitute and appoint and by these presents have constituted and appointed as my lawful Attorney, Mr. Frederic Arlington of London to receive for me, in my name, place and stead from the honourable office of of said place the sum of Five Thousand Pounds Sterling Bankmoney, amount of an inheritance due to me, agreeably with the documents bere annexed, I the above mentioned Charles Schack hereby ratifying, confirming and holding for good and valid all and whatsoever the said Mr. Frederic Arlington shall lawfully do or cause to be done in or about the matter alledged, by virtue of these presents.

Thus done and executed at Berlin in Prussia the first day of January, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Six, in the presence of the honourable Magistrate of the above mentioned Town. (L. S.)

Charles Schack. We the underwritten Burgomaster and Senate of Berlin do hereby certify, that Mr. Charles Schack of this town has signed and sealed the present full power in our presence, by virtue of this our ordinary Seal and Signature.

The Burgomaster and Senate

of Berlin. (L. S.)

John Richter,


3. Kaufmännische Briefe in englischer Sprache *).

* (Mercantile letters.)

[blocks in formation]

1. Errichtung eines Handlungshauses (Forming of a commercial

establishment). Gentlemen, We have the pleasure of informing you that we have formed a partnership, under the firm of Burns & Co., for the transacting of general commission business; and when a favourable opportunity occurs, we may be induced to speculate upon our own or joint account; and we shall, of course, give a preference to such houses as favour us with their commands in this quarter. We have a thorough knowledge of business in general, from having had experience in many mercantile houses in this city, and are fully competent thereby to attend to our friends' interest, in the execution of any orders committed to our care. Respecting our solidity and character, we beg leave to refer you to Messrs. Astor, Brocol, Nymp, Brews & Co., all of this city, who, we make no doubt, will satisfy any inquiries which you choose to make.

Please to note our respective signatures as at foot, and believe us to be with the utmost consideration,

Your most obedient servants,

Burns & Co.
Mr. Charles Burns will sign: Burns & Co.
Mr. Frederic Lohs

Burns & Co.

2. Dienftanerbieten (Offer of services). We consider it as our duty to return you our best thanks for the many civilities you were pleased to shew our Mr. Roe during his stay in your city. As it frequently happens, that a confidential agent on the spot may be of infinite service in the recovery of doubtful debts &c., be assured that, should you ever require our services in that or any other way, we shall make it our first object to attend to your interest.

Upon considering all circumstances, we are of opinion, that the present moment offers a favourable prospect for consignments to and from your place. Annexed, we beg leave to hand you our price current, which when compared with yours, will fully enable you to judge the article that would turn to advantage **) in this or your market. It appears that tallow, according to your price current, might turn to a good speculation; for it is quoted at 50 rubles per pood, and it sells here at L. 4-5 per Cwt.

Hemp and flax are much in demand, but in corn we would not advise you to speculate, as the market here is quite overstocked.

We are, &c.

*) Wir beschränken uns auf Einführung unserer Schüler in die üblichen Fors men der kaufmännischen Briefe, in denen der Engländer oft der Kürze wegen alle sonstigen Regeln des Ausdruckes unbeachtet läßt und vielen Ausdrüden eine eigene Bedeutung leiht

. An Hülfsmitteln zum Fortschreiten mangelt es nicht, das Metste erlernt man im Geschäft selbst. Eine gute Sammlung bietet dar: W. Anderson's „A collection of modern letters of Business, &c.", neueste Ausgabe.

**) Bortheil bringen. II. Vierte Auflage.


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3. Aehnliches Schreiben (A similar letter). As, by the return of peace, the extensive intercourse between our respective ports will be reestablished, we take the liberty to introduce ourselves to your acquaintance, and to offer you our services for the management of any concerns you may have in this city; begging leave to assure you of the unremitted attention which we shall pay to your interest. In consequence of the protracted war, our market is nearly destitute of all foreign articles; most of which would meet a speedy and advantageous sale, especially colonial and Baltio produce, grocery, drugs, lead, litharge, whale oil, &c. &c.

On the other hand, this place affords advantageous returns in oil, brandy, wine; madder, clover, and other seeds; almonds, capers, and various other fruits ; tartar verdigris, sal saturni, &c.

Our partner, Mr. J. F. junior, we expect will very soon reach London, when he will have the pleasure of waiting upon you with our prices current; and at the same time, fully satisfy you with respect to the solidity of our establishment in this city. In the hopes of rendering our services acceptable to you, we are most respectfully, &c.

b. Briefe im Banfiergeschäft (Letters on Banking Business). 4. Avis einer Tratte für eigene Rechnung (Advice of a draft for account

of the drawer). Mr. John Dundas, London,

Hamburgh, August 2nd, 1852. I have the honour (the purport oder the object of this letter is) to announce to you that I have drawn upon you (that I have valued upon you for)

€ 250. at 1 month date, order (favor) John Smith, which I beg you to honor (to protect – which I recommend to your kind protection -) to the debit of my account.

Nach der für Anfang und Schluß faufmännischer Briefe in England üblichen Form gestaltet fich der vorstehende Brief wie folgt: Mr. John Dundas, London.

Hamburgh, August 2nd, 1852.

