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Princes were born, and drums were banged ; Now and then batches of Highwaymen hanged.

“Glorious news !”—from the Spanish Main ; PORTO-BELLO at last was ta’en.

“Glorious news !”—for the liquor trade; Nobody dreamed of “BEAU BROCADE.

People were thinking of Spanish Crowns;
Money was coming from seaport towns !

Nobody dreamed of “ BEAU BROCADE,” (Only Dolly the Chambermaid !)

Blessings on VERNON ! Fill up the cans ;
Money was coming in “ Flys” and “ Vans."

Possibly, John the Host had heard ;
Also, certainly, GEORGE the Guard.

And Dolly had possibly tidings, too,
That made her rise from her bed anew,

Plump as ever, but stern of eye,
With a fixed intention to warn the Fly."

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Lingering only at John his door,
Just to make sure of a jerky snore ;

Saddling the gray mare, Dumpling Star ;

etching the pistol out of the bar;

(The old horse-pistol that, they say, Came from the battle of Malplaquet;)

Loading with powder that maids would use,
Even in “Forty,” to clear the flues;

And a couple of silver buttons, the Squire
Gave her, away in Devonshire.

These she wadded-for want of better-
With the B-SH-P of L-ND-N's “Pastoral


Looked to the flint, and hung the whole,
Ready to use, at her pocket-hole.

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Thus equipped and accoutred, DOLLY
Clattered away to “ Exciseman's Folly";-

Such was the name of a ruined abode,
Just on the edge of the London road.

Thence she thought she might safely try,
As soon as she saw it, to warn the “ Fly."

But, as chance fell out, her rein she drew,
As the BEAU came cantering into the view.

By the light of the moon she could see him drest In his famous gold-sprigged tambour vest;

And under his silver-gray surtout,
The laced, historical coat of blue,

That he wore when he went to London-Spaw, And robbed Sir MUNGO MUCKLETHRAW.

Out-spoke DOLLY the Chambermaid,
(Trembling a little, but not afraid,)
“Stand and Deliver, O 'BEAU BROCADE'!”

But the BEAU rode nearer, and would not speak, For he saw by the moonlight a rosy cheek;

And a spavined mare with a rusty hide;
And a girl with her hand at her pocket-side.

So never a word he spoke as yet,
For he thought 'twas a freak of MEG or Bet;-
A freak of the “Rose" or the Rummer" set.

Out-spoke Dolly the Chambermaid,
(Tremulous now, and sore afraid,)
“Stand and Deliver, O ‘BEAU BROCADE')"

Firing then, out of sheer alarm,
Hit the BEAU in the bridle-arm.

Button the first went none knows where,
But it carried away his solitaire;

Button the second a circuit made,
Glanced in under the shoulder blade;
Down from the saddle fell “BEAU BROCADE"!

Down from the saddle and never stirred!
DOLLY grew white as a Windsor curd.

Slipped not less from the mare, and bound
Strips of her kirtle about his wound.

Then, lest his Worship should rise and flee,
Fettered his ankles-tenderly.

Jumped on his chestnut, BET the fleet (Called after Bet of Portugal Street);

Came like the wind to the old Inn-door ;
Roused fat John from a three-fold snore;-


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Vowed she 'd 'peach if he misbehaved
Briefly, the “Plymouth Fly” was saved !

Staines and Windsor were all on fire:
DOLLY was wed to a Yorkshire squire;
Went to Town at the K-G's desire !

But whether His M-1-STY saw her or not,
HOGARTH jotted her down on the spot;

And something of Dolly one still may trace
In the fresh contours of his “ Milkmaid's” face.

GEORGE the Guard filed over the sea:
JOHN had a fit—of perplexity;

Turned King's evidence, sad to state;-
But JOHN was never immaculate.

As for the BEAU, he was duly tried,
When his wound was healed, at Whitsuntide;

Served—for a day—as the last of “sights,"
To the world of St. James's-Street and “ White's",

Went on his way to TYBURN TREE,
With a pomp befitting his high degree.

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