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( Afts 4. iz." | All to the end that we fould alway we have in this world, remember the exceeding great and hope for in heaven, love of our Master, and only SaSee the Creed, 44, 53 &: 8 Appointed. To viour e, Jesus Cbrist thus Dyaffure us that he Died ing for us, and the innumerable for the forgiveness of benefits which by bis precious our fins, and that he will give us what he

Blood shedding be bath obtained Died for. See the to us f; be bath instituted g and Lord's Supper, 16 % ordained boly mysteries, as pledi In remembring the

ges of his love h, and for a conforgiveness of our fins

tinual remembrance of his Death, by his Death, and in those pledges to assure to our great and endless comfort i. us of what he Died for. To bim therefore, with the Fa& For our Redempti- ther, and the Holy Ghost, let us on by the Death of Chrií, (See before, give as we are most bounden, notes w, x, y.) for the continual thanks k, submitting innumerable Benefits our selves wholly 1 to bis boly which we receive by will and pleasure, and studying his Death, (See the Creed, 44, 50, 53

to serve bim in true boliness and 2.) and for ordaining righteousness all the days of our this blessed Remem- life. Amen m. brance of his Dying for us.' The Father ordain'd it by the Son. John 12. 50. The Son ordain’d it in his own person. The Holy Ghost ordaind it in the Son. for 3. 34. / Thankfully submitting our felves wholly: John 14. 15. m Let us give this thanks and thankful obedience: and Lagree to all in this Exhortation.

Then shall the Priest say to them that come to receive the holy Communion.

Ye that do truly and earnest» And so obeying ly repent of your fins, and are all the Commandments in love and charity with your of the New Testament seald with the Death neighbours, and intend to 'lead of Christ. a In order, a new life, following the Coma to the holy Table, mandments of God, and walkwhen the time of re. ing from benceforth in bis holy ceiving comes. P

Stedfaft believing that God ways 'n'; draw near o with gives you the forgive faith p, and take this boly Sa


ness and grace, and all crament to your comfort q: and other mercies promis'd make your humble r'confeffion to ment feal'd with the Almighty God, meekly s kneeling Death of Christ. q Sec upon your knees. the Lord's Supper 16 . q With a sense of your evil deserts. .s With humble hearts.

Now being come near to the holy Communion, we do with a moft earneft repentance prepare to remember Christ's sealing with his Death all the Commands of the New Testament.

And then in hearing the Absolution, and Comfortable words of Christ and his Apostles, we may the better

preparé our belief of the Promises sealed with his Deach.

Then shall this general ConAll must say this feflion be made in the name of Confession, and say it all those that are minded to retruly, without lying to

ceive the holy Communion, by God, both with their own Mouth, and also one of the Ministers; both he by the mouth of the and all the People kneeling Minifter, saying in the humbly upon their knees, and name of all.

saying to

Almighty u God, Father of u This puts me in our Lord Jesus Christ v, Mamind to be moft ear

ker of all things w, Judge of all nestly grieved for lo disobeying the Great men x; We acknowledge and beKing of all. . This wail our manifold fins and wickputs me in mind to be edness y, which we from time moft earnestly, grieved to time mojt grievously bave unthankful to fo merci committed, By thought, word, ful a God, who gave his only Son to Die for us.

w This puts me in mind to be most earnestly grieved for being so bafe and unthankful to so good a God, who made all things, and so gives us all, both in this world, and in heaven. * This puts me in mind to be most earnestly grieved for not being afraid to offend so much the Great Judge of all men. , We must know


what manifold fins and and deed, Against thy Divine z wickedness we are guil- Majesty, Provoking most justly havo moft grievously by wrath and indignation against committed them in us a. We do earnestly repent; thought, and in word," "And are beartily forry for these and in deed., And we

our misdoings; The remembrance must take care that we fay truth, when we of them is grievous unto us b.; fay, We acknowledge Theburden of tbemis intolerable c, and bewail our maniföld fins and wickedness : We do earnestly repent, and are heartily forry for these our misdoings; The remembrance of them is grievous unto us; The burden of them is intolerable. ' z Godly. a Cer -tainly by our Wilful sms we molt juftly proyoke God's wrath and indignation against us, in all the punishments of this life, and in the damnation of hell

. And if we have never wilfully sinned, yet by our manifold fins' and 'wickedness we do most juftly provoke God's wrath and indignation in our destruction as a generation of vipers; and in the Punishments of this life, that we may be saved from destruction, But if we neglect the duties of repentance and faith in God's mercy through -Christ; then that neglect is wilful: sin, and thereby. we wilfully stand in the guilt of our fins, how much foever they are fins of Infirmity. Levit. 5. 17, 18, 19. It grieves us to think of them. We cannot endure to be under the power of them to commit them, or under thy anger for them:

