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Watsonville Free Public Library


1. Any resident of Watsonville over eight years of age and all non-resident city taxpayers are entitled to draw books from the Library by signing the proper application and guarantee.

2. Non-residents not taxpayers in the city may draw books from the Library by paying 50 cents quarterly and signing the proper application and guarantee as herein before mentioned.

3. Books generally may be retained two weeks and once renewed for same time; any book for which there is likely to be great demand, may be marked to be retained seven days only, and shall not be renewed.

4. No books shall be reserved by the Librarian for any particular patron.

5. Any person retaining a book longer than the rules permit shall be fined five cents for each day of detention. This fine must be paid to the Librarian before another book can be withdrawn.

6. If any book is lost, injured or defaced, the owner of the card upon which said book was taken out must make the loss, injury or defacement, good to Librarian.

7. Books must not be loaned; cards must not be used by anyone outside the household.

8. Any person abusing the privileges of the Library, or violating any of the rules, shall be temporarily denied the use of the Library, and the case will be reported to the Board of Trustees for action. Library open 1 to 5 p. m. and 7 to 9 p. m.

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