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Adirondack Adventures, 754

Agatha Stoddard (Edgar Fawcett), 101.

America seen with Foreign Eyes (VIII.) (E. H. L.),


Anecdotes, A Few Fresh, 144.

Angelo, Michael (Geo. M. Towle), 362.
Artist's Adventure, An (M. E. W. S.), 583.
New Architecture in Cambridge and Boston; Plan

to aid the National Academy Schools: Notes,


Exhibition of Drawings from Massachusetts Public

Schools; Millet's “Sower;" National Monument

in Germany; Notes, 56.

Household Art; Decorative Art; Oriental Art;

Notes, 121.

Summer Sketching; “The Falconer” at Central

Park; Statue of Lafayette; Notes, 152.

New Architecture; The National Academy; Sa-

rony's “Henry V.;” Notes, 185.
Art-Features of Natural Senery; Wilmarth's “ The

Target Excursion ; ” Need of Statues to Ameri-
cans in Central Park; Artists as Scene-Painters;

Notes, 216.
Corot's “Dante and Virgil; ” Hunt's Portrait of

Freeman Clarke; Pictures in the Boston Galleries;
The Art-Students' League; New Pictures by J.
H. Beard; Landscape by William Hart; Notes,

The September Art Exhibition at Chicago; Models

for the Sumner Statue; New Pictures at Gou.

pil's; The New Museum Buildings; Notes, 279.
Architecture in Boston; New Picture by S. J. Guy;

M. Barye; The Art Journal,
Inness and the White Mountains; The Metropolitan

Museum of Arts; Vaini; The Harvard Collection

of Portraits, 375.
George Inness, Jr.; Woman's Art-School of the

Cooper Institute; Brooklyn Art Association; Art

Exhibitions in the West; Notes, 408.
Boston Museum of Fine Arts; Rinehart's Sculpture

in Baltimore; Bust of Mr. Evarts; The Artist
W. O. Stone; Statue of Governor Andrew; Bust

of Goethe; Bust of Sumner, 440.
Vedder's Pictures ; Artistic Furniture; Merle's

“Old Woman's Story :” Landscape by Kokan;
Cabanel's “ Angel of Sorrow;" Constant Mayer's

“Song of the Shirt,” 471.
Titian's Portraits ; English Decorative Art; James

M. Hart; Bricher's “ Bishops' Rock;” Painting

by Hubbard; Notes, 505.

Moorish Tiles; New Pictures at Goupil's: New

Painting by Church; Chickering's New Building,

Arts, The (Continued):

New Pictures at Snedecor's Gallery; Pictures at

Schaus's Gallery; The Water-Color Society Ex-

hibition; The Crawford Monument, 826.

Attractive Houses (Nora Perry), 818
Basil's Faith (by the Author of “ Bitter Fruit"), 488,

521, 552.
Bitter Fruit, 264, 297, 328, 359.
Bow-Shooting with a Hermit (Maurice Thompson),


Brunswick, The Late Duke of, 655.

Caoutchouc and its Gatherers (illustrated), 1, 33.

Charlotte of Brunswick (George Lowell Austin), 45.

Convulsive Religion (Albert Rhodes), 749, 778.

College Anecdotes, 785.

Correspondence, 57, 412, 438, 791.

Cruelty toward Animals in Damascus, 177.

Cuban Literature (George Lowell Austin), 204.

Curious Old Book, A (M, E. W. S.), 623.
Curious Wills, Some (John Proffatt), 594.
Dueling Clubs, German University, 333.
Duke of Brunswick, The Late, 655.
Dumas, A Day with (from the French), 109.
The Centennial of July 3d—Washington's Charac-

ter; Popular Appreciation of Art; “The Strang-
est Things in Lise;" Social Changes in Eng-
land; College Commencements; Ideas of America

Abroad, 19.
Mr. Beecher's Innocence; His Errors and Faults;

Tidiness in Dress; English Reception of the Sul-
tan of Zanzibar; Art-Exclusiveness; The Albe-
marle Club; Shutting up Juries; Objects of Amer-

ican Travelers Abroad, 51.
American Art and Native Critics; Reason for our

Interest in Criminal Trials; Victor Hugo as a

Politician ; Charles Reade as a Reformer, 83.
Governmental Borrowing: How Street Pavements

should be paid for; English Criticism on Ameri-
can Manners; Office-Seekers; Gambetta's Refu.

sal to fight a Duel; Angling, 116.

American Prejudice against Culture; Our Poets as

Dramatists; Copyright; Opium in China; Cruik.

shank; English and American Railway-Cars ;

Radicalism in England, 148.

