The Soviet Biological Weapons Program: a history

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Harvard University Press, 2012-06-29 - 800 psl.
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This is the first attempt to understand the full scope of the USSR’s offensive biological weapons research, from inception in the 1920s. Gorbachev tried to end the program, but the U.S. and U.K. never obtained clear evidence that he succeeded, raising the question whether the means for waging biological warfare could be present in Russia today.

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Note on Transliteration
1 The Soviet Unions Biological Warfare Program 1918 1972
2 Beginnings of the Modern Soviet BW program 1970 1977
3 USSR Ministry of Defense Facilities and Its Biological Warfare Program
4 OpenAir Testing of Biological Weapons by Aralsk 7 on Vozrozhdeniye Island
5 Soviet Civilian Sector Defenses against Biological Warfare and Infectious Diseases
16 Soviet Research on Mycotoxins
17 Assistance by Warsaw Pact States to the Soviet Unions Biological Warfare Program
18 The Question of Proliferation from the USSR Biological Warfare Program
Chemical Weapon Demilitarization
20 The Soviet Union Russia and Biological Warfare Arms Control
The Soviet Biological Weapons Program 19851992
22 Boris Yeltsin to the Present
23 United States and International Efforts to Prevent Proliferation of Biological Weapons Expertise from the Former Soviet Union

6 Biopreparats Role in the Soviet Biological Warfare Program and Its Survival in Russia
7 Biopreparats State Research Center for Applied Microbiology SRCAM
8 AllUnion Research Institute of Molecular Biology and Scientific Production Association Vector
9 Biopreparat Facilities at Leningrad Lyubuchany and Stepnogorsk
10 Soviet Biological Weapons and Doctrines for Their Use
11 Distinguishing between Offensive and Defensive Biological Warfare Activities
12 Assessments of Soviet Biological Warfare Activities by Western Intelligence Services
13 United States Covert Biological Warfare Disinformation
14 Soviet Allegations of the Use of Biological Weapons by the United States
The Release of Bacillus anthracis Spores from a Soviet Ministry of Defense Facility and Its Consequences
Acronyms and Russian Terms
A Joint Decree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party USSR and the USSR Council of Ministers dated 24 June 1981
Joint USUKRussian Statement of Biological Weapons September 1992
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Leitenberg Milton :

Milton Leitenberg is Senior Research Scholar at the University of Maryland.Zilinskas Raymond A. :

Raymond A. Zilinskas is Director of the Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

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