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been a measure of Aladdin's jewels, my fingers placed the glass upon the counter, and in ancould scarcely have trembled more as I undid it. other second the other was clasped beside it.

There was little to reward me, you might have He turned upon me such a look of speechless supposed, but I was perfectly satisfied. One terror as I shall never forget, and once more I old leather bag containing notes to the value of saw before me the same agonized face of the one hundred dollars. I remembered these very night before, during the midnight watch in the notes were missing, and known to have been in moonlit est. the possession of James Parsons when he so “I arrest you for the murder of James Parunaccountably disappeared (and I had the num- sons,” I said, and he staggered back against the bers of them in my note-book at that very mo- wall, and then fell heavily on the floor. ment, and a crooked sixpence which had also I assisted him to rise, for he was faint and been described. This was absolutely all of weak, and the handcuffs prevented him from value the parcel contained, as two or three helping himself. But when he had been seated scraps of belt, shrivelled and burnt, two on a form, where he could support himself buckles, as if braces, a few brass buttons sadly against the counter, bis pale, haggard face grew discoloured, and a few charred and partially red with excitement, and I feared he was going destroyed bones might seem valueless to any mad. one, but were everything to me, and were life “Thank God, it's over!” he said. “ It's itself to the wretched man, who had tried to better to be hung at once than to live such a bide them to bis own destruction.

terrible life. I did it! yes, I did it! I killed Carefully wrapping them up, and once more him and buried his body!" securing Vino, I placed my precious find in my “Take care!" I remonstrated, “ valise, and mounting, rode rapidly along the you say now will be used against you." road after the bullock team. I had not much to “I want them to be used against me," he hide now, as I was quite satisfied in arresting said, loudly. “ I want to relieve myself and die. this man, with such a strong chain of evidence I met Parsons about two miles froin the Wallaagainst him. I thought it as well to wait, how. by. I was on tramp with my swag, and he ever, until we reached a house of accommodation gave me a lift. I found out he had money, not more than three miles off, which I knew he and coaxed him into the bush, gammoning "I must pass, as a desperate man in a lonely bush knew a nice water-hole to camp for the night. had a chance it were as well not to give him. We made a fire near a log, and while he was

I soon overtook the dray, and I thought the putting a billy over it, I struck him with the driver looked rather uneasy as be recognized axe-his own axe-right on the back of the me. "You're luckier than myself, mate !" I head, and he fell into the fire. I piled branches cried, as I rode up. “ l've been riding in the and wood on half the night, until he was burned bush all day lost. I ought to be ashamed to to cinders, and then, when the fire died out, I tell it, too, after being in the colony so long.' raked up every bit of strap, and button, and

“There's a good many tracks hereabouts,” | bone that I could find, so that no one could find he answered. “You've taken the wrong one, any trace. I put these into a bit of rag, and I guess."

planted them, but, until last night, I never had "Yes, I took the wrong road after leaving a chance to take them froin the spot. On, heathe Wallaby, and then trying to cut across the vens above! It's a fearful thing to be a mur. busb, I lost myself. If it hadn't been for the derer! I should have had to drag these bones sound of your whip, I should have pulled my- over the world with me; fire and water would Are we near any public-house?”

never have hidden them! You will find them “Yes, the Accommodation Inn is only about planted at—"

“They are here," I replied, laying the parcel two miles off.”

before him as he spoke. “Well, I'll go on, then. I am regularly tired. Call as you're passing, mate, and I'll

He glared at it for a second, shuddered as if shout."

a keen, cold wind pierced his bones, then be

lifted up his manacled hands, as if to seek for So we parted, and as I left him I saw a feel- the hot blood he had spilled; and staring wildly ing of relief steal over his face. Had there been at them for a second, fell back-dead! any other road I should have feared his trying to avoid me; but there was not, so I waited patiently in the bar of the inn, until I heard the dray passing, and then I went to the door and I have been in many terrible scenes during called him in.

my colonial experience, but among them all, There was no one in the bar but the man who this one often starts vividly into remembrance. served, and who supplied the driver and myself The bush inn, with the open door, showing the with our chosen drinks. I suffered him to green, beautiful plain, with its dotting trees, swallow his in peace. Poor wretch, I knew he the quiet bullocks lashing the flies off Jazily on would require all the fortitude it would give him the road, and the dead man, with staring eyes to enable him to undergo the terrible ordeal be- and fettered hands, fallen against the wall, with fore him. But no sooner had he finished than that terrible look of unspoken agony stiffening the handcuffs were locked upon the hand that into his face.

self up.




