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Copyright, 1881, by THE CENTURY CO.




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Prophecy and Science-The Influence of Congress-Copyright at Home and Abroad-American
Magazines in England, 142; “SCRIBNER'S MONTHLY," Historical-Thomas Carlyle-Advertising
Patent Medicines, 302; Our Charming Politics-The Comstock Laws-The Rich and the Poor,
455: The Bible Revision among the People-Bossism-Purchasable Health, 624; The Attack on
the President-Southern Literature-The Scientific Poet, 784; Steps in the Right Direction-
Literary Eccentricity, 944.


The Lashing of Admiral Farragut in the Rigging (J. Crittenden Watson)—"The Music of Niag-
ara" (L. Y. Schermerhorn and Clarence M. Boutelle), with a rejoinder (Eugene Thayer)—The
Rise of the Columbia River (W. D. Lyman)—English Correspondents at Plevna (Frederic Villiers),
306; The Comstock Postal-laws: A Reply (Courtlandt Palmer), 459; Mr. Theodore Thomas and
Music in American Public Schools (H. E. Holt), 627; Mr. Courtlandt Palmer's Hasty Inferences
(Henry C. Potter)-The Organ of the National Liberal League (Courtlandt Palmer)-Westmins-
ter Boys in Politics (Thomas S. Oldham), 787; The Book of Mormon (Ellen E. Dickinson)—
"Advertising Patent Medicines": A Reply (H. S. K.)—“ Music in American Public Schools":
A Reply (J. Spencer Curwen), 946.


Some Old-fashioned Things Worth Reviving: The Guitar, Stringed Instruments in Church Music,
The Daguerreotype, The Old Valentines (Clarence Cook), 147; Young Men's Society for Home
Study-Color in American Art and Dress (H. W. H.), 308; Mrs. Harr ison's "Woman's Handi-
work in Modern Homes" (Doors, and How to Deal with Them-Oil-colors upon Silk or Satin-
Oil-colors upon Plush-Water-color Painting on Satteen-Cashmere Shawls in Decoration), 464;
Outdoor Parlors (Ella Rodman Church), 629; The Boys of the Family, VI.: The Progress of a
Clerk (William H. Rideing), 789; Books on the Training of Children (Margaret A. Lake)—
Letter-Writing (E. R. Scovil), 949.


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"Reminiscences by Thomas Carlyle "-Schouler's "History of the United States "-H. H.'s
"Century of Dishonor "-Bevan's "Sermons to Students "-Susan Coolidge's
Verses," 150;
Ward's Anthology of English Poetry-Henry George's "Progress and Poverty" and "The Irish
Land Question-Charles de Kay's "The Vision of Nimrod"-"A Fair Barbarian," by Mrs. Bur-
nett, 309; Charles Barnard's "Coöperation"-Dr. Schliemann's "Ilios "-Three New York Poets
(William Winter, George Arnold, Fitz-James O'Brien)—Whittier's "King's Missive"-The Metter-
nich Memoirs-Guizot in Private Life-Boyesen's "Ilka on the Hill-top"-Storr's Oration on
Wycliffe-The Correspondence of Goethe's Mother-Barnard's "Knights of To-day," 465; Rob-
ertson Smith's "The Old Testament in the Jewish Church"-Talleyrand's Correspondence-John
Burroughs's "Pepacton "-Norris's "Matrimony "-Dr. Robinson's "Studies in the New Testa-
ment"-Palustre's "La Renaissance en France "-Scudder's "Stories and Romances "-An Ex-
hibition of Wood-engravings, 630; Cable's "Madame Delphine"-Gosse's Selection of " 'English
Odes"-Bastian on "The Brain as an Organ of Mind"-Preble's "History of the Flags of the
United States"-Three "Round-robin" Novels-Francillon's "Under Slieve-Ban "-Mallock's
"Romance of the Nineteenth Century "-Poynter's "Among the Hills"-Marion Harland's
Handicapped "-Lucy Larcom's "Wild Roses of Cape Ann, and Other Poems," 791; Letters
of Mme. de Rémusat-Grimm's "Life and Times of Goethe "-Griffis's "Japanese Fairy World"
-Coquelin's "The Actor and his Art"-Ingersoll's "Friends Worth Knowing "-Leroy and
Renouard's "Pensionnaires du Louvre "-Miss Hale's "Peterkin Papers," 950.

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Instantaneous Photography-Disposal of City Refuse-" New Apartment-Houses," 156; Im-
proved Iron Punch-Gas for Kindling (with diagram)-The Transformation of Light into
Sound-Luminous Paint-Improved Window-shade, 316; Improved System of Ventilation-
New Copying Processes-Photographic Enlargements-Gas Fuel-Combined Plow and Harrow,
477: Recent Progress in Iron-founding; Improvements in Boat-building-Regenerative Gas-
burners-Counter-seat-Novel Gas-producer-Electrical Soldering-iron, 638; Recent Progress in
Telephony (with two cuts)-Gas Fuel-Experiments in Crossing Wheat-Preservation of Iron
Surfaces-Disposal of Kitchen Refuse, 797; Recent Progress in Photography, 957.


"Home, Sweet Home," with variations (fantasia by H. C. Bunner)-A Specimen of "Line
Work" (drawing by Hopkins), 158; Love Amid the Barley (M. J. Wells)-A Provincial Idyl
(Charles C. Soule)-The Boston Girl (David S. Foster)-Conjunctions (Mary Ainge De Vere)
-In Explanation (Waiter Learned)-A Sonnet by Benjamin Disraeli, 319; Observations of
Rev. Gabe Tucker (J. A. Macon)-Mike's Confession (Sarah D. Clark)-Sonnets from the
Afghanese (David L. Proudfit)-The Middy of 1881 (May Croly Roper), 479; Republican-
ism (Margaret B. Harvey)-To a Critic (M. Montreal)—Aphorisms from the Quarters (J. A.
Macon), 640; At Long Branch (Fitz-James MacCarthy)-Aphorisms from the Quarters (J. A.
Macon)-Esthetic (Ella Wheeler), 800; The London "Punch" on Wood-Engraving (?)-How
Io Died (Simeon Tucker Clark)-The Dame and the Critic (Caroline A. Mason)-Aphorisms
from the Quarters (J. A. Macon)-Prevalent Poetry (Charles Follen Adams)—An Old Rondo
(Frank D. Sherman), 959.

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