Puslapio vaizdai

M. VIEUXBOIS (drowsily). “She was an Angel"...“Once she laughed ”... What, was I dreaming?

Where's the draught?

BABETTE (showing the empty cup). The draught, M'sieu'?


How I forget! I am so old ! But sing, BABETTE !

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M. VIEUXBOIS (murmuring).
Ah, PAUL ....old PAUL !... EULALIE too!
And ROSE...And O! “the sky so blue !"

BABETTE (sings).
One had my Mother's eyes,

Wistful and mild;

One had my Father's face ;

One was a Child :
All of them bent to me,-

Bent down and smiled!(He is asleep!)

M. VIEUXBOIS (almost inaudibly).

“How I forget !” “I am so old !”...“Good-night, BABETTE !”


HEIGHO how chill the evenings get'

Good-night, NINON!-good-night, NINETTE! Your little Play is played and finished ;Go back, then, to your Cabinet !

LOYAL, L'ÉTOILE! no more to-day!
Alas! they heed not what we say:

They smile with ardour undiminished ;
But we,—we are not always gay!


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