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ons: which alms and place upon the Table e, fo much
devotions coming from Bread and wine as he shall
charitable and devout.
think fufficient. After which
hearts, they do pré-
pare the way for the the Prieft fhall fayg.
holy Signs of the Great Charity of Chrift. Matth. 5. 7. Gal.
6. 6, 7, 8. f Let the Minifter, and all that are concern'd,
take care that the holy Signs, and the veffels th
they are put in,
be fuch as fhew a due Refpect and Revefence to the Things
Signified. g The Signs of Chrift's offering himself for all, do
powerfully move us to pray with fervent charity for the whole
ftate of his Church. John 3. 16 ch. 4.D. SUVO


Warring against

fin and error: and fo there is great reason to pray for it.

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Let us pray for the whole ftate of Chrift's Church mili-to tant b here in earth.

Almighty and everliving

mighty, that is, the tle bafupplication make

therefore we pray and

Mighty Ruler of all, and everliving God; give thanks to him for all good, as being the everlafting Giver of all. k Teacher of holiness, 7 Humble earnest Pray

i Because he is Al- God i, who by thy boly k Apous prayers and ers and 1, and to give thanks for all men m; we humblyn beseech thee most mercifully o(t to accept our + Ifthere be no alms alms pandob- fhall the words [of lations q, and) accepting our alms and to receive rooblations] be left out thefeour pray. anfaidetoit ad

or. oblatibhs, .then



ers. m 1 Tim. 2. 1,
» Confeffing our felves
unworthy that thou
alms or oblations, or)ers which we offer unto thy Di
receive our prayers.oine's Majesty, rodi

fhouldft (accept our

In great mercy to our great unworthinefs. To be 'fo pleP fed with our alms, as to grant us the mercies promis'd to the liberal almfgiver. See the Sentences before; and Matth. 25. 34, to 41. ? be so pleased our as to grant us the mercies promis'd "to those that offer of what God has given them, as they ought to do. Pred 39019 ↑ Gal, 6. 6 And to be fo pleased with our oblations of Bread and Wine, as by them to flir us up to a right Remembrance of Christ's Body broken, and Blood of the New Testament Thed

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for us; to ftir us up to fuch a Remembrance, as whereby we
fhall receive the Benefits, of his Body broken, and blood fhed
for us.
r Grant. Godly. And alfo when the alms or ob-
lations are not liberal. But the Minifter may in charity think
the Communicants do according their knowledge.
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vu Breath in. The

whole Church over all





Befeeching thee to infpire u continually theuniverfal Churchy with the spirit w of truth x, unity y, and concordz. And grant that all they that do confefs.a thy boly Name b, may agree in the truth c of thy boly Word d; and live in unity e, and Godly love f.


the world. W

grace. Of believing the truth. One mind, y and z Agreement, without divifions, wars or quarrels. a Profefs to ferve. Thee the


lover of holiness. To
believe and obey the truth. d Of thy Word that teaches all
holiness. e See before, notes y, z. f Love with the fear of
God; (1 John 5. 2) when we keep God's Commandments,
and love one another for fo doing; and defire and endeavour the
good of one another's fouls; (Heb. 10. 24, 25) and do our whole
duty to our neighbour...

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g From all their enemies, both of their fouls and bodies, vand

b According to God's

We beseech thee alfo to fave and defend g all Chriftian Kings, Princes and Governors, and effrom evil counsellors,pecially thy fervant George our King, that under him we may be Godly h and quietly i governed. And grant unto his whole Council k, and to all that are put in authority under bim 1, that they may truly and indifferently m minifter justice, to the punishment of wickedness and vice, and to the maintenance of thy true Religion n'and virtue o.


Word, not as Satan,
or Popish, or other
enemies, or evil coun
fellors would govern
vus, or have him govern
1 Chr. 21. 1.
1 Sam. 24.9. Dan. 6.
In Peace. His Com
Judges, Bishops, Jufti
ces, &c. Altho' Bishops
have their Authority
from Chrift: (John 20.
21. yet they are under the government of the King. Rom. 13. 1.
m Without refpect of perfons, or favouring one more than
another. n When Men are punifh'd for not coming to Church,
or profaning the Lord's day, or wicked doctrine, or any other


pany of Counsellors.

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thing contrary to true Religion. When any are punished for drunkeness, or lewdnefs, or any other vice. For then fobriety, chastity, and other virtues are maintain❜d.

Living according to thy Word. Diligent teaching the whole truth without errors. That powerfully moves us to good living, by the Commands, and Promifes and Threatnings of God. s Adminifter Baptifm in due time, without delay and administer the Lord's Supper as often as it ought to be; and bring their people to thefe things. To be reverently and worthily adminiftred and re

Give grace, O Heavenly Father, to all Bishops and Curates, that they may both by their life p and doctrine q fet forth thy true and lively r word; and rightly and duly s adminifter thy holy t Sacraments. And to all thy people give thy beavenly grace, and especially to this Congregation here prefent, that with meek beart u and du reverence v they may bear and receive w thy holy Word, truly ferving thee in holiness and righteousness all the days of their life.

ceived. u Obedient heart, without being offended. Carefully, without talking, laughing, unneceffary noise, wandring thoughts, or any other difrefpect. w Learn and obey.


