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500 psl. - It was on the day, or rather night, of the 27th of June 1787, between the hours of eleven and twelve, that I wrote the last lines of the last page in a summer-house in my garden. After laying down my pen, I took several turns in a berccau, or covered walk of acacias, which commands a prospect of the country, the lake, and the mountains.
622 psl. - The following morn was rainy, cold and dim : Ere Maddalo arose, I called on him, And whilst I waited with his child I played ; A lovelier toy sweet Nature never made, A serious, subtle, wild, yet gentle being, Graceful without design and unforeseeing, With eyes — Oh speak not of her eyes ! — which seem Twin mirrors of Italian Heaven, yet gleam With such deep meaning, as we never see But in the human countenance...
746 psl. - This poem was conceived and chiefly written in a wood that skirts the Arno, near Florence, and on a day when that tempestuous wind, whose temperature is at once mild and animating, was collecting the vapours which pour down the autumnal rains.
678 psl. - ... vegetation. Around rise other crags and other peaks, all arrayed, and the deformity of their vast desolation softened down, by the undecaying investiture of nature. Come to Rome. It is a scene by which expression is overpowered ; which words cannot convey.
894 psl. - I despair of rivalling Lord Byron, as well I may, and there is no other with whom it is worth contending.
665 psl. - They lived in harmony with nature; and the interstices of their incomparable columns were portals, as it were, to admit the spirit of beauty which animates this glorious universe to visit those whom it inspired.
964 psl. - In Memory of Allegra, Daughter of GG Lord Byron, who died at Bagna Cavallo, in Italy, April 20th, 1822, aged five years and three months. ' I shall go to her, but she shall not return to me.
705 psl. - You will find the little piece, I think, in some degree consistent with your own ideas of the manner in which poetry ought to be written. I have employed a certain familiar style of language to express the actual way in which people talk with each other, whom education and a certain refinement of sentiment have placed above the use of vulgar idioms.
715 psl. - Yet it is full of some of the highest and the finest gleams of poetry ; indeed, everything seems to be viewed by the mind of a poet which is described in it. I think if he had printed about fifty pages of fragments from it, I should have been led to admire...
694 psl. - I am delighted with Nightmare Abbey. I think Scythrop a character admirably conceived and executed ; and I know not how to praise sufficiently the lightness, chastity, and strength of the language of the whole.

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