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the ability to declaim like philosophers about

freedom, while an immense standing army-the There is a subtle relation between the mere most available resource of tyranny-is recognized spectacle of Parisian life and French history, as the basis of civil power; an unrivalled taste like that which exists between physiognomy and in the ornamental, and a savage ignorance of the character. Careful observation of this sparkling comfortable; a most profound and reliable intide on the surface will reveal the hidden sight in diagnosis, with a pitiable ¡incapacity for currents that direct its play. The success of a remedial applications; a prompt adaptation to the man in France has been justly described as moment, almost infantile, with a hackneyed inachieved moitié par son savoir, moitié par son sensibility to experience; vivid aspirations, with savoir-faire. Two characteristics at once im- | little sense of what really constitutes glory; press an Englishman in Paris—the provision making fine arts of cookery, talk, and dress, for life independent of homes, and the excessive while a battle-field and a caricature are their tendency to system and detail: from the one most popular limning ; deifying their military comes a diffusive habit of feeling well adapted heroes, and, at the same time, giving vent to to pastime, but most unfavourable to efficient their own enthusiasmin the lively figures of a new individuality; and from the other, a devotion dance. The social economy of Paris is based on to routine which secures results brilliant in them- a combination of narrow means, with bright selves but limited in their consequences. The conceptions; we see it in the graceful but frail bare fact that the people of England and upholstery, the exquisite fit of a plain muslin America, however wide and intense be the robe, the bewitching trim of a cheap bonnet, the sphere of our activity, instinctively revolve about variety of a two-franc dinner, the bon-mot which a permanent centre, hallowed and held by the atones for inability to read, the absorption over triple bond of habit, love, and religion, gives a game of dominoes, the philosophic air with a certain dignity and permanence to our in- which a cigarette is smoked, and the artistic terests and aims which nourish political as well ruffle of a chemisette; the prolific fun educed as personal consistency. Imagine the case from an anecdote, and the slight impression reversed : suppose, like civilized Ishmaelites, made by a revolution; the incurious notice of we dwelt in a kind of metropolitan encampment, what is comprehensive, and the intense desire requiring no domicile except a bed-room for to make capital of the frivolous. To cultivate seven hours in the twenty-four, and passing the illusions is apparently the science of Parisian remainder of each day and night as nomadic life; vanity must have its pabulum and fancy cosmopolites: going to a café to brekfast, a her triumph, though pride is sacrificed and restaurant to dine, an estaminet to smoke, a sense violated thereby; hence a coincidence of national library to study, a cabinet de lecture to thrift and wit, shrewdness and sentimentality, read the gazettes, a public bath for ablution, an love of excitement and patient endurance, superopen church to pray, a free lecture-room to be ficial enjoyment and essential deprivation-in instructed, a thronged garden to promenade, a the mind, the life, and the development of theatre to be amused, a museum for science, a France, wonderful to behold and perplexing to royal gallery for art, a municipal ball, literary consider. soirée, or suburban rendezvous for society. The names given to bridge and temple, fount Would not the very custom of enacting all the and promenade, areh and avenue, recal saints of functions of mundane existence, apart from the the middle ages, kings whose reigns embody idea and the retirement of home, generalize our memorable eras, brave soldiers, great victories, ways of thinking, make us more children of the authors and savans—all reflecting glory on time, and weaken the tenacity, as well as the nation. The guide at the Concierge tells diminish the scope, whereby the reflective man you: “Le cachot où fût deténu Marie Antoibecomes the practical citizen? And if the nette a eté converti en chapelle.” If roaming in régime under which our education was initiated, the Luxembourg, you think of poor Ney's last had for its great principles, skill, knowledge, words, on the spot where he perished, “I need and aptitude for specialties, would not the no priest to teach me how to die”-the honours natural fruit of such culture be a fragmentary paid to his memory are cited to atone for the excellence ? Herein, at least, some of the sacrifice; if you descant on the murder of the causes may be found of that extraordinary union King in 1793, you are told that the mass, so f genius and childhood in the French nation ; ' long discontinued, is now celebrated on the

