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32. For what reason have they not obtained it ? Because not by obedience to the law of faith, but verily by obedience to the law of Moses they pursued it: for they stumbled at the stumbling-stone, and

fell : they refused to believe on a crucified Messiah, i and were broken. -1 33. This happened according to what was fore

told, Behold I place in Sion a stone of stumbling, s and a rock of offence. Yet whosoever believeth on

this crucified Christ, as a sure foundation of the tem

ple of God, and rests his hope of righteousness on By that foundation, shall not make haste, out of the

presence either of men or of God, as ashamed of believing on him.

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called the sons of the living God : ,
mortality, by believing the gospel,
8, note.

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