* Confeffing thee to be most just in all our afflictions. Wherein good paffes away, and evil comes in its ftead. z Wounds, prifon, war, &c. a Moft heartily thank. Thee the giver of all holinefs. For thy grace and glory given to. d. Belief of thy Truth. ne Obedience to thy Commandments.fWho 15by Dying for the for

giveness of our fins, has


And we most humbly x befeech thee of thy goodness, 0 Lord, to comfort and fuccour all them, who in this tranfitory y life are in trouble, forrow, need, fickness, or any other adverfity z. And we also blefs a thy boly Name b for c all thy fervants departed this life in thy faith d and fear e; befeeching thee to give us grace fo to follow their good examples, that with them we may be partakers "of thy heavenly Kingdom. Grant


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bought for all men all
good, and deliverance
from all evil. See the
Creed, 53 2 Col.

2. 18, 19. 1 Tim. 2. 5. We own no popish mediators or
advocates. A Mediator is one that ftands between God and us.
Chrift ftands between God and us, to obtain of God all good
for us, and to give us what he obtains for us.
Heb. 7. 25.
b To intercede or pray for us. i I pray and give thanks ac-
cording to all this prayer.

this, O Father, for Jefus
Christ's fake f, our only Media-
torg and Advocate h. Amen i.

See at the

of this

Thus far, excepting the Oblations, we are to prepare, as is aforefaid, every Lord's day, and beginning other holy day, whether the Communion be ad- Service miniftred or not: becaufe it ought to be adminiftred every Lord's day, and other holy feast day. Acts 2. 42, 46. ch. 20. 7. If alms be not given every fuch day, they ought to be given as often as there is occafion. 1 Cor. 16. 1, 2.

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When the Minifter giveth warning for the Ce- There is lebration of the holy Communion, (which he shall no fault in always do upon the Sunday, or fome holy day this Exreading immediately preceeding) after the Sermon or Ho-hortation mily ended, he fhall read this Exhortation fol- before the lowing.


Dearly beloved k, on

Of those that underftand the Catechifm and the Communion

firous to be Confirm'd.

Service, and live ac-
cordingly; and are Con-
firm'd, or ready and de-
m To serve God truly.
n To ferve him earneft-
ly. Revel. 3. 16, 19.
Sign to remember,

k John 15. 12, 13. day next, I purpose, through
God's affiftance, to adminifter.
to all fuch as fhall be religi-
ously m and devoutly n difpofed,
the most comfortable Sacrament o
of the Body and Blood P of
Chrift, to be by them received
in remembrance of his meritori-
ous q cross and paffionr, where-
by alone's we obtain remission of
our fins t, and are made par-
takers of the kingdom of heaven u.
ken and Blood fhed for us. 9 Highly deferving. Suffering
upon the Crofs. By the merits or defervings of which alone.
Matth. 26. 28. u John 3.14, 15.

and means to receive,
and pledge to affure us
of. The Body bro-

v Con

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Confeffing our felves most unworthy, of fuch Infinite Mercy. w The food of our Souls, by giving us the benefits of his Death. See the Lord's Supper in the Cate

chifm, 12 2. God ly. In that it is the y Remembrance of the Son of God his Laying down his life for us. And therefore great care must be ta

ken to come worthily to it. Sacrament. a To confider thefe

things fo as to take great care to be prepared for it, that you may efcape the peril, and have the benefit

d Re

and comfort. b To find out your: fins. Who deny or excufe their fins, and will not truly amend. penting truly of your former fins, fedfaftly purpofing to lead a new life; having a lively faith in God's mercy through Chrift, with a tbankful remembrance of bis Death; and being in

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Wherefore it is our duty to ren der most bumble v and hearty thanks to Almighty God our bea venly Father, for that be bath given his Son our Saviour Fefus Chrift, not only to Die for us, but also to be our spiritual food w and fuftenance in that boly Sacrament. Which being fo divine x and comfortable a thing. to them who receive it worthily, and fo dangerous to them that will prefume to receive it unworthily, my duty is to exhort you in the mean feafon, to confider the dignity y of that holy myftery z, and the great peril of the unworthy receiving thereof a; and fo to fearch and examin your own confciences b, (and that not lightly, and after the manner of diffemblers with God c; but fo) that you may come boly and clean to fuch a heavenly. Feaft, in the marriage garment d required by God in holy Scripture, and be received as worthy partakers of that holy Table. charity with all men.

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The way and means thereto e is; first, to examine your lives. and converfations by the rule of God's Commandments; whereinfoever ye shall perceive your felves to have offend ed f, either by will, word,




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