anniversary of his death. All that meets the poor Marchesa or Countess of the Faubourg San eye and ear either protests against what in the Germain, and install her as a friend of the past of France is disgraceful, or celebrates what house, in a costly hotel, and coronated pasteis glorious. Whoever rules, the lamp of board will soon fill her vase in the ante-chamber, national fame is thus kept burning. The very and wits and beauties, official and distinguished cafés and restaurants possess an historical strangers surround her fauteuil. That there is interest. The Frères Provinceaux was frequent- little meaning in these arrangements ; that they ed by General Bonaparte; the Café Foy was merely serve as a pastime, like an opera orvaudethe rendezvous of Italian liberals, the Zemblin | ville we pay to witness, is true ; but, on the that of the officers of the Empire, and the other hand, facilities thus easily obtained by Caveau of the Garde Imperiale; the Regence cash and policy, afford scope and yield opporhas witnessed games of chess either shared or tunities for the display of character and the overlooked by Voltaire, Rousseau, Franklin, drama of social life, which more exclusive circles Marmontel, and Saint Pierre. At the Place de never know. The art tenir un salon is one la Bastille, the column erected to the memory of peculiar to the French, and there are ladies of those who fell when Charles the Tenth was that nation, whose fame is as traditionally and “ hurled from his forfeit throne,” links that even historically established as that of great recent event to the cite of a prison tragically generals, statesmen, and poets; their rivalry identified with the Reign of Terror. The gates equals the competition of the other sex in war of St. Denis and St. Martin attest the rendezvous and politics; and, strange as it may appear to of more than one emeute; and from the Champs an Englishman, the social prestige thus acquired Elysées to the arch of triumph de l'Etoile, is the and transmitted is as often based upon sin as scene where some of the most pregnant dramas sanctity; an equivocal character united to of modern history were enacted.

