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the want or lofs of our understanding or fenfes, or of any other good, forrows, fickneffes, and all other afflictions, and death. And the punishments in the other world are the loss of the happiness of heaven, and the pains of hell, and everlasting death. XII. Q. Why do you fay, pass against us? As we forgive them that tref


A We declare that we do forgive all that trespass against us: because if we do not forgive others, God will not forgive us.

XIII. Q. What do you mean by lead us not into Temptation?

For we also for

give, &c. Luke 11. 4

Matth. 6. 14, 15.

Mark 11. 25, 26. See the Commandments," 60, 61. 2

Save and defend us in all dangers of fin.

XIV. What is temptation?

A. Let us not be entic'd, nor driven to any fin.

Pride, profit, plea- us fin. fure, bad company,

the praise or custom of the world, the ill will or perfecution of man, want, fulness, &c; and Satan working in all these. Eph.

2. 2.

Rom. 1. 28. 2 Thef.

2. 10, 11, 12.

XV. Q. When does God lead us into temptation? A. When for our fins he refufes to defend us by his grace. XVI. Q. What must you do that God may not you into temptation?



A. Any thing that makes

a Luke 8. 13, 15. b 2 Pet. 1. 5 to 11.

ch. 3. 17, 18. c Matth.

26. 41.

A. I must keep his Commandments with an honest heart and patience a; and diligently learn and do more and more of them b; and watch and pray that I may not be overcome by temptation c.


XVII. Q. What do you mean by deliver us from Ad që



A. Keep us from all fin and wickedness, and from our ghoftly enemy.

XVIII. Q. What do you mean by our ghostly enemy?

* Dangers of fin, or of trouble or distracti

on, &c.

A. The enemy of our fouls, the devil. And ghoftly dangers are dangers of our fouls.

XIX. Q. What do you mean by, For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever?

A. We pray to thee, because thou art the glo-Dan. rious and powerful King over all the world for 37ever and ever, and therefore the giver of all good. XX. Q. What do you mean by Amen at the end of your Prayers?

A. So be it *.

* Or Jer. 28. 6. We befeech thee to hear us good Lord. At the end of Thankfgivings, Amen is, I give the fame thanks. 1 Cor. 14. 16. See the Creed, 46 2. Whatfoever it is that I fay Amen to it, I do as it were fet feal to it. my

XXI. Q. What is the Faith, wherewith you must pray to God?

a Mark

II. 24.

1 John 5. 14, 15.
Rom. 3. 23, 24.
And therefore I fay
Amen: because if I had

A. I truft he will do what I pray for a, of his mercy and goodnefs, through our Lord Jefus Chrift b*.

no hope of what I pray for, it would be in vain to pray for it. And becaufe God has promifed to grant all that we pray for according to his will, John 5. 14, 15; therefore I trust he will do what I pray for.

XXII. What do you trust that God will do?


A. I truft he will fend his grace to me, and to all people, to do what he expects from us a*; and that he will give me, and all that truly ferve him, all things that be needful for us b; and forgive us our fins c; and be our faithful defender d.

a 1 Tim. 2. 4. ch. Rom. 2. 13, 4. 10.

14, 15. Fam. 1. 13, 14, 15. He expects from all to do their endeavour to learn the truth, and believe and

do according to it.

Heb. 11. 6. b Matth. 7. 7 to 12. Luke 11. Luke 11. 13. c Luke 24. 47

d1 Cor. 10. 13. Heb. 13. 5, 6.

XXIII. Q. How will God do this of his mercy and goodness, through our Lord Jefus Chrift?

A. He will do all, not for any deferving in us a, but of his mercy and goodness b, by Chrift's doing all c, for the fake of Chrift's Dying for the his praying for us e. forgiveness of our fins d, and

a Rom. 3. 23. ch. 6. 23. b Rom. 3. 24. Pf. 145. 8, 9. c As 5. 31. Rom. 1. 7. Coll. 1. 2, 16, 17. d Coll. 1. 14, 20. See

the Creed, 44, 532 Heb. 7. 25. ch. 9.


