De Quincey's Writings: The avenger, a narrative; and other papers. [Stereotyped ed.] 1859

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Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1859

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92 psl. - And when the ground was white with snow, And I could run and slide, My brother John was forced to go, And he lies by her side.
93 psl. - And often after sunset, Sir, When it is light and fair, I take my little porringer, And eat my supper there.
93 psl. - My stockings there I often knit/ my kerchief there I hem; and there upon the ground I sit — I sit and sing to them. And often after sunset/ sir/ when it is light and fair/ I take my little porringer/ and eat my supper there. The first that died was...
20 psl. - ... his heart. Their third meeting I did see ; and there all shadow of embarrassment had vanished, except, indeed, of that delicate embarrassment which clings to impassioned admiration. On the part of Margaret, it seemed as if a new world had dawned upon her that she had not so much as suspected amongst the capacities of human experience. Like some bird she seemed, with powers unexercised for soaring and flying, not understood even as yet, and that never until now had found an element of air capable...
75 psl. - Jewish burying-ground, came an officer, bearing an order for me to repair to Vienna. Some officer in the French army, having watched the transaction respecting my parents, was filled with shame and grief. He wrote a statement of the whole to an Austrian officer of rank, my father's friend, who obtained from the emperor an order, claiming me as a page of his own, and an officer in the household service.
33 psl. - ... a curse been pronounced upon this city? What can be done? What are the magistrates going to do?" " I don't know, sir. I have orders to run to the Black Friars, where another meeting is gathering. Shall I say you will attend, sir ? " " Yes, — no — stop a little. No matter, you may go on ; I'll follow immediately.
194 psl. - ... of the case, and by that larger experience of Chinese character which has been acquired since our last treaty with their treacherous executive. Meantime, for one moment let us fix our attention upon a remarkable verification of the old saying adopted by Southey, that " Curses come home to roost.7...
53 psl. - she had settled to go ; but I heard that something had stopped her." The suspense was now at its height, and the crowd passed from room to room, but found no traces of Miss Liebenheim. At length they ascended the stair, and...
98 psl. - ... features of Ann, which I spoke of as pursued in the crowds of London, was in a more proper sense pursued through many a year in dreams. The general idea of a search and a chase reproduced itself in many shapes. The person, the rank, the age, the scenical position, all varied themselves for ever ; but the same leading traits more or less faintly remained of a lost Pariah woman, and of some shadowy malice which withdrew her, or attempted to withdraw her, from restoration and from hope.
231 psl. - Before the landing took place, I assembled the officers, and urgently impressed upon them (as I had previously done by written order) the necessity of restraining the men from molesting the persons and property of the inhabitants, confining warlike operations against the troops only ; and I have pleasure in bearing testimony to the forbearance and good conduct of the seamen and marines.

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