attractions of manner or rare intelligence, makes The routine of a banker's life would seem the popularity of one Madame and a reputation antagonistic to romance and dramatic incident; as a devotee that of another. In a word, society yet the celebrated financiers of France occupy in Paris is an arena so free, versatile, necessary the fore-ground in her civic history : Ouvrard's protected by established conventionalities, and interview with Napoleon at a memorable crisis ; moulded by the laws of taste—that it includes the details of Law's career, including the infinite possibilities, as the French memoirs and wonderful vicissitudes to which the famous plays annually demonstrate. Mississippi scheme gave birth; and the charlatan A social atmosphere thus concentrated in adventurer's intrigues with the Duke of Or- effect, and diffusive in its nature, brings into leans and escape from the Paris mob, are like contact associations with more intense domesthe most exciting chapters of a modern novel. tic life and a more formalorganization keepapart. Lafitte stood at the side of Louis Philippe when The company in an English drawing-room may the new Constitution was proclaimed, and staid vary from year to year, but its tone and characthe waves of insurrection at the obsequies of ter remain intact; while in Paris saloons are Manuel. If, in the social phenomena else- designated by historical allusions and renowned where, we find hints for romance and incon- for special and temporary features. If it is gruities the more piquant, here they are more desired to recal a certain epoch and set of people, patent. Hospitality is not a national character the whole idea is conveyed by such names as istic, as in cities less amply provided with ex- | Hotel Rambouillet or the Salons du Restoration ; ternal resources, and the effect is to secure for whereas Holland House bears an identical fame Pocial aspirants, who have the means and the as a place consecrated by intellectual hospitality, tact to entertain, advantages they could never under successive reigns. Pedantry and artificial realize in other capitals. A wealthy man, with consequence belong to the fashionable levees of decent manners and average intelligence, am- Louis the Fourteenth's time, while those of the bitious of fame as a host, or the delights of first Napoleon represent an entirely diverse set gifted intercourse, puts himself in communica- of ideas and feelings. It is because society is tion with diplomatists, savans and men of letters, directly exposed to the “form and pressure of who never object to a good dinner, or women the hour in Paris that it is thus Protean; endowed with the graces which lend a charm to religion, politics, and the taste in art and letters the soirée, and his salon is nightly filled with instantly stamp the talk and the manners as people of fashion and celebrity. The dramatic the coin of the realm bears the image of a new star, the popular author, the famous militaire, potentate ; the life of the family, of the devotee, the brilliant cantatrice will attract those who of artistic genius, of statesmanship and of arms, are insensible to the zest of pâtés and cham- penetrate and interfuse in the social sphere, and pagne. “Do you know that man?" asked some an acute writer, therefore, alludes with literal aristocrat of the illustrious guest when they truth to the period when the perfume of the encountered the parvenu-Amphytrion. "He boudoir mingled with the incense of the sacristy." dines me occasionally," is the cool reply. There phrases of society are bestowed upon art Foreigners of either sex, even with a damaged and politics; the favourable commencement of reputation, find no obstacles to such partial a new régime has been called its honeymoon ; successes. Let the frail one have preserved and a critic of Watteau's pictures refers to him somewhat of her youthful vivacity and the bulk as “cet maitre coquet et naif.” of her fortune, and she has only to hunt up a The caprice and tasteful arrangements in the


minutiæ of life, noted by Yorick in his sketch mens of bird's eggs. On the other nand, the of a Sunday in the French metropolis, when French are better understood across the Channel ; La Fleur brought the butter for his master's it is curious, at the present era of alliance, to déjeuner on a fresh currant-leaf, and found the read one of the old travellers, who reported bouquet he presented bis own chosen fair bad France to Londoners, in the beyday of British changed hanus three times in the course of the prejudice. “ What is there,” says the famous day--though not so patent now, are equally Thomas Nashe, " in France to be learned more characteristic; the valet still knows his master's than in England, but falsehood in friendship, debts, and the femme de chambre her mistress's perfect slovenry and to love no man for my love affairs; there is the same familiarity in the pleasure? I have known some that have conrelation of master and servant, but the chance tinued there by the space of half-a-dozen years, is, there is less gossip between them, as both and when they came home they have had a have more ideas and think oftener than before little, weerish, lean-face, under a broad French the days of cheap literature, steam, and tele- hat, kept a terrible coil with the dust in the graphs. Comedy still makes sport of husbands; street in their long cloaks of gray paper, and * the literary mind of France takes a religious spoken English strangely. Naught else bave turn" occasionally; and “ people laugh at every- they profited by their travel, but to distinguish thing” as they did in the time of the young the true Bordeaux grape and know a cup of Duchess of Burgundy, whose remark to this neat Gascoigne wine from wine of Orleans; yet effect was then considered so naive. The mariage peradventure to wear a velvet patch on their de convenance is quite as prevalent, children as face and walk melancholy with their arms artificial, and old people as child-like ; the folded.” precieuses ridicules are, however, on the wane, We recognize the life of Paris by the being fused in the cosmopolitan pressure of a analytical pictures of the French novelists and more general intelligence, while the femme the graphic details of the memoirs. No mode savante has given place, in a great degree, to of national existence had ever been so candidly the female authors, who are too alive to theinspi- revealed; the stranger, if familiar with the ration of the times, and their own ideas to be authore of the country, is better acquainted pedantic.