Have mercy upon us do kave d Forgive us, and give us grace. Most mercy upon us, most merciful willing to have mercy

Father e: For tby Son our Lord upon us.

f For the Jesus Christ's fake f, Forgive us fake of his Dying for all that is paft: And grant that the for the forgiveness we may ever bereafter serve and of our fins, Matth. 26, 28) and his pray please thee In newness of life, ing for the same. Rom. To ihe honour and glory of by 8. 34. g Giving thee Name g; Through Jesus Christ due honour and obe

our Lord h... Amen i. dience, and giving thee. due thanks for thy grace, and not seeking our own vain glory. b By his giving us grace, and for his fake. Tit. 2. 14. 11 confefs and repent of my sins, and pray for pardon and grace according to this Prayer,

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k Forgiveness of Then shall the Priest, (or
fins, effectual Prayer

the Bishop being present) stand
for forgiveness. See
the Lord's Supper, up, and turning himself to the
22 Q.

people, pronounce thiş Abso

line lution k. God the Mighty

Almighty God 1, our heavenLord of all, to whom ly Father m, who of his great it' belongs to forgive mercy bas promised forgiveness

m Ănd therefore of fins to all them that with
willing to forgive, tas. I bearty repentancé 'nand true
falt belief that God faith o turn unto him ;' have

mises to forgive them, deliver you from P pardon and

q all your fins;
and giveithem his mer confirm'

r and strengthen you in
cies (Rom. 4. 5. Heb.
11. 6, 11) For Chrift's all Goodness; and bring you to
fake, (Rom. 4.24, 25) everlasting life, through Jesus
who by Dying for our .. Chrift our Lord $. Amen-t.
pardon obtain'd all
mercies for us, (See the Creed, 44 2.) and rose again that we
might furely have our pardon. p You that turn to him with
:hearty repentance, and true faith. From committing any
morea ir Make you stedfast. Is By Christ's giving you pardon,
4445 3: 31) and grace, (z Thel: 2, 16, 17) and everlasting
* life, fobn" 10. 27, 28) and for his fake. Matth. 26. 28. Tit.
2. 14. John 3: 14, !5. Heb. 7. 25.

Heb. 7. 25. So be it: and I do
believe God will do this.

ffit Now. being come to the Heavenly Feaft; by <!-
hearing the comfortable Words of our Blessed Sa-
viour and his Apostles, we must comfort our
hearts, and put away all forrows that we may
joyfully remember his Infinite Love, and the In-
estimable Benefits of his Death.

See the Lord's Supper in the Catechism, 1, 2,
3, 4 Questions.
borThen shall the Priest say,

Hear what comfortable words our Saviour
Christ faith unto all that truly turn to him.

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II. 28.

be gave

"Grieved and weari- Come unto me, all that traed with the burden of vel, and are beavy laden u, and your fins. * With the I will refresh you

* S. Matth. comfort of pardon and grace. 2 Thel. 2. 16, 17: u To be born,

So God loved the world, that and to Die for us.

bis only begotten Son v, » Believe and obey to the end that all that believe him.

in him w, should not perish, but have everlasting life. S. John 3. 16. Hear also what Saint Paul faith.

. To be believed This is a true saying, and with all thankfulness. worthy of all men to be receiv

From their fins, (Tit. ed x; that Christ Jesus came 2. 14) and from the

into the world to save Sinners yo punishments of them. Jobn 3. 16. Gal. 3.

1 Tim. 1. 15. 13.

Hear also what Saint John faith.

z One that inter.' If any man fin, we have an cedes, that is, prays for Advocate z with the Father, us. a And therefore Jesus Christ the righteous a: a meet Sacrifice for our

and he is the propitiation for sins. 1 Pet. 1. 19. 6 He obtains pardon our fins b. 1 S. John. 2. 1, 2. for fins.

Now the Holy Feast begins with Blessing the 4. 4. 5. Bread and Wine with giving thanks c, as Christ

blessed them with giving thanks.

See the Lord's Supper, 5, 6 Questions.
Then the Priest shall proceed, saying,

d Unto God with Lift up your hearts a
joyful thanksgiving Answ. We lift them up unto

é To give him joy- the Lorde.
ful thanks.

Priest. Let us give thanks unto our Lord God.
Antw. It is meet and right. so to do.


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