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Rom. v. 12.

declaring that of fuch, that is of them and fuch as they, is the kingdom of God. When I say in my heart, Then God for Christ's fake did forgive my faults, and give me the help of the Holy Ghost to believe and serve him, by faying fo in my heart, I believe the promises of God made in Baptism.

XXVII. Q. What faults had you before you were Christen’d?

A. Our Great Grandfather 2. Gen. iii. 2. Gen. viii. 2i. Job xiv. 4.

Adam offended God z: And

b. Rom. ever since we bring many faults V. 12, 18. ch. vi. 23. with us into the world'a: for which we are born under God's anger b.

XXVIII. Q. But why were you Christen'd, when gou could not think of leaving your faults, and be lieving and serving God?

į. A. Because my Father and 1. This is the plain reason why infants are

my Mother, and my Friends

would teach me when I can Baptiz'd. As Gen. xvii. 12, those infants were learn, to leave my faults, and to be Circumcis'd, who believe and serve God. would be taught to serve the true God : fo 1 Cor. vi. 14, those infants are holy to be Baptis'd, who will be taught to be Christians.

The teaching the child is made more sure by the child's promising by his Sureties. For that promise binds both the Sureties, and chiefly the Father and Mother, to see the child taught; and binds the child to perform it as his own promise. Besides that the Fa. ther and Mother are bound to teach the child, and the child is bound to perform all that his Sureties promised, by the Cominandments of God, Deut. vi. 6, 7. Matthew xxviii. 19, 20. Mark xvi. 15, 16.

XXIX. Q. You say, when you were Christend, God did give you the help of the Holy Ghost to leave your faults, and believe and serve God. What must you do that God may give you more of the belp of

the Holy Ghost? d. Mattb. A. When I have learn’d my Catechism fo as to. xiii.19,23. Understand it, and Do what it teaches me d; then


I muft learn to understand the Service of Confirmation e. And I must go to my Minister, for him e. Eccl. v. to bring me to the Bishop to be Confirm'd f.

1. f. This

is certainly the Commandment of God. For à Great Increase of the Grace of the Holy Ghost, of the living water of Baptism (Fohniv. 1, 10, 14.) is promisd to all Christians, chap. vii. 37, 38, 39, to the end of the world, chap. xiv. 15, 16. Afts ii. 38, 39; and the same is given in the Ordinary way, only in Confirmation. And John vii. 37, &c. Chrift solemnly commands all Christians to come to him for this Increase of Grace. And by so doing he solemnly commands us to come to him by the way whereby he gives it, and performs the promise of it. Aes iv. 31, We are told how the promise was perform'd co those St. Peter spoke to chap. ii. 38, 39. And how it was perform'd in the Ordinary settled way to all others, we are plainly told, chap. viii. 14 to 19. chap. xix. 6. And this Confirmation is, Heb. vi. 2, one of the first principles of the doctrine of Christ, to be taught to babes, chap. v. 12, 13.

XXX, Q. What will the Bishop do to Confirm you?

A. He will pray for meg, Axts viii. 15. and lay his hand upon me and b. Ver. 17. Matth. xix. 13, 95, we learn that bless me b. And I must pray Laying on of hands fig- heartily with him i. Then & God hifies blessing or pray will give me a great help of the ing for any one. 1. Luke Holy Ghost i to know m and xi. 8 to rei am daly prepar’d, and do his Word n. Rightly and Orderly take Confirmation. b. Aks viii. 17. Johnvii. 37, 38, 39. m. John xiv. 26. 1. AAs iv. 31. Eph. v.9.

XXXI. Q. What must you do before you are brought to be Confirm d?

A. I must see that I will do 0. Jobe 14. 15, 16. with all my power, all that chap. I5: 2.

my Godfathers and GodmoP. Axts 26. 17, 18.

thers promis'd for meo. And g. Orderly and reve

I must see that I truly repent rently do all I am orderd to do in the. of my

of my faults p. Common-prayer-book, And I must believe that if I and heartily pray with do as I shou'd do at my Conthe Bishop. I Cor. 14. firmation g, God will give mo 40. Heb. 11.6.

the help of the Holy Ghost 1. Heb. xi. 6. Luke xi. promised in Confirmation 7, 13. John 7: 37, 38, for Jesus Christ's fake s. 39. Aits 2. 38, 39. s. Titus ii. 14. See 25 Question.

XXXII. Q. What must you do that God may always give you his forgiveness, and all bis blessing? A. When I have learn'd my Catechism so as to

understand it, and do what it t. Matt. xiii. 19, 23. teaches met; and am ready u. Eccles. v. I. X. Afts and desirous to be Confirm'd; ii. 42, 46. ch. xx. 7. 1 Cor. xi. 20, 24, 25,

then I must learn to understand 26.

the Service of the Lord's Sup

per u. And I must often keep that remembrance of Christ's dying for the forgiveness of our Sins x. XXXIII. Q. What is the Lord's Supper?