with what is peculiar in the habits and tableaux To such an extent does the tyranny of around him than

unlettered native. custom dominate in the social history of Parisian character and the salient qualities France, that duels and gaming have their periods which distinguish metropolitan and provincial of triumph as well as bonnets and constitutions ; existence have been daguerreotyped and at times they have each enjoyed a fashionable anatomized by Balzac; each class, economy, prestige, so that individuals, without the least and phase he makes the basis of a story, taste for either occupation, in order to be has been not only carefully observed but comme il faut have sought to lose a notable artistically and psychologically studied. What amount at roulette and to provoke some famous memories of an old pension haunt the reader of swordsman to combat. An acute observer of Père Goriot-a kind of prose Lear-as he gazes Parisian life, prophecies that two growing tastes upon some venerable house of that description ! are now at work destined to modify the French how intensely he realizes the consciousness of character, one the rage for English horses, and the well-endowed yet sated young Parisian, as the other the use of cigars. Of the normal he recals the opening chapters of La Peau de traits of the national mind, that which Chagrin. Every aspect and secret of grisette apparently remains most intact is the instinct of life has been depicted; the poetry of the career military life. The same adaptation for the of a gifted French noble. whose first youth camp that we recognize in. Froissart's Chron- witnessed the prologue of the fatal revolutionary icles and Napoleon's campaigns, is obvious at drama, is embalmed in tragic or tender lines in this moment. “ This is worth considering,” the autobiography of Chateaubriand; Saint says Montaigne, " that our nation places valour Beuve's critiques have revived the associations (vaillance) in the highest degree of virtue.” of each epoch of French literature; Lammenais

The same extravagant notion of an English- recorded what of faith lingered in the beart of inan’s whims and sung froid prevail in the the people; Scrihe reflects the most shifting French capital as used to supply farce-writers traits of manners and character ; and thus each before the age of steam. Veron recently pub- indigenous figure, building, and custom appeals lished the anecdote of un Anglais, who had been to the imaginative memory as well as to the his neighbour at a restaurant for several weeks, curious eye. bidding him good-bye one day, as he was going The salon of a literary clique suggests the on a trip round the world ; and eighteen months extraordinary social history of Paris ; and the after, the traveller reappeared at the accustomed hour and table, and found his old companion others, memorable as female arbiters and queens

names of De Staël, Sévigné, Recamier, and in the same seat; meantime, the Englishman in conversation, occur to us in connection with had circumnavigated the globe. We are told each political era and great name in science, art, in Paris of every conceivable mania on the part of English collectors; one spent a fortune in bottles of water from all the rivers in the world, * “ The Unfortunate Traveller : or Lifc of Jack one in every kind of pipe, and another in speci- ' Wilton.” London, 1594.

