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Such as the Reader may readily make, are here omitted.


AGE 19, b, read John 15. 4, 5.
P. 20, 71, line 7, г. Ch. 6. 23.
P. 41. Answer 7, c, r. Matth. 28. 19, 20.
P. 44. A. 21. a, r. See 7 Q.


b, r. See Baptifm, 2 Q. A. 23, a, r. Matth. 28. 45, t, r. 1 Cor. 12. 25. P. 48, A. 15, r. Rev. 1. 8, P. 54, 1. 2. r. Luke without b P. 55, paragraph 3, 1. 9, r. b Luke P. 72, A. 28, b, I. 15, r. Als 5. 31. P. 74, par. 6, 1. 6, r. Luke 5. 34; 1. 10, r. ver. 36,

1. 11, r. to 22.

P. 76, 4. 32, 4, 1. 7. r. Gh. 5. 33, 35.

P. 85, A. 64, г. fobernefs,

habit d, apparel e.

P. 91, 4.8, This is to obey him as we ought to do. is to be read in the margin of A. 9.

P. 93, A. 21, *, r. 1 John
P. 97, at the bottom, r. 50 Q.
P. 101, laft 1. r. d. 32 Q.

P. 104, A., r. Holy Ghoft, e.

P. 105, laft 1. of margin 1, r. 3. 34)
P. 123, par. 3, 1. 1, r. The right

par. 6, laft 1. r. 14, 15,

P. 124, par. 2, 1. 3, r. And this our joining
P. 129, 1. 6, blot out &.

P. 135, 6, 1. 5, г. Answer of

To be learned after the Catechism.

P. 188, in the Lord's Prayer, r. heaven. Give us

In the Difcourfe of Confirmation.

P. 22, in the Greek, r. Siapuyor THY

μὴ τυχῶν, έτυχε ; P. 23, par. 2 of St. Jerom, 1. excurrat.





A Confiderate Review will add to the imperfect Perfection of all Writings of men. Therefore thefe Additions are here fet.


AGE 22, to the margin of Answer 28, add, The aforefaid Reafon is what is requir'd for the Baptifm of Infants. But the Authority whereby they are Baptiz'd, and whereby that Reafon is requir'd for their Baptifm, is the Commandment of Chrift, Matth. 28. 19. John 3. 5, 6, to Baptize all that are born of the flesh, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghoft; that they may be born of the Spirit, and enter into the Kingdom of God. P. 23, A. 31, 0, read John 7. 37, 38. Ch. 14. 15, 16. P, Acts 2. 38. Ch. 26. 17, 18.

P. 27, to the margin of A. 35, add, But all that partake of it are commanded to it in Remembrance of Chrift's Body broken for us, and his Blood of the New Testament shed for us for the remiffion of fins: to Examine themselves before they partake of it; and to Difcern the Lord's Body.

And it is not, Heb. 5, 6 Ch. reckon'd with the Sacrament of Baptifm, among the firft Principles, and the Foundation, and the Milk of Babes. But it is one of the mysteries of Perfection, and Strong meat that belongs to them that are ́of full age.

The Law of the Paffover (which Ex. 12, 3, 4, requires it to be eaten according to the number of fouls in every houfe) does no more require children to partake of the Lord's Supper, (altho' it was ordain'd instead of the Paffover) than it requires us to partake of it only at Eafter, in the evening, and at the Mother Church, and to use only unleavened bread. And it is not the Law of Circumcifion, but the Commandment of Chrift, that requires the Baptifm of Infants, both males and females, as well before, as on the eighth day. See before, the firft addition.

Whatsoever is Typified by childrens eating of the Paffover, or of any other Sacrifice, is fulfill'd in their being Baptiz'd into the Death of Chrift, and thereby made partakers of that Sacrifice and by Prayer and Thanksgiving for them for the fake of the fame Sacrifice.



As to the practice of many Chriftians, both now, and in ancient times, in giving the Lord's Supper to children and Infants that having no fure foundation in the Holy Scripture, is no rule for us; any more than the belief and practice of many other errors, ever fince quickly after the first preaching of the Gofpel. From fome of which errors, even the best and the most learned of the true Church have not been free.

What is related by St. Cyprian of a child utterly refusing to receive the wine of the Sacrament, and vomiting it out, when it was forc'd into her mouth; who had been brought by her nurse to eat of the facrifice of idolaters: if that refufal and disturbance of the Child was any more than a natural accident; it can prove no more, than that where God was merciful to those that with a good meaning gave the Lord's Supper to children, he would not bear with their being partakers of the table of devils.

What I have here written, and at the end of the margin of Anfw. 33, I have thought needful to make good the Title, True Christianity; in Answer to an Effay in favour of the Ancient Practice of giving the Eucharift to Children.

Concerning that Effay it is to be noted, that the Author in the Preface, and at the end of Part 3, confeffes that he had not a fettled belief of what he undertakes to prove. And therefore it was ill done, however he might mean well, to fow the feed of caufelefs divifions in the Church, where there are fo many already.

P. 46, A. 3, to Heb. 11. 3, 6. add, As for the wicked blafphemy of thofe that fay,There is no God. The reafon of it is in the words Chrift, John 3. 19. And the best answer to it is Ch. 7. 17.

And the fame reafon and anfwer Chrift applies to those he condemns for not believing his Word.

A. 5, †, read in the margin, He is alfo the Father of all men, in Creating, Redeeming, and calling to Repentance all men. 1 Tim. 2. 4, 5, 6. And he is the Father, that is Creator and Preferver of all things.

P. 52, A. 27, to Rom. 10. 9, add, So confefs and believe, as to do accordingly, that is believe and obey all the Word of Chrift; whom, by raifing him from the dead, God has declared to be our Lord, John 20. 28, 31. Acts 17. 31. Rom. 1. 4.

P. 58, A. 43, read Mark 16. 15, 16, compared with Luke 24. 46, 47.

P. 75, 1. 2, add in a margin to the Birth of Chrift *, may be added, and the three Holy days that follow it,

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or rather

ther all the twelve days. But fuch things are to be done by the Authority of the Church.

P. 76, A. 35, a, add, 1 Cor. 14. 16.

P. 187, near the bottom, read, obey faithfully

Mercies: And in humbly praying for his Grace and Forgiveness, to believe ftedfaftly all the Promises of the New Testament fealed with his Death.


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