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For the purpose of these regulations the following terms shall be construed, respectively, to mean:

(a) The department: The United States Department of Agriculture.

(6) The Secretary: The Secretary or the Acting Secretary of Agriculture.

(c) Bureau : Any bureau, service, independent division, independent office, independent board, independent committee, or the library of the United States Department of Agriculture; the remaining subdivisions of the office of the Secretary, unless otherwise directed by the Secretary from time to time, together constituting a separate independent office.

(d) Chief of bureau: The administrative head of any bureau, service, independent division, independent office, independent board, independent committee, or the library of the United States Department of Agriculture.

(e) Employee: Any officer or employee of the department.





1. Appointments.—Except temporary assistants and laborers outside of the District of Columbia, employed subject to civil-service rules under letters of authority, every person entering the service of the department will be appointed by the Secretary at a specified rate of compensation. All appointments shall be subject to civil-service rules. A written notification of appointment will be issued in each case by the appointment clerk, through the chief of bureau. No appointment shall contain any provision for additional compensation. No appointment, promotion, demotion, or transfer of any person employed in the District of Columbia shall be made effective, nor shall any person appointed for service in the District of Columbia be allowed to enter upon performance of his duties, until the recommendation for such action shall have been approved by the Secretary. Appointments in the field shall be made as hereinafter provided.

2. Who May Recommend.—Chiefs of bureaus are authorized to nominate (by recommendation) for appointment, promotion, or transfer any person who has been certified by the Civil Service Commission or any person whose appointment, promotion, or transfer is otherwise authorized under these regulations.

3. Procedure in Recommending Changes in Personnel.—Recommendations for appointments, transfers, promotions, resignations, and all other changes in personnel of the department shall be made directly to the Secretary. A separate recommendation shall be made for each employee and for each action desired. Each recommendation, except in the case of scientific

and technical promotions (see par. 4), shall be submitted on the form indicated in paragraph 10, except that the place and date of birth shall be added. All blank spaces on the form must be properly filled out and a full explanation of the action desired should be made.

Original appointments.-(a) Under the heading “Reasons,” the following information should be given :

1. Reasons for the action.
2. Qualifications of the person selected.
3. Present salary and occupation.
4. Previous employment in this department.

5. Previous employment in any other department, giving period of time and latest salary paid him while in that department.

6. Any other line of work engaged in.

7. If the person recommended is a cooperative employee, the time he will devote to the work of the department, the total salary to be paid him, and the amount of such salary to be paid by the cooperating agency.

8. Place and date of birth.

9. Standing of proposed appointee on certificate, with a statement indicating the disposition of any names that appear above his.

(6) In all cases the bureau should take such steps as may be necessary to satisfy itself fully as to the proposed appointee's loyalty to the Government of the United States before transmitting the recommendation to the Secretary. The recommendation should show the action taken by the bureau to determine his loyalty.

(c) If the compensation includes an allowance for a personally owned vehicle to be used on official work, it should be so stated in the recommendation for appointment, and the amounts for salary and vehicle should be clearly set forth, giving the mileage to be traveled per month and rate per mile allowed.

(d) If appointee will constitute an increase in the bureau force, reason for such increase should be given.

Promotions, other than for scientific and techuical employees :

(a) Under the heading Reasons the following information should be given:

1. Reasons for the action,
2. Qualifications of the person to be promoted.
3. Any other line of work engaged in.

4. If a cooperative employee, the amount of time devoted to the work of the department and the sum to be paid by the cooperating agency.

5. Efficiency record and relative standing of employee on the efficiency register.

6. Date and amount of last promotion.
7. Total length of service in the department.

(6) Under the heading "Action required” the present and proposed salary of employee should be stated, as well as the present and proposed roll from which salary is paid.

(c) A recommendation for a transfer from a statutory to a lump-sum roll at an increase in salary must show a complete change in the character of the duties to be performed. A recommendation for the promotion of an employee paid from a lump-sum roll must show that other employees in the department performing the same or similar service during the preceding fiscal year were paid at the same or a higher rate. No transfer will be made from a statutory to the lump-sum roll at the same salary for the purpose of creating a vacancy on the statutory roll whereby promotions may be made, or at the same salary with the

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