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cerned, there is no doubt that he had forgotten

the latter part of his voyage, but he never al“ ABOUT eight o'clock the next morning, I luded to the fact, and we followed his example. awoke in my bunk, in the cabin, whither some It was not till many years afterward that I reof our camarades had conveyed us after having lated the story of our aventures, just as they found us to our necks in a neighboring snow- happened on that memorable New Year's eve. bank, at the foot of a monster pine-tree. Hap- “ All I can say, my friends, is that it is not pily, no one was seriously hurt, although we so amusing as some people might think, to were all more or less bruised and scratched, travel in mid-air, in the dead of winter, under some having secured even black eyes in our the guidance of Beelzebub, running la chasseway down from the tree-top. We were all thank- galerie, and especially if you have un ivrogne ful that nothing worse had befallen us, and to steer your bark canoe. Take my advice, and when the camarades said that they had found don't listen to any one who would try to rope us sleeping away in the snow the effects of the you in for such a trip. Wait until summer beprevious night's frolic, not one of us had any- fore you go to see your sweethearts, for it is thing to say to the contrary. We all felt sat- better to run all the rapids of the Ottawa and isfied that our escapade with Old Nick remained the St. Lawrence on a raft, than to travel in unknown in the camp, and we preferred leav- partnership with le diable himself.” ing our chums under the impression that we And Joe, the cook, dipped a ladleful of boilhad taken un verre too many, to telling them ing molasses from the big kettle on the fire, and of the bargain we had made to satisfy a pass- declared that everything was now ready for ing fancy. So far as Baptiste Durand was con- the candy-pull.

Honoré Beaugrand.

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