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Absalon, at Yarmouth, china
decorator, 368
Addison quoted, on political

use of fan by ladies, 165;
(Sir Roger de Coverley)
on tobacco stoppers, 102
Advertisement, the modern
pictorial, and its use of
silhouette, 317
Agricultural implements, old,
conservation of in Sweden
and Denmark, III
Agriculture, the potter's tri-
bute to, 112

Alphabet, brass (1725), for

use in infants' school, 270
Amulets and charms against
Evil Eye, 138
Amulets, brass, on horse har-
ness, 135-148
Apothecaries' jars, 361
Ashmolean Museum, pair of
bellows used by Charles II
at, 107

Babylonian symbols, present
in modern horse harness
amulets, 148
Basket-work (Japanese), 427
Bellows, 106; rich carving
found in old Italian and
French examples, see Fron-

Bewick, Thomas, his technique
applied to silhouette, 314;
his woodcuts in children's
books, 274

Bible Box, the Protestant,

Bible, the, Tyndale's boast
as to his translation, 68;
various editions of, showing
misprints, 71


Black porcelain, 411; black
wall-papers an echo of
Chinese taste," 411
Blinker, horse - ornament, its
true derivation, 136
Block, Joanna Koerten, Dutch
"scissor and paper artist"
(1650-1715), 310

Bobbins, lace (Buckingham-
shire), 132; foreign varie-
ties, 135

Bow factory, porcelain ink-
pots made at, 371
Boxes and their variety, 35
Bribing a printer to corrupt
texts in the Bible, 70
Britannia and the submarines,
German comic cartoon of,
Buckingham, Duke of, letter
from Charles I to, 67
Buckinghamshire lace bobbins,

Buddhism, its wide-reaching

influence, 144
Buddhist signs of happy

augury, 137, 418; (illus-
trated), 419
Burgautée, laque, 412
Burns, Robert, silhouette por-
trait of, 301

Burns, Robert," Willie brew'd
a peck of Maut," on a
Staffordshire Loving Cup,

Caddy-spoons, 336

Cadogan tea-pot (Rockingham
factory), 345

Calabash, the, its form adopted
by the potter, 402
Caldecott, Randolph, his

Nursery Books," 274
Cards, Playing, and their
varieties, 180-195
Caricatures, political, (on fans),
165; on playing cards, 191
Carlyle, Thomas, as a boy,
and the beggar, 253


V Casket Letters of Mary
Queen of Scots, 56

Casket, the, and its types, 52
Character shown in a man's

hobbies, 21, 22

Charles I drives the French

household of Queen Henri-
etta Maria from London, 63
Charles I, medallion of, on a

tobacco stopper, 101
Charles I, portrait of, by
Vandyck, showing ear-ring,

Charles II, medallion of, on
a tobacco stopper, 100
Charles II, pair of bellows

used by, 107
Charms, protective, in use
from early days, 139

Chelsea porcelain, its deriva-

tive character, 361

Chests, various, and their
developments, 37

Childhood, literature of, 245
Children, employment of, in
factories, 380

Children, figures of, on the
china shelf, 277

Children, games of, 263-269
Children, their environment
and their pastimes, 243-

Children, toys of, 254-262
Children's books and their
collection, 274

Chimney sweepers, employ-
ment of young children, 380
Chinese ginger jars of com-
merce, 394-398

Chinese metal-work, 418
Chinese playing cards, 183
Chinese poet, Sin Tun p'o
(eleventh century), quoted,


Chippendale, school of carvers,
219, 220

Chippendale, Thomas, his "tea-
chests" (1764), 323
Clare, John, the Northamp-
tonshire poet, quoted, 119
Cockade, its use as a mark of
distinction, 136

Coffer, the, and its varia-
tions, 45

Coffres de voyage, or travelling
trunks, 63

Collecting, a science, not an

art, 23

Collecting, ethics of (Intro-
ductory Note), 21
Collecting, no new thing in
England, 32

Collecting not measured by
cash values, 23

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Decadent school of artists and

litterateurs, English, nine-
teenth century, 178
Defoe, Daniel, tilemaker of
Tilbury Fort, 358

Desk, the, its affinity to the

Bible box, 75
Diabolo, the, a French eigh-

teenth-century toy, rein-
troduced in England in
nineteenth century, 256
Doll's houses, 258-262
Door knockers, artistic, 433
Dragon, the, its derivation

and use in ornament, 421
Drawing and withdrawing

rooms in great houses, 199
Druggists' jars, 361

[blocks in formation]

Anne period doll's house,
Eighteenth century-the Town
dominates literature, 127
Elizabeth, Queen, and the
English Bible, 73

Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia,

portrait of, showing ear-
ring, 237
English humour, in pottery,

often incongruous, 339
Engravers employed by potters,

Engravers, names of, employed
at Liverpool factory, 361
Engravers of Liverpool tile
subjects mainly derivative,

Evil Eye, the, amulets and
charms against, 138

Evil Eye, the, belief in wide
extended, 144, 147

Evil Eye, the, symbols con-
nected with, 137

Fan mounts, drawings by
Charles Conder, 178
Fans and their varieties, 157-

Fantan, Chinese game of cards,

Farmhouses, old, conservation
of, in Denmark and Sweden,

Fashionable ladies at rustic
occupations, 127
Fifteenth century playing
cards, 183

Fire, Man and, utensils used

in procuring fire, 77-107
Fire screens by Chippendale,
Hepplewhite, and Sheraton,


Flail, the, and its use, 116
Fleet Street and Dr. Johnson

dominate England, 127
French playing cards and their

designations, 181
French Protestant work (style

réfugié) in England, 220
Furniture, mechanical devices

in (Sheraton period), 224

Game Laws, the English, a
blot on the statute book,
Games, children's, antiquity
of, 265

Gammadion (or Svastika), evo-
lution of the, 143, 419
(illustrated), 140

Gautier, Theophile, his ro-

mance on the Evil Eye, 147
Geometric designs as magic
symbols, 138, 139
German war cartoons, their
historic value, 443

Ginger jar of commerce, the
Chinese, 394-398

Gravelot, his series of eigh-
teenth-century French
games, 266
Green, Guy (Liverpool), pio-
neer of transfer-printing,

Hancock, Robert, engraver of
transfer prints for Worces-
ter porcelain, 381
Hanway, Jonas, popularized
the umbrella in England,

Hawthorn jars, Chinese, their
significance, 418

Henry VIII, his prohibition
of reading the Bible, 73
Hepplewhite tea-caddies and
tea-chests (1794), 324

Hindu mythology, horse-har-
ness amulets, symbols re-
lated to, 137
Hindustanee playing cards,

157, 182
Hispano-Moresque lustre ware,
Hispano-Moresque ornamenton

horse-harness amulets, 143
Hispano-Moresque tiles, 143
Hobbies, character shown in
a man's, 21, 22
Horn Book, History of the
(Tuer's), 270

Horse harness, brass amulets

[blocks in formation]
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