In the Litany there are more things, for the fake of which we pray unto Chrift to deliver us from fin, and all the pu nishments of fm. We pray to him to deliver us from fin, and all the punishments of fin, By, that is, for the fake of his wonderful taking our nature, and being Born without fin for that our deliverance; for the fake of his Circumcifion, and Baptifm; and his Temptation at his Fafting; by all which he declar'd he would be God's faithful Prophet to teach us the fame deliverance; for the fake of his Agony that made him fweat, (not blood, but thick fweat) like great drops of blood, of his Suffering upon the Crofs, of his precious Death, and continuing Dead in the grave; by all which he bought the fame deliverance; for the fake of his Glorious Refurrection and Afcenfion to the Right Hand of God to pray for, and give us the fame deliverance; and for the fake of the Coming of the Holy Ghoft, to enable his Apostles and Minifters to teach us the fame deliverance unto the end of the world.



XXIV. Q. What must you do when you pray to


A. I must first confefs my fins, that he may 1 John 1. forgive me, and hear my prayers.

8, 9.

XXV. Q. Let me hear you fay a Confeffion?
A. Almighty a and moft
merciful Father b; I have
erred cand ftrayed from thy
ways d, like a loft fheep e. I
have followed too much the
devices fand defires of my own
heart. I have offended against
thy holy g laws. I have left
undone thofe things which I
ought to have done: And I
have done thofe things which I
ought not to have done +:
And there is no health in me b

Let the learner read the Prayers, and tell the fenfe, until he has it perfectly in his mind. a Mighty Ruler of all things. This puts me in mind to be very forry for fo difobeying the Great King of all the world. This puts me in mind to be very forry for being fo

bafe and unthankful to
our moft merciful Fa-
ther. *When I fay
this Confeffion, I must
be fenfible how I have erred and ftrayed from God's ways like a
loft sheep, how I have left undone thofe things which I ought
to have done, and have done those things which I ought not to
have done. Wandred. d Commandments. e By my ma-
nifold fins and wickednefs. f Evil thoughts. g Very good.

Here I must confefs my particular fins. See the Commandments 27, 29 2b No help to keep me from fin, (John 15. 5) nor any thing to deferve God's mercy. Rom. 3. 23.

i Grant me thy pardon and grace. A grievous finner, and that cannot but often fin. / Punish not as I deferve. m Unto thy grace to live well. live well. That am forry for,

But thou, O Lord, have
mercy upon mei a miferable
offender k. Spare thou me,
O God, who confefs my faults.
Reftore m thou me that am
penitent n; According to thy
promifes declared unto man-

kind o in Christ Jefu our Lord p.

and endeavour to forfake my fins. I must

take care that I be truly and earneftly forry for my fins, and that I do earnestly endeavour to forfake them; that I do not tell a lie unto God. The promise to fpare us is declar'd 1 John 1. 9. For to forgive is to fpare, and not punish. The promise to reftore us is declar'd Luke 11. 13. p Upon the Account of his Dying for the forgiveness of our fins. Matth. 26. 28. By his Dying for the forgiveness of our fins he has obtain'd for us alfo grace to live well. Tit. 2. 14. See the Creed, 44, 2

9 Moft willing to give us the pardon (1 John 4. 10.) and the grace (Luke 11. 13) that we pray for.

Who died to obtain grace for us, (Tit. 2. 14) and prays. for us. Heb. 7. 25. In my duty towards God. In my duty towards my neighbour. In my duty to my felf, by being fober in mind and body. To be fober in mind, is to keep my felf from pride, and all finful humours. To be fober in body, is to keep my body in temperance, fobernefs and chastity. And be thankful for thy grace, to thee, who art moft holy, and the giver of all holiness. w I confefs all the confeffion of this Prayer: And I pray for the Grace and Pardon therein pray'd for, for Chrift's fake.


And grant, O most merciful. Father, for his faker, that may hereafter live a godly s, righteous and fober u life, to the glory of thy holy Name, Amen w.

Phil 4. 6. Col. 4. 2. 1 Thef. 5. 17, 18.


XXVI. Q. What else must you do, when you pray to God?

A. Always when I muft give thanks.

pray, I


a Mighty Lord of

all the world, therefore
the Giver of all good.
Wanting in no mercies.

me hear you fay a Thanksgiving. A. Almighty a God, Father of all mercies b, I thy unworthy c fervant do give Unworthy of thy mercies.


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