A Collection of Millennial Hymns: Adapted to the Present Order of the Church

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Printed in the United Society, 1847 - 200 psl.

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57 psl. - Speak gently to the young ; for they Will have enough to bear, Pass through this life as best they may,. 'Tis full of anxious care.
57 psl. - Speak gently ; let no harsh words mar The good we might do here. 2. Speak gently to the little child ; Its love be sure to gain ; Teach it in accents soft and mild : It may not long remain.
57 psl. - Speak gently to the aged one, Grieve not the careworn heart ; The sands of life are nearly run — Let such in peace depart. Speak gently, kindly, to the poor, Let no harsh tone be heard ; They have enough they must endure, Without an unkind word. Speak gently to the erring ; know They...
58 psl. - Tis a little thing Dropp'd in the heart's deep well, The good, the joy which it may bring, Eternity shall tell.
43 psl. - Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!
8 psl. - For light beams from on high ; From earth and dust thy garments shake, Thy glory's drawing nigh. " To raise thee high above the earth, God will his power employ ; He'll turn thy mourning into mirth, Thy sorrow into joy. In shining robes thyself array, Put on thy garments pure ; Thy King shall lead thee in the way That's holy, safe and sure.
57 psl. - Oh, win them back again ! Speak gently ! He who gave His life To bend man's stubborn will, When elements were in fierce strife Said to them,
15 psl. - Se lone' se ka' ra an ve'; My work upon earth is holy, holy and pure, That work which will ever, forever endure. "Yea, my heavenly Father hath se-ve'-ned to you That power which is holy and that faith which is true : O then, rny beloved, why will ye delay? O la ho' le en se
154 psl. - Will help us feel our troubles less, and bear the greater trial ; The Spirit, like a little dove, on Jesus once descended, To show his meekness and his love the emblem was intended. The title of the little Lamb unto our Lord was given, Such was...
8 psl. - Zion, arise, break forth in songs Of everlasting joy ; To God eternal praise belongs, Who doth thy foes destroy. Thou Church of God, awake ! awake ! For light beams from on high ; From earth and dust thy garments shake, Thy glory's drawing nigh.

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