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HYMN 220. (C. M.)

The same.

REAT God! Is this our certain doom?
And we are not prepar❜d;

Still we are walking to our tomb,
And yet we have no fear.

2 The body of this deceased saint,
Now we have brought it here,
To have it put into the earth,
And lay it without fear.

3 But, oh, alas! the dreadful day,
When Michael cries aloud,

The trump shall sound through earth and sea,
And all beneath the ground.

4 Great God! give us thy quick'ning grace, To fit our souls to fly;

Then when we drop this dying flesh,
We'll rise above the sky.

HYMN 149. (C. M.)

Triumph through the Skies.

1 JESUS, the Lord, with clouds shall come,

With all his holy train;

Angels and saints before him stand,
And bless his glorious name.

2 His name it is to sinners dear,
His name to sinners giv❜n;
It scatters all their guilty fears,
He turns their hell to heaven.

3 The trumpet sounds aloud through hell,
And devils fear and fly;

But to his bar they all must come,
To have their actions tried.

Jesus the name high over all,
In earth, or hell, or sky,

Angels and saints before him fall, aw 102 And devils fear and fly.

HYMN 221. (C. M.)


The language of a dying Person.*

1 THUS saith the sister, the deceas'd, A In Christ her living head,

"If I have Christ before I die, 66 I shall not be afraid.

"Death cannot make my soul afraid, "If Christ be with there;


may walk thro' her darkest shade, "And never yield to fear."

3 She did renounce her all below,
She did as Christ did bid;

And run where she was told to go,
And died as Jesus did.

4 Might we follow her steps below,
And go as she did


Then our flesh should long to drop,
And pray for God's command.

1 WH

HYMN 222. (L. M.)***

Rejoicing in hope.

THATE'ER my fears or foes suggest, Thou art strength and righteousness Thou art my hope, my joy, my rest, a My everlasting righteousness.

2 My chearful voice to songs of praise
Shall sing my great Redeemer's grace;
With all his saints I loudly tell
That Jesus has done all things well
3 Though oftentimes I broke his laws,
And yet he undertook my cause:
He sav'd me though I did rebel,
And pluck'd me from a burning hell.
4 With all my heart I'll give him praise,
Because he sav'd me by his grace,
And gives me here his love to taste;
Bless'd be his name, for ever blest.


HYMN 223. (C. M.)

Begging for pardon.

ET not thy Spirit, Lord, depart,
Nor drive me from thy feast;
Create anew my wicked heart,
And fill it with thy grace.

2 Then will I make thy mercies known;
Before the sons of men.
To call to sinners yet unborn,

And show them God's command.

3 Give me the presence of thy grace,
Then my rejoicing tongue
Shall speak aloud thy righteousness,
And make my praise thy song.

4 No blood of goats, nor heifers slain,
For sin could e'er atone,

The death of Christ shall still remain
Sufficient and alone.

1 TH

HYMN 224. (P. M.)

Repentance and faith.

HE blood of Christ my Lord,
That wash'd my soul from sin,
And made me pure in heart,

And like himself within.

2 My soul is perfect now,
And every sin disperst;
A humble groan, a broken heart,
Is where the Saviour rest.

HYMN 225. (C. M.)

Support for the tempted soul.

10 God, my refuge, hear my cry,
Behold my flowing tears;

For earth and hell my earth devise,
And triumph in my fears.

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2 With inward pangs my heart-strings sound? I groan with every breath, Sorrow and fear beset round,

Amongst the shades of death.

3 They fill'd my thoughts with inward strife,
And shook my hope in God;
My master and my mistress too,
My soul they load with guilt.

4 Thus they did say that they would do
To make my flesh to shrink;

I bless the Lord that he did give,
Deliverance on the brink,

5 Oh, where I like a feather'd dove,
From all these restless things
I'd fly and make a long remove,
On to my God my king.

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HYMN 226. (C. M.).
Seeking soul.

1 BY morning light I seek his face
At noon repeat my cries,

The night shall hear me ask his
Nor will he long delay.


2 God shall preserve my soul from fear,
Or shield me when afraid;

Ten thousand angels shall appear,
If he command their aid.

3 I cast my burden on the Lord,
The Lord sustains my soul,
My courage rests upon his word,
And I shall never fall.

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4 My highest hopes will not be vain,
My lips shall spread his praise;
While cruel and deceitful men,
Scarce live out half their days.



HYMN 227. (C. M.)
For Affliction.

ET us to some wild desert go,
And find a peaceful home,

Where storms of malice never blow,
Temptations never come.

2 Vain hopes and yain intentions all,
To 'scape the rage of hell!


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