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In presenting the teaching public with a new and enlarged Edition of the “Rhetorical Reader," the Editor begs briefly to state that he has carefully marked with Emphases, Inflections, and Rhetorical Pauses, seventy consecutive Selections, comprehending 130 pages, and necessarily containing a considerable variety of composition; an advantage which, to this extent, he believes no other similar publication to possess.

Besides having thus inflected so large a body of Reading, which can hardly fail to prove acceptable to the English Teacher as well as to the Elocutionary Student, he has taken occasion to intersperse among those 130 pages not fewer than three dozen original, and, he trusts, not unimportant, foot-notes

-all generally bearing, directly or indirectly, on the great object of his solicitude—the communicating of a pure, unartificial style of graceful, effective Reading-—but especially referring to “ Rhetorical Punctuation,” a matter of essential importance in the theory and practice of Elocution; and upon which, in no slight measure, the student's success in Reading and Speaking depends !—He has only to add, that the former impressions of The Reader” having been considered as deficient in Selections of a light and humorous character, he has endeavoured to remore this defect in the present Edition by introducing a few popular Extracts of a lighter and gayer description, which, in connection with the prefixed copious outline of GESTURE—a desideratum in a class-book-he confidently hopes will render his “Collection," as a WHOLE, more generally acceptable ; and, along with any other humble attractions it may possess, secure for it a tolerable share of public patronage



Morning Hymn

Milton 67

Evening in Paradise

Ibid. 69

Eve's Relation of her Dream

Ibid. 71

Milton's Intellectual Powers

Dr. Channing 73

Estimate of Poetry-Milton's Opinion .

Ibid. 75

Objections to Poetry Combated..

Ibid. 77

Milton's Character as a Poet

Ibid. 79

“The Ruin of England, the settled Purpose of Buonaparte's


Ibid. 80

Elegy written in a Country Church-Yard

Gray 83

An Epistle to Joseph Hill, Esq...

Cowper 87

Lines on Anniversary of Liverpool Marine Society. Rushton 89

Ode on the Burial of Gen. Sir John Moore

Wolfe 20

Scipio's Restoring the Lady to her Lover

Thomson 9)

Speech of Rolla, “ Pizarro”

R. B. Sheridan 93

Wolsey and Cromwell, a Dialogue

Shakspeare 94

Brutus and Cassius, a Dialogue.

Ibid. 98

Brutus' Soliloquy

Ibid. 101

Appeal of Brutus

Ibid. 102

Antony's Funeral Oration

Ibid. 103

Quarrel of Brutus and. Cassius

Ibid. 106

Coriolanus and Tullus Aufidius .

Ibid. 109

Hamlet's Soliloquy on his Mother's Marriage.

Ibid. 112

Hamlet's Soliloquyon not revenging his Father's Murder.. Ibid. 113

Hamlet's Soliloquy on Death

Ibid. 114

Soliloquy of the King in “Hamlet”

Ibid. 115

Hamlet's “ Instructions”

Ibid. 116

Henry IV.'s Soliloquy on Sleep..

Ibid. 117

Eulogium on Avon's Illustrious Bard, Essay on the Dra-

matic Character of Sir John Falstaff”.

Morgan 118

Cato's Soliloquy on the Immortality of the Soul .... Addison 122

Prospect from the Summit of Mount Ætna .... Brydone 124

The Country near Palermo contrasted with Switzerland. . Ibid. 128

On Reading the Common Prayer.

Steele 130

On Public Speaking

Addison 132

The Passions—an Ode...

Collins 134

Monody to the Memory of Mr. Garrick.. R. B. Sheridan 136

Monody on the Death of Sheridan..

Lord Byron 140

Mother's Apostrophe to her Sleeping Infant, “Pleasures

of Hope"

Campbell 143

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Capture of Warsaw-Downfal of Poland, “Pleasures of


Milton 144

Reply to Horace Walpole

Lord Chatham 146

Speech on Employing Indians to fight against the Americans Ibid. 148

Character of the Earl of Chatham...

Henry Grattun 150

Eulogy on the Right Hon. William Pitt, son of the Earl

of Chatham....

Cunning 151

Eulogy on Fox and Pitt

Sir Walter Scott 152

Speech against Warren Hastings

R. B. Sheridan 153

Conclusion of the preceding Speech..

Ibid. 155

Panegyric on the Eloquence of Sheridan

Burke 157

Eulogium on Marie Antoinette.

Ibid. 157

The Common Lot

James Montgomery 158


Dr. Cotton 159

The Hermit..

Dr. Beuttie 161

The Good Preacher and Clerical Coxcomb

Cowper 162

To Mary in Heaven

Burns 164

On the Death of a Friend

Dr. Johnson 165

Speech against the Printer and Publisher of the “ Age of


Lord Erskine 168

Eulogium on the Right Hon. Chas. James Fox.. R. B. Sheridun 171

Eulogy on the Right Hon. Rich. Brinsley Sheridan. . Anonymous 174

Cela's Description of a Comet, “ Mary Lee" James Hogg 175

Portia's Speech on Mercy, “Merchant of Venice”.. Shakspeare 177

Occasional Address on Mr. John Palmer's Death Roscoe 178

The Dying Christian to his Soul

Pope 179

Prospect of Immortality, “ Pleasures of Hope”.

Campbell 180

Beauty compared to a Butterfly.

Lord Byron 181

Calm succeeding a Storm

T. Moore 182


Campbell 183

Bouquet of “Sweets”

. Lord Byron 184

Sonnet to the Moon

Charlotte Smith 185

Last Seven Days of Madoc's Voyage to America. ..... Southey 186

Autumnal Day in America

Ibid. 187

The Alderman's Funeral..

Ibid. 188

Character of Mr. Whitbread.

. Anonymous 192

Character of Sir Samuel Romilly

Ibid. 196

Character of the Right Honourable Henry Grattan...... Ibid. 199

Placidus and Titus—First Selection-"Fallof Jerusalem” Milman 202

Simon's Soliloquy-Second Selection...... Ibid...... Ibid. 204

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