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upon this Foundation; using their beft Endeavours to plant in them the Principles of Religion, and to fow the Seeds of Virtue betimes in their Hearts, that they may the better grow up to the Service of God and their Country.

Moreover, all faithful Paftors are not only to regard their whole Flock, but more especially, to feed the Lambs, which Chrift, the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, bath made the greatest Mark of their Love, both to him and them: and therefore the Apoftle wills them, as to have strong Meats for well-grown Chriftians; fo to provide Milk for Babes, even the fincere Milk of the Word, that they may grow thereby.

But above all, it should be the Care and Wif dom of Superiors, fo to fettle and regulate inferior Schools, that Children may not be poifon'd by bad Principles; an Error in the firft Education, as in the firft Concoction, being very difficult to be cur'd or remov'd after.

In a word, nothing tends more to the Peace and Profperity of a Kingdom, than the well-training up the Members of it and inftilling good Princi ples betimes into those, upon whom the Welfare and Happiness of it must depends

This is the way to put a stop to the Overflowings of Ungodliness, and to prevent that Deluge of Im piety that elfe muft unvoidably break in upon us.

In short, this may help to retrieve the Antient Piety and Simplicity of our Forefathers; and to mend that in the next Age, which is amifs in this: Which is the hearty Defire and Prayer of a

True Well-wisher to his Church and Country:

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