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tisfaction, doing as I

would be done to.
c Mark 11. 25, 26.
See the Command
ments, 61 2. d Matth.
18. 23 to the end.
e Matth. 5. 23 to 27.
See the Command-
ments, 75. 2.

wrong c, or.are not able to pay their debts d. And I muft feek the forgiveness of all that I have wrong'd, and make them amends and fatisfaction to the utmoft of my power e.

XXVII. Q. Now tell me in fport the whole DoErine of the Lord's Supper?

A. They that well understand the Catechifm, and the Communion Service; that diligently live Christian lives; that are truly Confirm'd, or ready to be Confirm'd.

They diligently prepare themselves by performing the work of Repentance; and with the Faith, and Thankfulness, and Charity that are requir'd.

They come to the Lord's Table: where for a Comfortable and Thankful Remembrance of the Infinite Love of our Saviour;

The Minister takes bread and wine: and both he and the people blefs them by giving Thanks; and by declaring how they receive them according to Chrift's Word; and by praying for a bleffing upon their receiving them.

Then the bread being broken by the Minister, a By being fhed is receiv'd with remembring Chrift's Body broken for the for- for us. And the wine is receiv'd with remembring giveness of his Blood shed out of his broken Body for the forour fins. giveness of our fins, and thereby a the Seal of all the Promises and Commands of the new Teftament.

This Remembrance is with fted faft Believing that God hears their prayers for the pardon and grace, and all other mercies promised in the New Teftament, Seal'd with Chrift's Death..

With most humble and hearty Thanksgiving for the Infinite Mercy of Chrift's Dying for us, and for all the Benefits we receive thereby: And

With Thankful giving up themselves to Obey all the Commands of the New Teftament Seal'd with his Death; and particularly his Commands and Example of Love.

ftedfaft be

lieving that

To thofe that do this whole Duty, God furely gives according to their Faith b. And their Re- Their ceiving his mercies is their eating and drinking! Chrift's Body and Blood, that is, receiving the God hears mercies obtain❜d by his Body broken, and Blood their Prayfhed.

ers for the

Of the receiving of which they are affur'd, by pardons. receiving Chrift's own figns of his Body broken, and Blood.fhed for us.

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To be Learn'd after the

QU have now given a good ac-
count of your Catechifm. What

1. Queftion Y count of your

must you

learn after the Catechifm?

a The Prayers and Hymns and Exhortations. b Ecclef. 5. 1, 2. Jobn 4. 24. Matth. 15. 8, 9. That I may renew my Vow made in Baptifm, as I ought to do; and that I may devoutly pray

A. I must learn to Underftand the Prayers and Service of the Church a, that I may Devoutly joyn with the Congregation b. Before I am brought to be Confirm'd, I must learn to Underftand the Service of Confirmation c. And

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with the Bishop for the Graces of the Holy Spirit. That I may joyn in all the parts of it with fuch Devotion, as becomes the Remembrance of the Son of God his Laying

And before I go to the Lord's Supper, I muft likewife learn to Understand the Service of it d. And the fame I must do for all the other Services of the Church e.

down his life for us. e The Services of Baptifm, Matrimony, Vifitation of the fick, Thanksgiving of women after child-birth, Burial of the dead. I may never be a Spectator idley looking on, without attending and joyning in the Service.

II. Q. When you have learn'd to understand the Catechifm, and the Services of the Church, what must you then do?

Deut. 4. 8, 9, 10, ch. 6.5 to 10. Luke 8. 15.

A. I must be very careful to Remember, and to Practice what I have learn'd, and to Teach thofe that belong to me.

III. Q. What else must you learn?

a Pf. 1. 2. b Mally 2. 7. Heb. 13. 7. 17. ci Theff. 4. 1. 2 Pet. 3. 17, 18.

A. I must always, Diligentlearn the Holy Scriptures a, and attend to the teaching of my Minister b; that I may grow more and more in the knowledge of God, and Chriftian living c. IV. Q. When bave le ar n'd, and do live according to what you must learn before you are Confirm'd; what is requir'd of you when you are to be brought to be Confirm'd?

