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i. Prov. xix. 5, 9. k. Prov. xi. 13. 1. Titus iii. 2. m. 2 The

-11, 12.

iii. 10,

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Here is to be re

membred, that the keeping all the Commandments is not only for the love of God and our neighbour, but also for the true love of our felves. Deut. x. 13.


n. Pfalm cxix. 59. Lam. iii. 40. I D. James iv. 8, 9, 10. Deut. xxxii. 6. Foel ii. 12, 13. p. That is

xvi. 21.

tell with a fad heart. 4.1 John i. 9. Lev. r. Mat. vi. 12. s. Mat. xxii. 36, 37, 38. t. John xiv. 15.

IX. To tell no lies of any body i, nor fpiteful truth k, nor to give bad words /.

x. And not to defire other folks things; but to learn and work to get my living m.

XVI. Q. You have done many faults against God's Commandments. What does God command you to do, that he may forgive you?


A. God commands me to think of all my faults I can find n; and to be very forry in my heart for difpleafing my wonderful Good Father o; and to confefs p all my faults to him q, and beg of him to forgive mer; and to do all I can to love God s, and do his Commandments t.

2. Matth. v. 23 to God is the judge, that will punish him that neglects to feek forgiveness, and make amends for the wrong he has done.

x. Matth. vi. 14, 15.

XVII. Q What else does God command do, that he may forgive you ?

you to A. For my faults against my Father or my Mother, or against any body elfe; God commands me to pray them to forgive me, and to make them the best amends I can u. And he commands me to forgive every body that has done me any wrong x.

XVIII. When you have done all that God may forgive you, what must you do then?

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y. Rom. iv. 5, 24, 25. I believe God will furely perform his pro

mifes to forgive me (ver. 24. Luke xxiv. 47) for the fake of Chrift's Dying for our fins: becaufe God raised him from the dead to call us to, and give us the fame forgiveness, As v. 31. chap. xxvi. 17, 18. This forgiveness is granted as foon as I have begun to repent truly. 2 Sam. xii. 13. Luke xv, 20. chap. xix. 8, 9. Provided I am not flack to perform my whole duty, Luke ix. 62.

A. I must believe that God will forgive me for the fake of Chrift's dying for our faults y

z. Becaufe Chrift

died upon the Crofs
for our fins; and prays
to God for our pars
don. Rom. viii. 34.
4. Because Chrift by
Dying for our fins,
bought for us grace to
forfake them; (Titus ii.
14.) and prays to God
for grace for us, Heb.
iv. 14, 15, 16. See 25


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XIX. Q. Let me bear how you confefs your faults.

A Confeffion for a Child.

A. O God, my wonderful Good Father, I have done wickedly against thy Commandments. I have not done that I fhou'd do and I have done that I fhou'd not do:

Then I confefs my feveral faults: and then I fay) I pray thee forgive me, I pray thee forgive me for Jefus Chrift's fake z. And for his fake help me to do fo no more a.

Every day thou must confefs with hearty forrow the fins thou haft done that day. Then God will forgive thee, as he commands thee to forgive thy brother, Luke xvii. 3, 4. If thou haft done any great fin, or any wilful fin, whether great or small as foon as thou doft think of it, thou must be earneftly forry for it, and confefs it, and beg forgiveness. Matth. xxvi. 75. On Fridays, or other Fafting days, once a week, if thou canft conveniently, (Matth. ix, 14, 15. Luke ii. 37) at least once a month; and without fail on every folemn Fast day, thou must confefs all the feveral forts of the fins of thy whole life, that thou canst remember. Lev. xvi. 21, 29. Joel i. 14. And remember always that chap. ii. 12 to 19. Jonah iii. the not doing any good, is fin, as well as the doing any evil. James iv. 17.

XX. Q. You

· XX. Q. You cannot leave any of your faults, nor b. Johnv.
do any thing that is good without God's help b. You 4, 5..
must therefore always beg his help c.
how you pray to God.

Let me hear
Let me bear Phil.ii.13.

c. Luke xi.
9 to 14.


A Prayer for a Child.

til thou

A. Our Father which art in heaven, make me Ufe this and every body to love and fear thee more than Prayer unall things. Do thou rule our hearts. And help us to do all thou wilt have us do. Give us that understand love thee what we have need of to day. And for- the Lord's give us our faults: for we forgive others their Prayer. faults against us. And let us not be tic'd nor driven to any naughtinefs: but keep us from all evil doing. Thou canft do all we pray for: for thou art the Great King of all the world for ever and d. Daniel ever d. And all we beg for Jefus Chrift his fake e. ii. 37. e. Because by his Dying for the fins of all the world, he has bought for every one all that God fees good for him; and prays to God for the fame. 1 Tim. ii, 1 to 7. Heb. ix. 12, 24. Pfalm ii. 8. See 25 Queftion.