Peculation in England in Former Times-Hope for

our own Country; Force of Usage; Vacations;

The English a Dining People; Stamina of Factory-


British Justice; Can we control the Weather ? Fer.

vent Preaching; The Common Law of Literary

Property; From a “Country Doctor,” 211.

Montenegro, the Black Mountain ; Discrimination by

Justice; Hans Christian Andersen ; Socialism in

Russia; A Utopia of Flowers; Fast Steamers, 244.

American and English Rural Houses ; Mortality

among Children; Cars for Rapid-Transit Lines;

Landmarks in London ; Manners on the Road,


The Restoration of the Drama; Phonetic Spelling;

Big Shops ; Saratoga ; Legible Handwriting;

“Mismanagement by Physicians," 308.

The Political Novel and Drama; Vagabonds in the

Parks; Tyranny of the Jury System; Boston

Criticism, 340

American Hotels; Uniformity of Penal Laws; Land-

Tenure in England; Use of Highways; Letter

froin Professor Wise, 371.

Taste in our Streets; The Melancholy Period; Art

and the Government; American Science in Eng-

land; The Ottoman Empire; Stupidity of Juries;

Country Pleasures, 404.

The Catholic Church in America; English and Amer-

Editor's Table (Continued):

Something in Defense of Smattering; Charles Reade

and American Literature; The New London Ope-

ra-House; A New Fulmination against Tobacco;

A Correction, 467.

Scientific Education by Government; Oratory and

the Lecture; Victor Hugo on Peace; England

and China, 501.

Instances of what Voluntary Organization can do;

Study-at-Home Societies; Letter from Dr. Mac-

kenzie; Recent Crimes; Mr. Drone on Copy-

right; Disarmament; Paris Market - Festivals,


State Interference; Effect of Fashions; A Point in

Regard to Macbeth ; Statesmen when at Leisure ;

The Lord-Chamberlain; Carlyle and the Harvard

Degree, 565.

State Limitations once more; Mr. Grant White and

“Heterophemy;" Working Women in England;

Treatment of the Insane, 598.
The Lost Arts of Civilization; Kitchens in the At-

tic; Regulating Dress by Law; The Romantic

Parsee; Morals of Lawyers, 630.
Teresina in America; The Despotism of an English

Landlord; The Pope on Paper - Money; The
Name of Gouverneur; Invention of the Piano-

forte, 661.

Painting in America; Aërial Gardens and Attic

Kitchens ; The Social Law of Postal-Cards; Pros-

pect of War in Europe; Paris Beggars ; St. Peters-

burg, 692.

The Decrease of Crime ; Is the Age unpoetic and

unheroic ? Change in the English Judicial Sys-

tem; Henry Wilson; False Diplomas, 724.
Domestic Habits of Americans; Elocution as an In-

tellectual Accomplishment; Eulogies after Death;
American vs. Foreign Taste; The French Statue

for New York Harbor; Attic Kitchens, 757.

Advantage of Foreign over Native Literature;

Need of an Authoritative Dictionary; Patenting

Ideas; Breakfast Philosophy; Verdi as a Sena.

tor, 789.

Duties of Men of Property ; Corruptions sanctioned

by the Dictionaries; Charms of Fog: Laboulaye ;

Sales-Women, 822.
Egypt of Khédive Ismaïl, The New (Edwin de Leon),


Paintings by Fortuny; New Paintings by Thom;

ican Slang; Lady “Helps;” A Newly-discovered
Tribe; Divorces in America: The Car Peddler,


Empress of Spinetta, The (from the German of Paul

Heyse), 392.

English Poetry vs. English Prose (James McCarroll),

English Village-Feast, An (James Wight), 367.
Fairy Fingers; A Few Notes for my Friends the

Painters (John Esten Cooke), 79.

“Faust,” Goethe's (E. G. Holland), 176.

Faust, Who was the First ? (E. G. Holland), 80.

Fish-Culture (J. M.), 397, 429.

Flower of Sable Island, The, 680.

Fourth of July in San Marino (F. D. Millet), 652.

Functions of Government? What are the (Marie How-

land), 590.

Hamlet, Mr. Booth's (O. B. Bunce), 657, 689.
Harem, An Evening at a, 112.
Heirs of the Bodley Estate, The (Horace E. Scudder)

644, 677, 706, 741.
High Comedy of Life (M. E. W. S.), 686.
High-Flying and its Dangers, 301.
Houghton, Lord (Nora Perry), 691.
Illusions of the Senses (F. R. Goulding), 271.
Is the World overcrowded ? (George Cary Eggleston),

Italian Amphitheatre, An Hcur in an (F. D. Millet),


John Blanford's Widow (Edgar Fawcett), 424.

