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The Mufe's labour then fuccefs fhall crown,
When Folly feels her laugh, and Vice her frown.

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Librar Hall

10-17-28 17803


THERE has hitherto been no afylum for Fugitive Pieces, or Occafional Effays, in Scotland, although many fuch have been made in England. It is thought that a Collection might be furnished from this country, which would prove both entertaining and ufeful; and the Editor, impreffed with this idea, has ventured to give the plan a beginning. The periodical publications give a tranfient existence to many papers that often deferve a better fate; and a collection of the prefent nature, while it preferves, in part, a view of the manners, opinions, and taste of the times as they rife, may alfo ferve to encourage many to write occafional papers, who are either too indolent or unambitious to appear formally as authors,

The Editor, by this collection, means to preferve fuch productions, either in profe or verfe, as may occafionally appear and deferve notice,


`notice, and which do not belong to any other regular collection; and, if it meets with encouragement, it will be continued from time to time by additional volumes.

He only begins a few years back, from the year 1782, with fuch fugitive pieces as he has had occafion to fee publifhed; but will gladly receive the contributions of those who poffefs original papers or poems of a moderate length, that have not been printed.

Explanatory Notes and Obfervations will be given, where neceffary, as far as the Editor knows, or could obtain information; and the collection will embrace every variety of subject, of Scottish production, whether ferious or humorous, poetical or profe, if of a delicate nature, and useful tendency,

The letters E. C. mean Edinburgh Courant; C. M. Caledonian Mercury; E. G. Edinburgh Gazette. In these papers most of the pieces contained in this volume originally appeared; and many of them were afterwards copied into various periodical publications in Britain and Ireland.


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