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XXI. Q. Why do you fay, for we forgive others their faults against us?

A. Because if we do not forgive others, God
will not forgive us ƒ.
XXII. Q. What must you do when you pray to

f. Matth: vi. 14, 15

A. Always when I pray to God I must give him thanks g.

g. Philiv XXIII. Q. Let me bear how you give thanks to Col. iv. 2) 6. God.

A Thanksgiving for a Child.

A. Our moft Kind Father, who doft give us all we have, I thank, thee with all my heart for all

B 2


thy Goodness to me, and to every body. I thank thee for making us, and for keeping us from hurt, and for giving us meat, drink and clothes, and all we have. But I thank thee most of all for thy most wonderful love to give thine own Son to die upon the Crofs for our faults, to fave us; and for giving thy Holy Ghoft to help us to do what thou doft command us; and for bringing all that truly love thee to heaven. And I pray thee for b. Becaufe Jefus Chrift's fake b, to make me and every body by his dy-as thankful as we ought to be for all thy Gooding for our nefs to us. fins he has


bought for us power to keep God's Commandments. (Titus ii. 14.) and prays to God for grace for us, John xvii. 20, 21. Pfalm ii. 8. See 25 Question.


XXIV. Q. What must you do that you may be fit to pray and give thanks unto God?

i. As Queftion 16, 17, 18.

A. I muft do all that God k. Pfalm commands me to do for the ciii. 1, 2. Pfalm cxix. forgiveness of my faults i. I 2, 58, 145. 1. Heb. must pray and give thanks xii. 28. m. Because he has promised it, heartily k, and with fear /. And Matth.vii. 11. Mark xi. I muft believe God will do 24. John xvi. 23, 24 what is beft for me in every thing I pray for m, for Jefus Chrift's fake.


XXV. Q. Why will God do all you pray for, for Jefus Christ's fake?

A. Because all we pray for are the forgiveness, and the bleffings of forgiveness which Chrift died for n, and prays to God for o.

n. By fin we loft and forfeited all good, and fell into all evil, Gen. ii. 17. ch. iii. 15 to 20. ch. viii. 21. Job xiv. 1, 4. Rom. v. 12. ch. v. 23. 2 Cor. v. 14.

Therefore when our fins are forgiven for the fake of Chrift's Dying for us, all good is given us again, and we are faved from all evil, as God fees fit. And therefore


Chrift's Blood fhed for the forgiveness of our fins, is called his Blood of the New Teftament: Because in the fame forgiveness are contain'd all the Mercies promised in the New Testament to them that obey all the Commands of it. For the fake of Christ's Dying for every man, (Heb. ii. 9.) God fo far forgives every one, as to give him power to do what he expects from him, (Rom. v. 6, 8, 10. 1.Tim. ii. 4, 5, 6.) and to give him other good things and corrections to turn his heart to God. Matth. v. 45. Luke vi. 35. fer. v. 3, 24. Rom. ii. 4. And every one that does what God expects from him, God fully forgives him, fo as to give him all good, and fave him from all evil, as God fees fit. Heb. xi. 6. o. Heb. vii. 25. ch. ix. 12, 24.


XXVI. Q. You faid you were made a Chriftian, and God's child, and an heir of heaven, when you were Chriften'd. How were you then made a Christian, and God's child, and an heir of heaven?

A. The Minifter did pray with my friends for me p, and did wash me in token of my leaving my faults q, to believer, and ferves God the Fa-. ther, and his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghoft t. Then God for Chrift's fake u. did forgive my faults x, and give me the help of the Holy Ghost to. believe and ferve him

p. Matth. vii. 7. 4. As I ought to leave them, with truly repenting of them, Mat. iii. 6, 11. Acts ii. 38.

r. To believe God's

word, and fo to believe his promises to forgive my fins, and give me the help of the Holy


Ghoft. See notes xy. s. Do all God's Commandments to the best of my power, Matth. xxviii. 19, 20. t. Matth. xxviii. 19. Ats xix. 4. 1 Cor. i. 12, 13. I muft believe and ferve God the Father, and his Son Jefus Chrift, and the Holy Ghoft: because every one of them is God; and because all Three have taught us the Word and Commandments of God, Heb. i. 1, 2. chap. iii. 7 to 12. chap. x. 15, 16, 17. And the whole Word of God is the Word of all Three. John xv. 26. chap. xvi. 15. 1 Cor. ii. 10, 11. u. Because Chrift Died for the forgiveness of our fins, (Matth. xxvi. 28.) and thereby bought for us power to leave them, Titus ii. 14. See 'Chrift pro

25 Question. x y. Titus iii. 5,7. Mark x. 14.

mifes all the bleffings of the Gospel to infants, (Luke xviii. 15.) by moft lovingly calling them to him for his blefing, and by.

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