John Harris, The (by the Author of “Patty"), S25.
King Christmas (Thomas Duin English), 813.

New Picture by Rinehart; Wood Paneling ;

Notes, 569.

Pictures in Mr. Stewart's Collection; Photographs

of Old Masters; Winslow Homer's Studies; Bris-

tol; Frank Waller's Studies; Notes, 601.

Makart's “Abundantia;” Foley's Statue of Stone-

wall Jackson; William Hart; J. G. Brown; R.

W. Hubbard; Statue of General Lee, 633.

Pictures at Goupil's; Bridgman's “Nubian Fortunc-

Teller; New Subject by De Haas; Herr Wach.

tel; Notes, 666.

The Taste for China; Mr. Perry's New Rural Pict-

ures; George H. Story; Mr. Booth's Richard

II.; Caste" at Wallack's; Notes, 697.

New Pictures from Abroad: Julian Scott; C. H.

Miller; Notes, 729.

Bülow; Colman's Paintings; Ideal Busts;

te, 762.

la New Paintings; School Drawing, New

e for the New York Hospital ; T. W.

New Pictures; Note, 794.


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LITERARY (Continued):

“Notes of Travel;" Jules Verne's “Mysterious
Island;" The " Treasure - Trove Series;

“Home-Life with Animals;" Notes, 694.
Greg's “Rocks Ahead;" Cranch's Poems; Taine's

“Philosophy of Art in Italy;” “Sketches of

Young Ladies,” etc.; Notes, 726.

Autobiography of Mrs. Fletcher;" Dr. Van Len-

nep's “ Bible Lands; " Lathrop's “ Rose and

Roof-Tree;" "Roderick Hudson;" Second Part

of “ Mysterious Island; Kendrick's “Poetical

Favorites ; Farjeon's An Island Pearl ;"

Notes, 792.

Price's "Currency and Banking;” “Pilgrim Mem-

ories;The Children's Treasury of English
Song;' Pretty Miss Bellew ;” The Tenth
“Bric-à - Brac;” “The Vest-Pocket Series;
Stone's “Reminiscences of Saratoga and Ball-

ston;" Notes, 824.
Little Joanna, The (Kamba Thorpe), 167, 197, 229,

261, 294, 325, 355, 388, 420, 451, 484, 516, 548, 579,

612, 648.

London Letters, 27, 59, 91, 124, 155, 187, 219, 252, 282,

316, 347, 379, 413, 445, 475, 541, 572, 606.

London Sights, Certain (M. E. W. S.), 107.

Longevity, The Latest Aspects of (Alexander Young),

"Land of the Sky, The;" or, Adventures in Moun-

tain By-ways (Christain Reid), 289, 321, 325, 417,

481, 513, 609, 641, 673, 737, 769.


Gardner's “Illustrated Homes; " Bunker-Hill Lit-

erature; Lucy Larcom's “Idyl of Work; " Boye-

sen's “A Norseman's Pilgrimage;'

" " American

Annual Cyclopædia;” Mrs. Greatorex's “Old
New York;” Sweetser's “Europe for $2.00 a

Day;" Notes, 21.

"Exotics;' Ancient History from the Monu-

ments;" Johnson's “ Little Classics ; " Miss Kav.

anagh's “ John Dorrien;" “Oldbury;" Notes,


Tennyson's “ Queen Mary;" Cairnes's “Logical

Method of Political Economy; Mrs. Elliot's

“Italians;" Notes, 85.

Drake's "Nooks and Corners of the New England

Coast;” “The Childhood of Religions; ” Rhodes's

"The French at Home;" New Edition of Dar-

win's “Descent of Man;" “Iseulte ;

"“On the

Heights;" Notes, 118.

“Wildmoor; ” “Fated to be Free;'

“ Within an

Ace;" “ Doing and Dreaming;” Notes, 150.

Third Volume of Bancroft's “Native Races of the

Pacific States of North America ; " “Popular Re-

sorts, and how to reach Them;" Notes, 182.

"Miss Angel;” “Ward or Wife;" DeForest's

"Playing the Mischief; " New Edition of Bart-

lett's “ Familiar Quotations;” Notes, 214.

Miss Mulock's “Sermons out of Church;
G. Wood's “Bible Animals;” Life of the Greeks
and Romans; “Point-Lace and Diamonds;

German Classics for American Students ;

Notes, 247.

Trollope's “The Way we live now;' Christian

Reid's “A Question of Honor;” “Harwood;

"Eglantine;” Notes, 277.

