Puslapio vaizdai

Into our City with thy Banners spred,
By Decimation and a tithed Death;
If thy Revenges hunger for that Food
Which Nature loaths, take thou the destin'd tenth,
And by the hazard of the spotted die,
Let die the spotted.

I Sen. All have not offended :
For those that were, it is not square to take,
On those that are, Revenge: Crimes, like Lands,
Are not inherited. Then dear Countryman,
Bring in thy Ranks, but leave without thy Rage,
Spare thy Athenian Cradle, and those Kin
With those that have offended, like a Shepherd,
Approach the Fold, and cull th' Infected forth,
But kill not all together.

2 Sen. What thou wilt,
Thou rather shalt enforce it with thy Smile,
Than hew to’t with thy Sword.

I Sen. Set but thy Foot
Against our rampir'd Gates, and they shall ope :
So thou wilt send thy gentle Heart before,
To say thou'lt enter friendly.

2 Sen. Throw thy Glove,
Or any token of thine Honour elfe,
That thou wilt use the Wars as thy Redress,
And not as our Confusion: All thy Powers
Shall make their harbour in our Town, 'till we
Have feald thy full desire.

Alc. Then there's my Glove,
Descend, and open your uncharged Ports,
Those Enemies of Timon's, and mine own,
Whom you your selves shall set out for Reproof,
Fall and no more ; and to atone your Fears
With my more poble Meaning, not a Man
Shall pass his quarter, or offend the Stream
Of regular Justice in your City's bounds,
But shall be remedied by your publick Laws
At heaviest answer.

Both. 'Tis most nobly spoken.
Alc. Descend, and keep your Words.


Enter a Messenger.
Mes. My noble General, Timon is dead,


hem o'th' Sea,
And on his Gravestone, this Insculpture, which
With Wax I brought away; whose soft Impression
Interprets for my poor Ignorance.

[Alcibiades reads the Epitaph.]
Here lyes a wretched Coarse, of wretched Soul bereft,
Seek not my Name: A Plague consume yon Caitiffs left.
Here lye I Timon, who all living Men did hate,

Pass by, and curse thy fill, but stay not here thy Gate.
These well express in thee thy latter Spirits :
Tho' thou abhorred'st in us our human Griefs,
Scorn dst our Brains flow, and those our droplets, which
From niggard Nature fall; yet rich Conceit
Taught thee to make vast Neptune weep for aye
On thy low Grave; on Faults forgiven. Dead
Is Noble Timon, of whose Memory
Hereafter more. Bring me into your City,
And I will use the Olive with my Sword;
Make War breed Peace; make Peace stint War, make each
Prescribe to other, as each other's Leach.
Let our Drums strike.


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Printed in the YEAR 1709.

Dramatis Personæ.

Ulius Cæfar.

Octavius Cæsar.

M. Antony
Ligarius, Conspirators against Julius
Decius Brutus, Cæfar.
Metellus Cimber,
Artimedorus, a Sooth.Sayer.

Friends to Brutus and Caflius.
Cinna, the Poet.
Lucius, Servant to Brutus.


Calphurnia, Wife to Cæfar.
Portia, Wife to Brutus.

Plebeians, Guards and Attendants.

SCENE for the three first Atts and be

ginning of the Fourth in Rome, - for the remainder of the Fourth near Sardis, for the Fifth in the fields of Philippi.

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