Handbook of Motivation and Cognition: Foundations of Social Behavior, 2 tomas

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Richard M. Sorrentino, Edward Tory Higgins
Guilford Publications, 1986 - 621 psl.
Presenting many of the most influential and exiting research programs and theories on the interface of motivation and cognition, this Handbook considers a broad range of approaches, including clinical, developmental, political, and cognitive perspectives alongside chapters on social and personality psychology. The volume addresses key issues such as the nature of self-regulation and self-control, the role of affect, value, and inference in social action, and motivation-cognition relations on social understanding. This book will be of interest to researchers, instructors, and students in experimental, personality/social, developmental, cognitive, and clinical psychology.

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Apie autorių (1986)

E. Tory Higgins Ph.D , University of Western Ontario .

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