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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1836, by FRANKLIN LANGWORTHY, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, for the Northern District of New-York.

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Forty Arguments against Endless Punishment,

One hundred and sixty Texts, so arranged as to

show at a glance the meaning of important Bible Words, Phrases and Doctrines,

Statistics of the Universalist Denomination,





Select Hymns, suitable for Choirs or single per



An ample Index,



In presenting the following work to the public, the author has been actuated by various considerations, the principal of which may be enumerated as follows:

1st. A desire to contribute his mite to the common fund of moral and religious knowledge, the benign influence of which is destined to ameliorate the condition of human society, and effect a glorious change in the intellectual powers of man.

2d. A wish to comply with the numerous solicitations of his friends, who have fréquently requested him to publish from the press the discourses contained in this book, which they were pleased to approbate when they were first delivered from the pulpit.

3d. He believes that the subjects discussed will be found highly interesting to all who love the truth, and desire to see the same prevail.

4th. The author is of opinion that this little volume contains an unusual variety of arguments and illustrations pertaining to morals and theology; that words are not unnecessarily multiplied, and that the ideas are expressed in an intelligible and concise manner.

5th. Although the book is not designed as a full system of Divinity, yet it is intended, as denoted by its title, to serve as a Key; by means of which the reader will be able to arrive at some just conclusion in reference to most controverted points in religion.

6th. It is believed that the classification of scripture and the preparation for a theological debate, will be convenient and useful to all those who desire to know the truth and discover the real meaning of Bible words and phrases.

7th. It was thought greatly desirable to have a small collection of truly devotional Hymns, as a companion for those who delight in the harmonious strains of sacred song: Hence a few hymns are added.

That the light of divine truth may dispense its heavenly beams through all the dark regions of vice and error, is the prayer of the public's humble servant.


Madrid, N. Y. 1836.

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