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We learn Christ crucified


And here behold his blood; All arts and knowledges beside Will do us little good.

We read the heav'nly word,
We take the offer'd grace,
Obey the statutes of the Lord,
And trust his promises.

In vain shall Satan rage
Against a book divine,

Where wrath and lightning guard the page Where beams of mercy shine.

HYMN 185. (C. M.)

Call to Sinners.

1. MORTAL man, give o'er, repent,
Why doth you thus delay?

Repentance is a work too great
To finish in a day.

2 Why will you sell yourself to sin,
Against so loving God?

Sin's wages and death's endless thing,
Are terrors of the Lord.

3 'Tis sin that makes

your heart so hard,

You can't receive God's word;
Sin separates you from the Lord,

Sin cannot dwell with God.

4 Stay, mortal man! why, why such haste To run death's road to hell?

God warns you no more time to waste,
While on this earth you dwell.

5 Behold, the gospel sun will set, And then it is too late;

When darkness comes you'll group for light;

Your dreadful loss regret.

6 When will you leave your cups
of wine,
And when forsake that place?
When will you seek that godly shrine,
And manifest his grace?

7 To you the God of mercies call,
And offers grace to come;
To raise you up from nature's fall,
He tells you yet there's room.
8 Stay, mortal man! don't turn away,
Nor slight God's gracious call;
Who knows but this is thy last day
Thou must account for all.

9 O God, constrain this mortal man,
His darling sins controul;
Oh! let him see life is but a span,
Have mercy on his soul.

1 HE

HYMN 186. (C. M.)

Invitation to Sinners.

ERE'S room for you, ye poor and blind,
Ye sin-disordered throng;

Jesus, the Saviour, calls to you,

His blessings all belong.

2 The rich self-righteous feel no want,
But scornful shun the feast;

While empty guilty souls were fill'd
With Jesus' pard'ning grace.


3 'Twas with our sins his soul was tried, Our punishment he bore;

And sinners liv'd when Jesus died:

He lives to die no more.

HYMN 187. (P. M.)

Confessing Jesus.

ESUS is ris'n, behold he comes,


Triumphant from the darksome tomb; Lose from the grave, that loathsome pris'n, And angels tell us Christ is ris'n.

And angels, angels, angels,

And angels tell us Christ is ris'n.

2 He burst the bands of death and grave,
That life eternal we might have;
Sin, death, and hell, before him driv'n,
And angels tell us Christ is ris'n.
And angels, angels, angels,
And angels tell us Christ is ris'n.


HYMN 188. (C. M.)

A Warning to Sinners.

AWAY, you mockers, who despise
The law and gospel too;

Who count God's sacred truth but lies,
And all too mean for you.

2. Well may you mock, and jest, and scoff,
And sacred truths deny,

If you can quench the flames of hell,
And buy one hour delay.

3 But if you cannot purchase ease,
Nor can your conscience rest,
When death shall in a joveless hour,
Shall on thy body seize.

4 How shall you then God's power withstand Or how his vengeance bear;

Since you reject his just command,
And cast away his fear.

[blocks in formation]

Praying God for grace:

1 GRACIOUS Lord, incline thine ear!
My requests vouchsafe to hear;

Faint and sick of love am I ;
Give me CHRIST, or else I die.

2 Only Jesus I desire,

Nothing else do I require;
Hear my never-ceasing cry;-
Give me CHRIST, or else I die.
3 All unholy and unclean,
I am nothing else but sin;
Jesus! to thine arms I fly;

Give me CHRIST, or else I die.
4 Lord, deny me what thou wilt,
Only ease me of my guilt:
Suppliant at thy feet Ĭ lie,

Give me CHRIST, or else I die.
5 Wealth and honour I disdain,
Earthly comforts all are vain ;
These can never satisfy,
Give me CHRIST, or else I die.

HYMN 190. (C. M.)

Praying to God for pardon.
LORD, have mercy on my soul,
If mercy may be given;

For O, I greatly have transgress'd,
And have offended heaven.

2 Jesus, I had not dared to pray,
But sunk to hell my home;
Had not thy voice the sinners call'd,
And bid the weary come.

3 Too long, alas! I have refus'd,
I've made too long delay;
Now let thy Spirit seal my peace,
Though late in this my day.

4 Jesus, thou bright and morning star, Who day eternal brings;

Shine on me, Sun of Righteousness,
With healing in thy wings.

5 Pour forth the fountain of thy blood, To make thy Spirit whole;

Let all thy merits, Lord, descend,
Come, purify my soul.

6 Increase my faith, confirm my hope,
And through thy tender love,
Prepare a mansion for my soul,
In realms of peace above.



[blocks in formation]

Desire to Worship.

ORD, we come before thee now,
At thy feet we humbly bow;

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