Puslapio vaizdai


OWN where the garden grows,
Gay as a banner,


Spake to her mate the Rose

After this manner :

"We are the first of flowers,

Plain-land or hilly,

All reds and whites are ours,
Are they not, Lily?"

Then to the flowers I spake,-
"Watch ye my Lady

Gone to the leafy brake,
Silent and shady;
When I am near to her,
Lily, she knows;
How I am dear to her,
Look to it, Rose."

Straightway the Blue-bell stooped,
Paler for pride,

Down where the Violet drooped,
Shy, at her side :-

"Sweetheart, save me and you,
Where has the summer kist
Flowers of as fair a hue,-
Turkis or Amethyst ?"

Therewith I laughed aloud,
Spake on this wise,

"O little flowers so proud,

Have ye seen eyes Change through the blue in them,— Change till the mere

Loving that grew in them
Turned to a tear?

"Flowers, ye are bright of hue,
Delicate, sweet;

Flowers, and the sight of you
Lightens men's feet;

Yea; but her worth to me,

Flowerets, even,

Sweetening the earth to me,
Sweeteneth heaven.

"This, then, O Flowers, I sing;
God, when He made ye,

Made yet a fairer thing
Making my Lady ;-

[blocks in formation]


"Vale, unica!"


`LOWERS,—that have died upon my Sweet Lulled by the rhythmic dancing beat Of her young bosom under you,— Now will I show you such a thing As never, through thick buds of Spring, Betwixt the daylight and the dew, The Bird whose being no man knowsThe voice that waketh all night through, Tells to the Rose.

For lo, a garden-place I found,

Well filled of leaves, and stilled of sound,

Well flowered, with red fruit marvellous;
And 'twixt the shining trunks would flit
Tall knights and silken maids, or sit

With faces bent and amorous ;-
There, in the heart thereof, and crowned
With woodbine and amaracus,
My Love I found.

Alone she walked,-ah, well I wis,
My heart leapt up for joy of this !—

Then when I called to her her name,The name, that like a pleasant thing Men's lips remember, murmuring,

At once across the sward she came,—
Full fain she seemed, my own dear maid,
And asked ever as she came,

"Where hast thou stayed?"

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"Where hast thou stayed?"-she asked as though

The long years were an hour ago;
But I spake not, nor answered,
For, looking in her eyes, I saw,
A light not lit of mortal law;

And in her clear cheek's changeless red,
And sweet, unshaken speaking found
That in this place the Hours were dead,
And Time was bound.

"This is well done," she said,-" in thee, O Love, that thou art come to me,

To this green garden glorious; Now truly shall our life be sped In joyance and all goodlihed,

For here all things are fair to us, And none with burden is oppressed, And none is poor or piteous,For here is Rest.

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