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Nov. 14, 1891. LOWELL BEQUEST:

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THE Essays and Sketches contained in this volume, chiefly written by the late Mr CREECH, were originally published in the periodical works of the day. A considerable part of them was first collected and published in a volume, in the year 1791, under the title of " EDINBURGH FUGITIVE PIECES," and some part was afterwards inserted in the Statistical Account of Scotland. The volume in which they at first appeared as a collection having been long out of print, it is now republished, with several pieces which were not in the former edition; and it is hoped will not be unac



ceptable to the public. There is prefixed, a short Account of Mr CREECH'S Life, together with his Portrait, engraved from an excellent picture, painted by Mr Raeburn in the year 1806.

Edinburgh, August 1815.



Resolutions of the Citizens of Edinburgh, on the
change of Ministry, when Lord North retired......

A debate on the loyal address proposed to be made on
occasion of a change of men and measures......................................................
Advertisement of an universal warehouse for all sorts of

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