A. The Minister takes Bread y. For Christ's Dying and Wine, and blesses them by for the forgiveness of our Sins ; and for all giving thanks y; and thews the Blessings we have how Christ commanded them by his Dying for the to be taken z, and breaks the forgiveness of our Sins; Bread (of which Bleflings the fing upon our right taking

Bread a ; and prays for a BlerBread and Wine are some. See 25 Que them b. {tion) and for Christ's ordaining this blessed Remembrance of his Dying for us. Christ after giving Thanks commanded them to be taken in Remembrance of his Body broken for us, and of his Blood of the New Testament shed for us, for the forgiveness of our Sins. Q. 1 Cor. xi. 23, 24. b. Matt. vii. 7.

Then I must give thanks, and pray with him.

And I must take the broken Bread from him and eat it, remembring Christ's Body broken to

Death for the forgiveness of c. 1 Cor. 11. 24. This

our Sins c. is the plain meaning of Christ's Words, This is my body which is given (broken) for you ; this do in remembrance of me. The words, This do in remembrance of me, do thew the fame meanirig.


z. As



And I must take the wine and drink it,' remembring Christ's Blood shed to Death for the

forgiveness of our Sins, prod. Matth. xxvi. 27, miled in the New Testament, 28.

1 Cor. xi. 25. if we do what he commands This is the plain meaning of Christ's words in the New Testament d. This is lood of the new testament, or the new teftament in my blood, which is phed for you, and for many, for the remission of fins : this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me. For the bread is the Body of Christ, and the wine is the Blood of Christ, in the same sense that the Passover Lamb was the Passover. That Lamb was called the Passover, because it was eaten in Remembrance of God's Passing over, his Passing over his people when he slew the firstborn of the Egyptians, (Exod. xii. 11. to 15, 26, 27.) and his delivering his people by that means from the bondage of the Egyptians, ver. 42. So the use of the bread and wine is to be tokens to help us to remember Christ's Body and Blood; the bread broken, given, and eaten, to help us to remember Christ's Body broken for us; and the wine pour'd out, given, and drank, to help us to remember Christ's Blood of the New Testament, fhed for us for the Forgiveness of our Sins, Exod. xiii. 9, 16.

XXXIV. Q. What must you then remember to do?

A. 1. I that truly repent, muft believe e, and be glad f, that God will give me the forgiveness,

and all the blessings of for.. Heb. xi

. 6. I giveness g, promised in the Afts ii. 46. g. Grace,

New Testament for the sake of
more and more Grace,
everlasting Life, ali Christ dying for us b.
that is good for us 2. I must give the greatest
in this world, and de- thanks I can for the most won-
liverane from all evil.
See Question 25. b. derful Love of God i, and
Luke xxiv. 46, 47-

Christ k, in Christ's dying for
Tit. ii. 14. John xv. ii. us, and for all the blessings
Fobn iii. 14,15: Rom. we have by his Death l.
viii. 32. Gal. iii. 13..
This is Faith in his Blood, Rom. iii. 25. i. In giving his only
Son to die for us, 1 John 4, 10- k. In laying down his
Life for us, i John iii. 16. 1 Matth. xxvi. 30. Eph. y. 20,
Cal. .. 12, 13, 14.

3. And

3. And I must love God and Christ with all my power, for their most wonderful Love b; and do

with all my power all they b. i John 4. 19. i. commanded us in the New 1. John. 5.3. k. 1 Joh

Testament i. 4. to, 11.

4. And I must love every

body, as they have loeus, k. XXXV. Q. What will God do for you, when you keep this Remembrance of Christ's Dying for the forgiveness of our Sins ?

A. If I carefully keep it as a. As 34 Qu. 1. I ought to do, then God will For it is by believing God's Promises, that surely do as I believe a. the truly penitent, obedient Christian, receives the Mercies próa mised, Mark 11. 24. Heb. 11. 6, 11. 2 Kings 7.2. 2 Cbron. 20. 20. i Cor. 10. 16. The

By so believing, I eat and eup of blessing which we

drink Christ's Body and Blood; bless, is it not the communion of the blond of (John 6. 47, 51, 54.) that is, Chrift? The bread which I receive the forgiveness, and we break, is it not the the blessings of forgiveness, for communion of the body which his Body was broken, of Chrif ?' By these words is meant, That

and his Blood shed. See 34 Qu. the bleffing and parta- g. b. king of this bread and And so my Soul is strengthcup, is our partaking ned and refreshed by the Body of Christ's Offering for for us his Body and and Blood of Christ, that is, Blood, (Heb.10. 10, 12. by the forgivenefs, and blesthat is, our joyning sings of forgiveness, for which with him in his Offer

his Body was broken, and his ing for us his Body and Blood, by our so

Blood shed. lemn remembring it before God.

As ver. 18. the Jews which did eat of tbe facrifices, were par. takers of the altar; that is, did joyn with the Priest in his offering the Sacrifices upon the altar.

For both the Christian Communion, and the Jews earing of the Sacrifices, are brought to prove, That the cating of tbat

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