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In the Ashmolean Museum is a pair of bellows which belonged to Charles II. In length they are I ft. 6 in., and are of English work inlaid with marquetry of coloured wood of floriated scroll design, with a cypher of interlaced "C's" below a royal crown. The handles are covered with silver plates enriched in répoussé with crossed sceptres and royal crowns, the nozzle is silver.



The Potter's Tribute to Agriculture
Old Methods and Implements
The Eighteenth-Century Land Girl
Man Traps and Spring Guns -

Lace Bobbins

Old Brass Amulets on Horse Harness
The Spinning-Wheel



The Potter's Tribute to Agriculture-Old Methods and Implements-The Eighteenth-Century Land Girl-Man Traps and Spring Guns-Lace Bobbins-Old Brass Amulets on Horse HarnessThe Spinning-Wheel.

THE study of old farmhouse and cottage furniture, the methods of harvesting and of storage, and the various agricultural implements have not been pursued in this country in a scientific manner, as in Sweden and Denmark. The conservation of national heirlooms is a matter which must be speedily dealt with before they are scattered or destroyed. At Skansen, Stockholm and at Lyngby, near Copenhagen, a series of old farmhouses and cottages have been re-erected under state supervision to illustrate bygone manners and usages in regard to the toilers on the land. Barns and wagons, obsolete harness and discarded farm implements are set forth together with the furniture just as the old folk used them. This pictorial representation of bygone homesteads is to be commended. It might with advantage be

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