The New Bric-à-Brac Volume; George Smith's

"Assyria ; Mrs. Oliphant's Whiteladies ; "

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Lord Houghton (Nora Perry), 691.
Marion Walling (Albert F. Webster), 200.
Master-Stroke of Business, A (Charles Gore Shanks),

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" Rev. J.

133, 162,

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MISCELLANY (Continued):

“Social Gleanings;” About Twins, 831.
Mischief of Proverbs, The (Junius Henri Browne), 819.
Mismanagement by Physicians. (Albert F. Webster),

Moab, Recent Explorations of–1. The Remains of

Ancient Cities (illustrated), 65.
Models and Artist-Life in Rome (Frederick Daniel),

Mountaineering in Miniature (Julian Hawthorne), 461,



Miss Matthews's Opéra-Bouffe Company; Thom-

as's Orchestra Concerts; The Approaching Dra-

matic Season, 313.

Hans von Bülow; Barry Sullivan's Hawlet; The

Mexican Juvenile Opera Troupe, 344.

“Madame l’Archiduc;” Barry Sullivan's Richelieu ;

“The Mighty Dollar,” 377.

The Baireuth Festival and the Nibelungen Cycle;

Barry Sullivan's Richard III. ; "Saratoga,” 410.

Mademoiselle Titiens; “Our Boys;" Oratorio; Mr.

George Belmore; Notes, 442.

The Tragedian Rossi; Music in the Public Schools,


Mademoiselle Titiens, 507.

“The Lily of Killarney;” Mademoiselle Titiens in

Oratorio; Booth's Hamlet; Wachtel, 602.

Herr Wachtel, 667.

Booth's Richard II.; Caste,” 698.

Von Bülow, 762; "Rose Michel," 764.
Nannchen of Mayence (from the German of Berthold

Auerbach), 39, 70.
New Bonnets and Fine Dressing (M. E. W. S.), 752.
New York to Aspinwall, From (Albert F. Webster),

O'Connell, Daniel-An Irish Centennial (George M.

Towle), 173.
Octogenarian on his Tracks, Ap (A. D.), 270.
Omnipotent Shilling, The Junius Henri Browne),

Our Half-Brother (H. M. Bobinson), 399.
Pardon of St.-Nicodème, The (Katharine S. Mac-

quoid), 808.
Paris Letters, 26, 58, 90, 122, 154, 186, 218, 251, 281,

314, 346, 378, 412, 443, 474, 507, 539, 571, 605, 635,

668, 699, 730, 764, 795, 827.
Party of Four, A (from the German of Ernst Eck-

stein), 233.

Peccadille; or, The Three Diplomatists (from the

French), 588.

Peeresses, The Three American, 81.

Peruvian Amazon and its Tributaries, The-Notes

from a Journal of Travel (illustrated) (N. B. No-

land), 545, 577, 621, 684, 721, 780.

Philippines, Among the (illustrated), 193, 225, 257.

Portuguese Superstitions, 209.

Possible Utopias (M. E. W. S.), 238.

Professional Blunders, 717.

Queen Mary's Ghost (by the Author of “Marguerite

Kent"), 3, 36, 67.
Quincy Mansion, The (illustrated) (S. A. Drake), 161. '
Reuben Leir (by the Author of “Patty ”'), 455.
Salem, A Day at (A. B. Harris), 431.
Savage Life, Three Weeks of (Maurice Thompson),


Seminoles, Ten Days with the (Fred. Ober), 142, 171.

Servian Popular Poetry (W. W. Crane) 563.


Is Light a Mechanical Force ? (illustrated); Mon.

keys in Gibraltar; Electric Indicators; Science in

Massachusetts; Death of Joseph Winlock; Sci-

ence among College Students, etc., 28.

The Oberon Torpedo Experiments (illustrated);

Theory of Life in the Stars; The Keely Motor,


The Sand - Blast (illustrated); The Keely Motor

again; Influence of Forests on Atmosphere ;
Fires on Shipboard; Paper from Sugar-Cane Rei-

use; Notes, 92.
The Sand-Blast-Second Paper (illustrated); How

to prevent Collisions on Railways; Extinction

of Fires on Shipboard; Notes, 124.
The Boyton - Merriman Life - saving Dress (illus-

trated); Retention of Heat by Rocks; The Cola
orado Beetle; Egyptian Geographical Society;

Gas-Wells; Notes, 156.

A New Hydraulic Elevator (illustrated); Mixed

Fabrics; Cheese and Butter Making in Denmark;

Boiling Lake in Dominica ; New Railway-Brake;

Notes, 188.

"Insectivorous Plants; " Benedict's “St. Simon's

Niece;” Newton's “The Better Way;" German

Newspapers; Notes, 342.