and letters. Delaroche's portrait of Napoleon of the scholars that haunt the bookstalls on the amid the Alps and at Fontainebleau has stamped quai, have the associations of the past awakened that remarkable countenance in all its itensity by these picturesque and suggestive localities ; of expression upon the mind; and thus it ever yet they signalize the enterprise of Philip the reappears on the scene of his power. The new Handsome, of Charles the Fifth, of Francis the style of pavement attests the triumphs of barri- First, Henry the Second, Henry the Fourth, cades ; and every old lamp-post the horrors of Philipe Augustus, and Louis the Fourteenth. the Reign of Terror. We cannot pass a found. There Clovis and his Germanic tribes and ling hospital without thinking of Rousseau; the his converted Clotilde, formed the nucleus of Jardin des Plants brings back the benign re. Pepin's inheritance, and Charlemagne estabsearches ot Buffon, Michaux, Cuvier, and the lished his name; thither came the Scandinavian host of French naturalists; old Montaigne's pirates, and musing on the banks of the dingy Essays are recalled by many a philosophic hint stream now associated with science and féles, and maxim of worldly wisdom; and each with baths and suicides, with boot-blacks and glimpse of the comedy of French lise is elequent | laundresses, with the romance of student lise, of Molière. As we pass either palace or prison, artistic, medical and literary, and charming 10 the fair vision of Marie Antoinette, as it lives in the eye for elegant bridges and massive quaysBurke's description, the heroic devotion of the historical dreamer recals a century and a Madame Roland, and the heart-melting voice of half of wars between French and English kings: Charlotte Corday, appeal to remembrance; and the Black Prince and Joan of Arc, Calvin and thus the localities of Paris lead the fancy, at every the Huguenots, Guise and St. Bartholomew, slep, from the guillotine to the fête, from Condé, Montmorency, Maria de Medicis, Anne massacre to beauty, from blood to flowers, and of Austria, Richelieu, Louis the Sixteenth-the in early morning rambles we almost expect to Revolution, Bonaparte, and the Bourbon! Such see the First Consul roaming incog., wrapt in a panorama, its foreground crowded with mebis gray coat. Notre Dame to the admirers of morable figures, its perspective dim with the Victor Hugo, seems less a Cathedral than an smoke of battle, its groups distinguishable by architectural Romance. Yet, there is no city varied symbols--the oriflamme, the lilies, the where the past is so lost sight of in the present, cross, the tricolour-blood-stained yet radiant and where local tradition has so slight a hold with female beauty and animated by martial upon the sympathies. It is fortunate, therefore, prowess, seems to bear no relation to ihe living that when inclined to detach ourselves from the scene typical of prosperous order and the immediate-here so absorbing-and rehearse age of commerce, of luxury, and of science, ibe story of the past, with every needful aid to Yet the analyst detects in the most common. memory and imagination, there is an available place fact of to-day the influence of a dynasty and complete resource : we have but to quit and the bequest of an era. Madame de Genlis Paris for Versailles. The Place de Carousel and tells us how she taught the boy Louis Philipe the Tuileries are unimpressive in comparison after Rousseau's maxims; and made him cosmowith the stately decadence of that palatial politan in taste by her German system of garchâteau, before which the mob, with ferocious dening, dining after the English fashion, and glances, heaved like a raging sea up to the bal- taking supper en Italien ; and Veron says her cony where stood the Queen and Lafayette ; pupil, when he became King, introduced the the first solemn confronting of regal and popu- rage for fine horses and clever jockeys; it was, lar will, ere the deadly struggle began—whose according to the same authority, the fermiers renewal is ever at hand. Within those walls is generaux who initiated French cookery as a gathered the pictorial history of France in unique art in their table rivalry with the old

successive and elaborate series; the noblesse. “Scarcity of fuel,” says the Quarterly battles, counsels, domestic life of every Review, “has not been without its effect in reign; the lineaments of heroes, poets, and forming the manners of the polished Parisians, kings; the deeds, and the men and women that and has transferred to the theatre and the café are identified with the country from the be- those attractions, which in the British islands ginning. To live at Versailles, with a good belong essentially to the domestic hearth.” The library at hand, and pass hours of every day in use of tobacco, in the form of cigars, is another these halls, would make us intimate, not only in modification of the national habits; but a few a technical but in a picturesque way, with the years ago it was deemed a nuisance, now it preannals and the celebrities of the kingdom. It vails among both sexes; and keen observers would be as if French history was enacted be- declare that the French have grown more confore us and we saw the features of the leading templative and less excitable as the puff has suspirits of each generation as we listened to perseded the pinch, and the slowly-evolved their achievements. “C'est à la Seine,” says a

cloud (emblem of ruminating quiescence) taken popular historiographer, “que Paris doit ses the place of those “pungent grains of titillating premiers aggrandizement;" but so completely dusi” which stimulate a bon-mot rather than lure have modern activity and embellishment over

to reflection, laid the rude defences whereby barbaric hordes “You would hardly believe," said Madame indicated the site of a magnificent capital, that de Maintenon, “how much a talent for combing few of the artists who linger on the bridges to hair contributed to my elevation :" tact in the note the effect of moonlight on arch and islet, or minor economies, the ability to minister to


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