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27, 29, 30, 31 2

Heb. 11. 6. d See Baptifm, 14, 21 2. But if we defire the Benefit of


A. I muft examine my felf whether I do stedfaftly purpose, by the Grace of God, to believe and do all that my Godfathers and Godmothers promised for me a, and whether I truly repent of my fins b; And whether I do ftedfastly believe c


Confirmation, it muft be done in a Decent, not rude Order;

(1 Cor. 14. 33, 40) the eafy Orders of the

that God will perform to me
his Promises to thofe that are
Baptiz'd and Confirm'd d.

Church at the end of the Catechifm, and in the Order of
Confirmation, must be duly obey'd; (Eph. 6. 2, 3) and every
part of the fhort Sevice of it must be attended to with all the
Reverence and Devotion that is poffible. Heb. 12. 28, 29.


The Order Order of Confirmation of thofe that are Baptized, and come to years of Difcretion, plain'd.


O foon as children are come

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To of Difa years cretion to Understand, and take upon themfelves what their Godfathers and Godmothers promifed for them. Saying, fuppofes both Understand ing, and diligent Living according to it. Matth. 13. 19, 23. They muft Underftand what they are brought to the Bishop for, and the Service of Confirmation; and be prepar'd according to the fourth Anfwer of the Expofition of the Catechifm.

to a competent age a, and can fay in their mother tongue the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, and alfo can answer to the other Questions of this fhort Catechifmb; they fhall be brought to the Bishop c. And every one shall have a Godfather, or a Godmother, as a Witness of their Confirmation d.

d By no means to be neglected, because the Church commands it. Eph. 6. 2, 3. And the Witnefs ought to be one

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that is fit to put the perfon Confirm'd in mind of his Solemn Vow, and of his Praying with the Bishop to increase daily in Grace and Knowledge. Matth. 25. 14 to 31. 2 Pet. 3. 17, 18. Read seriously thofe Texts: and fee the danger of not earneftly endeavouring to grow in grace.

e May the most Reverend Fathers duly there is for their giving not short warning, nor a few days warning of the day that there may be convenient time for the Minifters Deliberately to inquire and find who are fit;

confider what Reason

that none through bufinefs or abfence may lofe the opportunity; that all may be duly prepar❜d for a ftrict Examination; and that

And whenfoever the Bishop fhall give knowledge for children to be brought unto him for their Confirmation e, the Curate of every Parish shall either bring or fend in Writing, with his hand fubfcribed thereunto, the names of all fuch perfons within his parish, as he fhall think fit f to be prefented to the Bishop to be Confirm'd. And if the Bishop approve of them g, he shall Confirm them in manner following b.

they may be alfo duly prepar'd for their receiving the Grace of Confirmation, by Fafting, and truly Repenting of all their breaches of their Vow of Baptifm. John 14. 15, 16. Jam. 4. 8, 9, 10.

f To this end nothing is more neceffary than a ftrict Exami nation, both in knowledge, and in practice. And nothing can be more wifely done by thofe that feem not to need it, than to fubmit to it; both that they may fee and amend their Imperfections, and for Example to others. For through neglect of fuch Examination, few of thofe that come to Confirmation are tolerably fit. When Prince Charles (afterwards a truly moft Religious and Gracious King and Martyr) was Confirm'd, he firft answer'd to a long and ftrict Examination by the Arch. Bishop of Canterbury, and the Bishop of Bath and Wells. When full Satisfaction is given to the Minifter, and to the Bishop; then they will Affectionately and Effectually pray for the Grace of God. 1 Sam. 1. 15, 16, 17. But to refufe to give full Satisfaction to thofe that must give account to God of thy Soul, is to deprive thy felf of receiving benefit by their Ministry, Heb.

13. 17.


I cannot but pray that they would approve of none without a fatisfactory Account from their Minifter, not only that they'


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