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I have the honor to announce to you that I have drawn upon you

€ 250. -- at 1 month date, favor John Smith, which I beg you to honor to the debit of my account, and remain,

your very obedt şero!

William Thomson. 5. Antwort auf Nr. 4.

London to Hamburgh. I am favored with your letter of ... (I had the honour to receive your favour of ...) informing (advising) me of your draft (valuation) for € 250. due (payable) order John Smith, which will be duly honored to your debit. 6. Avis einer Commissions-Tratte (Advice of a draft for account of

a third person).

Amsterdam to London, By order of Mr. A. B., New York, we have this day drawn upon you a set of bills, as per specification here below, for

2000. which please to honor to the debit of the said Gentleman.

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In the event of no credit being yet opened in our favor, we shall feel obliged by your provisionally accepting our drafts under our guaranty.

7. Antwort auf Nr. 6.

London to Amsterdam. Your favor of ... is come to hand and due notice taken of your drafts upon me for € 2000. which, agreeably to the credit lodged with me in your favor by Mr. A. B., New York, shall be promptly honoured and passed (placed, brought) to the debit of the said house. 8. Anzeige des Ausstellers einer Commissions - Tratte an seinen Committenten (The drawer's advice to his constituent).

Amsterdam to New York. Agreeably (according) to (In compliance with) your order we have valued this day for your account on Mr. ....., London,

€ 2000. -, as per note at foot of this, producing net f. 23710. 50. by which sum we balance your account with us (oder nach den Umständen: which sum appears is brought, placed to your credit) under the usual proviso (reservation). 9. Nimeffen zum Incaffo und zur Begebung. Auftrag zur Rimeffe an eine dritte Person. (Remittances for encashment and for negociation;

order to remit to a third party.)

Paris to London. I feel much obliged for the kind protection you have paid to my last valuation and have now the honor to hand (to transmit, to remit) you € 120.

due 15th inst., on 230. 12. 6. 30th do.

129. 10. 6. 1st May

€ 480. 3. together, which please to do the needful with placing them to the credit of my account (oder: which with to the credit of my account). Further you will find under this cover f. 4000. in 2 bills of 2000 f. each, due 15th June, on

Frankfort o/M., which I request you to negociate (to get negociated) at the highest exchange possible (oder: at exchange you can procure) advising me of the proceeds.

If you succeed in buying f. 2000. on Vienna, short paper, at the rate of

you will oblige me by your transmitting such sum to Mr.

Prague. Awaiting your answer by return of mail, I remain, &c. 10. Brief über einen ähnlichen Gegenstand.

Manchester to London. We beg to enclose € 6000. at 3 moş date, on ......, Leghorn, which please negociate on Tuesday's. Change and remit proceeds to the Bank of England in favour of our A/C with Branch Establishment here. We rely upon your doing your best for us, and remain, &c.

11. Antwort auf Nr. 9.

London to Paris. I acknowledge the receipt of your favor of covering € 480. 3. in three bills, which have been duly accepted (which are regular) and will

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appear to your credit when paid (when in cash) oder: and are placed to your credit reserving due payment.

Your remittance on Frankfort, f. 4000. - due 15th June, has been negociated (sold) at the exchange of 119%, and the proceeds of it, say * 335. 15. 8.,' is (oder are) carried to your credit under the usual proviso.

In conformity with your order I have transmitted to-day to Mr. Prague, f. 2000. due .

on Vienna, which I have been so fortunate as to obtain (to buy) at your limit, although all foreign Exchanges and particularly bills on Vienna are much in demand. Please credit me for said · remittance with €

Referring you for further particulars to the annexed exchange - list, and soliciting the continuance of your orders, I remain, &c.

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12. Rimeffe für fremde Rechnung, Commissions - Rimeffe (Remittance

for account of a third party).

London to Prague.
By order of Mr.

Paris, I have the honor to hand you herewith : f. 1500.


500. requesting you will procure acceptance of these bills and cash them at maturity for the credit of said house.

Please to inform me of the receipt of this letter (these lines) and believe me, &c.

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13. Antwort auf Nr. 11. Einsendung von Wechseln zur Besorgung der Annahme. (Bills sent for acceptance.)

Paris to London, I am favored with your letter of ...... informing me of your having credited my account for & ..., proceeds of my last remittance on Frankfort o/M., and placed to my debit the amount of your remittance to Mr.

Prague, say € which is all duly noted. By the present I take the liberty to hand you two first Bills of Exchange, viz.

€ 500.

at 2 mos' date, on ......,

369. 12. 60 d/s., on with a request to procure acceptance of these bills, returning the first without delay and holding the other at the disposal of the copy or second duly indorsed. You will oblige me by letting me know the date of acceptance of the second bill, and begging your pardon for the trouble 1 give you, I remain, &c.


14. Antwort auf Nr. 13. Proteft Mangel Annahme. Intervention. Metourrechnung. Mitratte. (Protest for non-acceptance. Interference.

Account of re-exchange. Redraft.)

London to Paris.
By your favor of

I received two Bills of Exchange, the first of which, viz € 500.

I am sorry to return under this cover with a protest for non-acceptance, cost..s..d., which you will pass to my credit. As for the other bill, it has been duly accepted (it is provided with acceptance), payable the.. and will be held at the disposal of the copy or second.


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