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means, it might be truthfully described as a thin veil drawn over great events.

There are endless varieties of camouflage, and endless uses to which it may be put. A great white road is concealed from the enemy's lines by a hedge of thinly plaited twigs-camouflage. An observation-point hidden in the heart of a haystack-camouflage.

A mighty gun masked by an awning of fishermen's nets sprinkled with dead leaves-camouflage. A corpse brought in from no-man's-land and replaced by a live man, who watches what is toward in the Hun trenches-again camouflage. But perhaps the subtlest variety of all camouflage is the kind that men and women devise to screen their real emotions from one another and from the world.

HE did n't waste much time when they told him he could have till noon the next day in which to say good-by to his wife before embarkation.

To wait for the train from that outlandish spot would have meant the loss of a good three hours. There was a decent enough service from Wilminster, but Wilminster was fourteen miles away, and

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there was not a conveyance of any kind to be had.

He had no notion to whom the motorbicycle belonged,-it was leaning against one of the officers' hutments, but the important fact was its presence, with a full tank, and the certain conviction that it had been placed there by a divine hand.

He felt a great sense of gratitude when the engine started with the first kick, a sense which increased to the liveliest admiration as she took the one-in-five up-grade from the camp at a rising twenty-five miles an hour.

On the top of the hill he let her out. Probably the war would provide no narrower escape than the swerve he made to avoid the policeman at the end of the trap. He laughed joyously at the instantaneous vision of the man in blue jumping sidewise to save his skin. Thereafter the road was clear, and he settled down to all the speed the engine would provide.

At Wilminster he bought a ticket, and caught the express with barely a second to


Every first-class compartment was full, so he traveled third, thereby laying himself open to a charge of "conduct unbefitting to an officer and a gentleman." It was an honest and friendly express, which

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