Mrs. Newman's “Jean;”. “Minor Poems; ” Notes,


A Summer in Norway;' “Norse Mythology;”.

"Views and Interviews on Journalism;”. Glad-

stone on the Speeches of Pius IX. ; Notes, 406.

Frofessor Morse's “ Zoology ;

Professor You-

mans's “Class-Book of Chemistry;' 'Angels'

Messages; “Hoosier Mosaics;" Notes, 438.

Professor Cocker's “Theistic Conception of the

World; ” Miss Johnson's “Calderwood Secret;"

“The Abode of Snow; Notes, 469.

Southworth's “Four Thousand Miles of African

Travel ;”. “ Annals of a Fortress; Nadal's

“London Social Life;" Phin's “Use of the Mi-


" "The Pistol,” 503.

"Might and Mirth of Literature; Travels in Port-

ugal;” New Bric-à-Brac Volume; “The Me-

chanic's Friend ;” Spurgeon's "Lectures to my

Students; School-Edition of Goldsmith's Poems,


"Climate and Time in their Geological Relations;"

Mrs. Edwardes's “Leah: A Woman of Fashion;"

"The Lacy Diamonds ; “ Brigadier Freder-

ick;” “Dialogues of Plato;" New Edition of

Hawthorne; Notes, 567.

Bancroft's Fourth Volume of “The Native Races of

the Pacific States; “One Summer; ” Miss Al-

cor's “Eight Cousins;” Gilder's “New Day;"

Notes, 600

"India and its Princes;" Lacroix's “Eighteenth

Century;” Whittier's “Mabel Martin;” “Fa-
mous Painters and Paintings;” Jean Ingelow's
"Shepherd Lady;” Michelet's "Insect;“His.
tory of the Robins; Carleton's “Farm Le-
gends;” “The Bodley Family ; Stockton's
"Tales out of School;” “ Higgledy-Piggledy;"

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Medicine-Men, The Fraternity of (H. M. Robinson),

Michael Angelo Celebration at Florence, 540.
Misapplied Proverbs (F. R. Goulding), 369.
Gautier on Women in Constantinople; Titles in

Germany; “Peasant-Life in Northern Italy," 30,
Every-Day Life in Spain; Goethe and Translations;

Inner Life in Syria, 62.
Selections from “ Every-Day Life in Spain;” Ad-

vantages of General Culture; Swedenborg, 94.

Corot; Blackwood on Millais; Tragic Climaxes in

Fiction, 126.

Actors; The Poet and the Stage; Fechter and Ir-

ving; Swedenborgianism in Imaginary Literature,

The Drama in Germany; The Historical Drama;

Italian Church-Festivals; Criticism in Old Times;

About Scruples; Shakespeare and the Sea, 190.
Arab Women; The Painter Etty ; Monument to By-

ron; Venetian Popular Legends, 222.
Art and Morality; The Afghans; A Polemical

Parishioner, 254.
Julian Hawthorne on the Saxon Soldier; Incident

of Parish-Life; Dress in Germany; Newspapers
in Portugal; Impertinence; Poe and Hawthorne,

Impressions of Madeira; Madeira for Consump-

tives; Life in Portugal, 319.
Bayard Taylor's Poem on Goethe; Hidden Treas-

ures in Portugal; the Theatre in Germany, 351.
The Decline of Turkey; "The Faëry Reaper," by

Buchanan; Queer Old Statues, 382.

The Carmelites; Mrs. Cowden Clarke on Cole-

ridge, 447

Social Life in Germany; Bad Law in “The Mer-

chant of Venice,” 479.
The “ Savate;" Chateaubriand; Convention in a

Studio; Whistling, 510.

Graveyard Literature; Americanisms, 543.

Wedding Anecdotes; Henry Irving's Nlacbeth;

The “Busy Bee,576.

Wedding Anecdotes; Notifications Extraordinary;

Reporters' Mistakes; Commas; Shaking Hands,

Wedding Anecdotes; More Notifications Extraor.

dinary; Americanisms; The First Fire of the Sea-

son; Shakespeare's Name, 671.

Female Education in Germany; About O'Connell;

John Leech; Discomforts at Theatres; Affecta-

tion in Society; Proportion of the Priesthood;

The Heathen Chinee; The Philosophy of Break-

fast, 702.

More of “Teresina in America;" Richelieu ; Coun-

try-Life in Germany: The Postal-Card; Angling;

Marriage of Young Houssaye, 734.
Proposals; Dramatic Readings; Authors before the

Curtain; Evils of Tea-Drinking; Lady-Helps; An

Odd Trade, 767.

Weather; Rip Van linkle ; A Centennial Item, 797.

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